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I’m grateful to share these novels that you want to check out and add to your book list!

Midnights In Bali by Carla De Guzman

Midnights ws

I was fortunate to be one of the bloggers to receive a free copy of this book. I was even thrilled when Carla added a beautiful drawing of the temples in Bali. Thank you!

Ava Bonifacio is the lady who has ‘The Plan’-she wants to be a lawyer, go to a law school and be married to the man of her dreams his boyfriend: Matteo Gonzales.

Yet, the Universe has a different plan for her. In one day, her heart was broken not once but twice!

A ticket to Bali became Ava’s anchor to all the failures that she have and somehow it became her greatest decision in life.

What I like about the story:

The Plan… It was good that we set our minds with something that we like to achieve in the future like Ava. However, there are things that we cannot control that may happen and totally change everything that we set our goals on. We should always have a back plan, but if there’s none, perhaps, the only way to get out of being miserable is book a ticket out of the country and props to Ava for doing it!

The Sweet Escape: Bali. Who thinks that this place will be the one to help Ava to move on? Or does she really move on? I like how the temples and the Sudamala Park are described beautifully and magically. The foods (Bebek and Bintang) make me crave and the rupiah eggs are awesome. The Tanah Lot as the last destination is heartbreaking and at the same time, sweet. I want to book a flight right now and fly my heart out to Bali.


Scott to Ava

“Don’t be too hard on yourself. Having a plan is great, but you have to leave a bit of wiggle room for the unknown.”

How It Ends:

Jumping at the cliff signifies a new beginning and it is a perfect moment.


At some point, I was worried what Scott holds on to and I almost believed that it would not be a happy at the end. However, I’m glad that there is something for Ava to look forward to after everything that happened to her. Bali is so kind and nice to her as well as Scott, whom I adore despite of what he has through. I wish that there is different way of ending the story and yet, I’m alright with it somehow.

When Sparks Fly by Ines Bautista-Yao (300 php)

When Sparks ws

This is the third novel that I read from Miss Ines and her books always succeed in making me feel like the first time: giddy, thrilled and jovial.

I had the superb opportunity to read the ARC of it when it came out last year and of course, I didn’t let the chance to have my own copy which I directly brought with her. I was jumping all over when she even signed it!

Regina Salvador is a photographer’s apprentice who always felt like the ‘forgotten one’ especially when the boys whom she liked meet her popular and gorgeous best friend, Lana. Everything changes when Regina crossed path with Ben Marquez, the first guy who broke Lana’s heart.


What I like about the story:

Boil it with Hate at First Sight! Regina was very loyal to Lana and when she met Ben for the first time, she couldn’t stop hating the guy. Well, he is good looking and totally charming, but still, he was the first man who made Lana cried a lot.

Mix it with Friendship, Love and Ambition. I love how this story incorporated these three aspects. It tackles about how strong the friendship between Regina and Lana; one was willing to give way and the other one would be there for you. Though they had a misunderstanding, Regina did everything so that they would be back as friends again. Every man that passed between Regina and Lana, fell in love with Regina first. Their attention would snap to Lana when they met her, however, there is this one incredible man who snatched Regina’s heart. I commended Regina’s passion as a photographer and apprentice to Paulo Javellana. The description of how she shot her subject was amazing and inspiring. I was very pleased when she was given a chance to shine.

Simmer the Woman from the Blasted Past! It was nearing the happy ending and here came a crazy lady who was very possessive and obsessive with Ben! Grr! I didn’t really like you Alexa and I was truly buoyant that Lana found out about how bad you are.


Ben to Regina

When fate hands you a gift like this, you don’t pass it up. I was waiting, hoping that you’d call. Then when I finally realized you weren’t going to and that maybe it was a sign telling me I wasn’t going to see you again, I walk in here today and seeing you sitting there… Looking incredibly bored. I just had to find a way to entertain you.” –That’s the spirit, Ben!

“I’m not sure what exactly is going on here, but I just had one of the best days of my life. And when something like that happens, you don’t let it go that easily.

“We can be hermits together. You don’t even have to talk to me. As long as you allow me to live with you in your cave of exile, I’ll be happy.”

Paulo to Regina

“But when it comes to life, sometimes…well, sometimes good things don’t come to those who wait, you know? Sometimes if all you do is sit on your butt, you get the left overs, the dregs.” –Way to go Paulo!

Regina to Alexa

“You can’t pull people’s strings as if they were puppets—no matter how many fakes tears you cry and no matter how much fake makeup you put on your arms.”

Regina to Ben

“The thing about relationships is you never really know how things are going to turn out. And you just have to take a leap, right?” – I couldn’t agree more!


How It Ends:

The bizarre necktie that became famous in the national television. Congratulations Regina!


Hands down to the book cover, it is one of the best I’ve seen and the artwork in every chapter is also magnificently done. I’m genuinely impressed! Regina and Ben is such a superb couple that blends and fits for each other. I praise Ben’s persistence and Regina’s perseverance which makes this novel ‘nakakilig to the bones’. I really hope that Miss Ines will create Lana and Paulo’s story soon, yes I ship these two for real!



I’m still high from my Manila International Book Fair Haul that’s why my recommended books for this month are the two books I bought.


Tempting Victoria by Mina V. Esguerra (195 PHP)


I’m always a fan of Mina Esguerra and I’m glad that I purchased one of her New Adult stories printed under Spark Books.

Victoria Bennett is not your typical college student. She is in control and always in charge, especially if it is about her events business. That’s why when she needed someone to help her for her first official paying client; she will do anything even hiring the notorious heartbreaker Nathan Grant.


What I like about the story:

Mexico and Engagement proposal… I have never been in Mexico and Cozumel seems to be a romantic place to be engaged. The description of the setting makes me want to get a plane ticket a fly all the way there! Trent and Nyssa are very fortunate to meet and be engaged there.

Rule breakers, Dirty Talk and Unofficial Relationship. At the beginning, Victoria and Nathan agreed with some rules while they were working together, but it was difficult to follow rules when at the very start, the two have a thing to each other already. I was blown away with the ‘dirty talk’ from these two via phone. I was giggling while reading their conversation. It was not pointed out if they’ve been officially in a relationship, but who cares? Their chemistry is totally undeniable.



Nathan to Victoria

“It’s not for you then. It’s going to be different for everyone. It’s about what turns you on, what gets you off. If it’s not a crude mouth, then it’s something else. I bother to find out.”


Victoria to Nathan

“Maybe we’re just waiting for someone to prove we were wrong. I’m curious to find out if I can make someone believe that a lifelong commitment is real.”

“I wonder what you taste like. How you’d feel if I take you, suck you like a lollipop. I wonder if I could take you all in. In my mouth. In my throat.” –This is pure torture!

Haley to Nathan

“A chance is not going to be enough, Nathan. Not going to drag you into my own drama, but you’ve got to aim higher. Ask for a chance, and you just might get and nothing else.”



Miss Mina’s novels never fail to mark sometime in my heart. Opposite attracts was too powerful with Nathan and Victoria that I was pulled by them. Thank you for ending the story in New Orleans, one of my favorite places in the world and the bonus short story of Kissing Day was incredible. Hoping for Chris and Dianas’ long story next!


In My Dreams by Yeyet Soriano (240 php)


The book cover intrigued me in so many ways and after reading the synopsis, I said to myself, I would like to go to Barrio Malaya and meet the two teenagers who fell in love there.

Olivia ‘Liv’ Roxas, a 16 year old girl who never been out to the real world has an unlimited access to her dream place called Barrio Malaya where Life and Death meet.  A faceless stranger pulled Gabriel ‘Gab’ Sahagun before he can join his parents who died in a freak accident. He can visit Barrio Malaya when his body is being used as a medium for transferring death.


What I like about the story:

Welcome to Barrio Malaya and the wonderful places that it offers. The description quaint town of Barrio Malaya is superb. There is the Kantina that offer milkshakes and fries, the towering library which is Balay Kaalaman and the cinema house called Balay Pelikula. You can see the train at the Estasyon, there is a home called Balay Takipsilim for the elderly and Balay Kalusugan is intended for those people who have terminal illnesses. There is Balay ng Musmos, a house for newborn babies, Balay ni Nanay are made for expectant mothers, but there is a Balay Takipsilim, a house that is far from the train and near the woods where inhabited by people who lost hope and feel that their life is better ended.

The mysterious ticket and the boarded train… When I first read about the ticket, I immediately thought of the Golden Ticket in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the train reminded me so much of Platform 9 and ¾ in Harry Potter Series. Yet, the ticket and the train combination in this story are quite scary. When you received one, chances are you are dead already.

Liv and Gab: The ‘Barrio Malaya’ Unlikely Couple.  A girl who never eats fried chicken again, grew up homeschooling and has an alcoholic mother have a chance to visit Barrio Malaya. She then met the boy who almost boarded the train, lost his parents in young age and has an unusual power to transfer death to another person by just touching. These two became a couple in Barrio Malaya despite of not seeing each other in real life.



Gab to Liv

“This isn’t real life, Liv. I want to be able to see you everytime. And not just when I am about to die.”

Lolo Tonio to Gab

“Dear boy… the power you have is huge. Don’t underestimate it. You are in essence playing God. There are things destined to happen, regardless of what you do.”

Tomas to Liv

“Gab is already strong. He wouldn’t have had the power if he wasn’t. He just needs someone who would understand. He needs someone to be there for him. He needs someone who would love him enough to be with him.” – I agree!

“No, you stop. You are no longer a child, Liv. Stop acting like one. Gab is special. And he chose you. He has both worlds to choose from and he chose you.”  –Thank you Tomas!


‘Gab could transfer death. I knew what my work was. I could help the living communicate. It gave me purpose. It felt good to be able to help.’ –Way to go Liv!



This was the first novel that I read from Miss Yet and I was amazed on how well-written this story is. After reading it, I found myself craving for more of her stories with this kind of genre. Congratulations Miss Yet, I love Liv, Gab and Barrio Malaya, I’m grateful that you introduced them with me.




It is Buwan ng Wika! I’m proud of being a Filipino with more than 170 regional languages. This month is very special for us because it is a celebration of our dear language: Filipino, and because of that, I’m featuring two local authors and their wonderful stories.


Anonymous by Gypsy Esguerra (159.75 php)

I’ve seen this book for quite sometime, but I had doubt if I bought it because at that time, I was writing a story with the same genre.

Yet, I finally purchased it when I badly needed an inspiration for revamping an old story.

Anonymous is about Lanie who doesn’t believe in paranormal things, but when she met Cid, a guy who apparently told her that she has a ‘companion’-an entity who is always with her, she wants to find out more about him.


What I like about the story:

The mysterious ‘guy’… It is freaky knowing that you have someone with you which you cannot see. I understand Lanie if she became interested and curious with ‘Anon’, yes, she gave a name with the ‘spirit’. It actually fitted with his personality.

Meet Lolo Theo and the RIP (Reviewers and Inquisitors of the Paranormal). I seriously like Lolo Theo aka Brown Man, I believed he was a cool grandfather who knows a lot with paranormal things. I also adore the rest of the team, namely: Cid, Sydney, Abby and Gab who have gifted abilities.

The ‘Till Death Do Us Part’ love story of Lanie and Anon. I admired Anon for not giving up to Lanie with all the mistakes and heartaches that he made from his past life. I also cannot blame Lanie if she keeps on running away with the person who hurt her so much.


Fascinating Facts!

From Lolo Theo:

“Soulmates simply means two souls that compliment each other. In other words, they are the perfect match.”

“Our soul has the ability to recycle itself. Souls keep on coming back with different reasons but most of them have an unfinished mission. Some probably want to learn something or experience something they weren’t able to do when they were alive.”

From Cid:

“Ghosts are the souls of the people who just died while spirits are the souls who have already crossed over the astral plane and who decided to come back on earth but not in human form.”

From Gab:

“Hindi mo ba alam na minsan ay tinatawag ng ibang tao ang moonstone na ‘dream stone’? Because it brings the wearer beautiful visions at night. They also say that wearing a moonstone strenghtens one’s intuition and capacity to understand.”

From Sydney:

“May iba’t ibang klase ng soulmate, it could be a companion, a twin or a twin flame. Pero hindi lahat nakikilala at napapangasaw ang soul mate nila. The level of the relationship with our soul mate could also vary into three. First, is the mirror image, this type comes into our life in a fast, weird, and unexpected way. Sila iyong mga taong kapareho natin ng interes, iyong tipong kaya nating dugtungan ang sinasabi nila kahit bitin pa ang pagkakasabi ng mga iyon. It is simply being in the same wavelength.”

“Second is the supporter. These types are those who are ready to listen to our problems and offer some help. The third type is the provider. We refer to them as our angel sometimes because we meet them in an unexpected place and time. Their role is to provide use with an answer or a push toward making a small decision in order to keep us moving in our lives.”



I was intrigued with the cover and the synopsis of this book. I actually didn’t read it during night-time because I was a bit scared that I might envision Anon with me. I liked the concept, but I was disappointed with the ending. I was rooting for Cid but deep inside Lanie’s heart, it was Anon all along. Great job to Gypsy Esguerra, Anonymous convinced me to buy your other novel!



Androngynous by Gypsy Esguerra (159.75 php)

The word was unfamiliar to me that I have to check the dictionary for the meaning and it instantly piqued my interest.

This is the second story that I read from Gypsy Esguerra.

Jair came to Aly’s dream, informing her that she will die in two weeks. Aly was not yet ready, but she promptly prepared to say goodbyes to her loved one. What she didn’t expect was to come face to face with Jair in the most unexpected way.


What I like about the story:

The Psychopomp’s Abilities… When a psychopomp visited you in your dream and he/she will tell you that you will die soon, chances are it will come true. I actually like the concept of psychopomps and their abilities like having no emotion, no attachment with the one they fetched and their willpower to be human.

Aly’s Positive Outlook with Death. If you are told that you only have 14 days to live, what will you do? Are you going to freak out? Start to do the things that you want? I admired Alyssa on how she calmly accepted that she is going to die, but at the same time questioned about the timing. It was like she was expecting the news, but still she was surprised.


Fascinating Facts!

*Bilang isang psychopomp, ang trabaho nila ay siguraduhing makakatawid nang maayos ang mga kaluluwa ng mga kamamatay lang na mga tao. Unlike spirits, psychopomps could not undergo the process of reincarnation. They were considered as higher beings than spirits so they could be humans simply through their own decision. They could retain their memories and pick the timeline and person they’ll be with.


*Normally those who saw them had already died. Psychopomps usually showed their real self to the dying. Often they can appear as something else.


From Syd

“Premonition warns you that something is going to happen in the future. Precognition gives me knowledge what will happen exactly in the future.”




Aly to Jair


“Minahal pero hindi sa paraang inaakala ko. I suddenly realized I didn’t fall in love with him. I just chose to be practical so I won’t be alone. Then I realized people don’t just get married because of love. They choose someone to rely on so that when love fades there’s still a reason for them to stay together.” –So true!


“Some people just want to be reminded of what they lost. They said it is not remembering that makes it all painful. It’s thinking someone no longer exists that makes it horrible.”


“The perfect death isn’t a painless sudden death. Nothing is perfect. Even age and status would be useless in a near death experience.”



Jair to Aly


“Simple lang naman ang plano ko, Aly. Gusto ko lang na makasama ka palagi. Huwag kang mag-aasawa. Ako na lang mag-aalaga sa iyo.”


‘He was just obsessed with all the information regarding Alyssa. That was his first reason for always touching her during the last day before he became human. But after last night he realized that he loved touching her and he loved the way he felt whenever she was touching him. Jair was sure now. He wanted her to be his wife.’



Jair to Cid

“Souls of the departed are considered tickets to travel to another world. Oras na maihatid na ng isang pyschopomp ang isang kaluluwa ay bumabalik sa mundo ng mga tao ang pyschopomp para muling manundo.”





I love it, from the beginning until the end that I wasn’t able to put in down even a minute and I even slept in the early hours in the morning. Jair is perfect for Aly and I was speechless with the things that he sacrificed to be with lucky woman. I’m very satisfied with the ending. Congratulations to Gypsy for this masterpiece!



The Girl Between Two Worlds by K.M. Levis (275 php)

The first one that caught my eyes was the unique book cover followed by the fascinating story title.

When I read the synopsis, one word came out of my mouth: BUY!

On the 16th birthday of Karina Harris, a half-Australian, half-Filipina who is residing in the USA, supernatural things started to happen. A dead flower became alive, a ‘mananggal’ almost killed her and her supposed dead ‘grandfather’ came to their house to tell her that she is a daughter of an ‘engkanto’ princess.



What I like about the story:

The clash of Engkanto and Manananggal… Who have thought that these two would be enemies in a story? Both of them have different powers, abilities and characteristics, yet one wants peace while the other is avenging for domination.

Good versus Bad: Allies and Enemies. Karina is fighting to save her world and Engkantasia with the help of the leader of the five tribes: Haring Magatu (Engkanto tribe), Kamudo (Kapre tribe), Pili (Duwende tribe), Gulat (Tikbalang tribe), Serra and Yukoy (Sirena and Syokoy Tribe) while on the other hand, Mirasol led the pack of Mananggal with the aid of Yanuk (Tiyanak clan), Segunda (Sigbin clan), Nonok (Nuno sa Punso clan) and Kurnula (Wakwak clan). I am amazed with the selection of the names and the creatures because I was not familiar with some of it.

Responsibility, True Identity and Real Love… Karina is just a teenager who is torn between finding her mother and being the queen of a kingdom that she didn’t know existed. Yet, the biggest challenge of her life is falling in love with someone whom she should not have. My heart goes to Karina and Jason.



This book made me more appreciative about Filipino legends and supernatural beings. I was informed and at the same time, I learned a lot. The combination of modern and unknown world is superb! The ending was quite a surprise, but it gave readers something they want to look forward to. The book cover is very appealing and the drawings of the creatures are fantastic! Well done! Thank you K.M. Levis, I will be waiting for the Book 2! I am hoping for a better ending for Karina and Jason.






These are a bit late book recommendations, but perfect to start the 2016 right!


1. The Goodbye Girl by Noringai (185 PHP)
Have you heard or seen of Parang Kayo, Pero Hindi or Buti Pa Ang Roma May Bagong Papa in the leading bookstores?
If you read it, good for you! If not, then perhaps, it is time to check out Noringai or Noreen Besmar Capili’s humorous and inspiring books. Her latest addition is The Goodbye Girl.

It is a compilation of sentimental stories from being an invisible girl to a new girl.
*The Invisible Girl*
~Ang Kwento ni Dana (Ang Babaeng Sinisisi ang Tequila)
“I was with the man who made me feel the bliss of falling in love, and the pain of disillusionment.”
~The Letter E
“Kapag hindi ka mahal ng taong mahal mo, ikaw yung letter E sa word na LOVE. Nandiyan ka pero hindi pino-pronounce.”Ouch!
“You may have lost someone who can never love you, but he someone who loves him more than anyone could.”I agree!
~Crazy Little Thing Called Limerence
“I therefore conclude ang limerence ay isang form of obsession. And you can’t define obsession. It’s madness.”
“Malinaw na sa akin kung ano ang purpose niya sa buhay ko. Hindi para makatuluyan ko. Hindi para mapangasawa ko. Kundi para magturo sa akin na kung nakaya kong magmahal at maghintay nang matagal para sa maling tao, kaya kong maghintay para sa tamang lalaki.”Love this!


*The Other Girl*
~Ang Kwento ni Keira (Ang BabaengMatagal nang Kinakarma)
“Wala akong laban sa iyo. Para sa kanya, ikaw yung familiar. Yung consistent at comforting. Safe and steady. Ako yung risk. Adventure. An escape. Ako ‘yung sinubukan niya dahil curious siya. Ako ang nagbibigay excitement sa monotonous na buhay niya.”
~Kwentong Sabit
“Ang tunay na pag-ibig, madalang lang ang biyahe niyan. Kaya kapag dumaan sa iyo, parahin mo, sumakay ka, kasi baka di na bumalik iyon. Siguro nga, babalik pa. Pero paano kung may sakay ng iba, sasabit ka na lang ba?” –Exactly!

*The Broken-hearted Girl*
~Ang Kwento ni Nica (Ang Babaeng Mahilig sa Throwback)
“I guess it’s really true. The one who makes you the happiest is also the one who can hurt you most.”

~Ang Kwento ni Olga (Ang Babaeng Hiniwalayan sa Waiting Shed)
“Hindi ko alam kung saan mas masakit, kung sa ego o sa puso. Basta masakit.”

~Ang Kwento ni Paula (Ang Babaeng Atat Magpaalam)
“But I’m sorry B, this has to end. Because you maybe what I really want. But you’re not what I need.”
~Ang Kwento ni Quessa (Ang Babaeng Nangangailangan ng Condom Para sa Puso)
“Dear Heart, sana pwede kitang lagyan ng condom ngayon. Proteksyon. Para hindi tayo masyadong masaktan ng lalaking mahal natin.”

*The Bitter Girl*
~Ang Kwento ni Sheila (Ang Reyna ng Sablay)
“Wala akong meet cute. Dahil hindi naman pang-romcom ang love life ko. Kasi puro latak ng lipunan ang na-a-ttract ko.” -Shoot!
~Kung Bakit Okay Lang Maging Bitter
“May karapatan kang maging bitter kung makakatulong ito sa ‘yo na tanggapin at harapin ang sakit na binigay ng pukinginang lalaking yan. May dalawang klase ng pagiging bitter: hopia at ampalaya.”
“Kaya sige lang, magpakabitter ka. Maging hopia ka. Maging ampalaya. Pagkatapos mong maging bitter, hintayin mo lang, iisang letra lang. And you will be better.” –Win!


*The New Girl*
~Ang Kwento ni Yana (Ang Babaeng Nakapagbabang-Luksa Na)
“I will never find someone like you. Because I will find someone better than you.” –Go girl!
~The Perfect Closure
“He was your worst heartache. But he was also your best teacher.”
“At kahit hindi siya humihingi ng sorry sa ‘yo, kahit hindi na kayo nagkita at nagkausap, pinatawad mo na siya. Pinakawalan mo na yung galit mo, At ginawa mo yun, hindi para sa kanya, kundi para sa ‘yo. Para makalaya ka na sa kanya.” –Peace of mind.
“In every headache, time is our friend. Time will erase the anger, the bitterness, and the pain. And time will teach us that wound, now matter how deep, will eventually heal.”Amen to this!

I enjoyed every story of this book. I laughed and cried with the ladies I was able to relate to. For you who is still bitter and have heartache, it is time to say goodbye to those two.
2. Move On. Walang Forever! by Marcelo Santos III (195 PHP)
Remember last March when I attended the book signing and I had a chance to ask what is Marcelo Santos III next book? After the best-selling book Mahal Mo Siya, Mahal Ka Ba?, here comes Move On. Walang Forever that surely would blow your heart and mind.
It makes you think and realize the real essence and meaning of forever and moving on.

December perks Reco 1 ws
~Quotes and Words to Live By! ~
a. Nasaktan ka man sa mga nangyari, ang importante, kinaya mo. Best feeling ever…kahit parang walang forever.
b. Ang pag-ibig pala ay parang pagwiwi-window shopping.
c. Pinagtagpo tayo ng kapalaran ngunit hindi nakatakdang magkatuluyan.
d. Love is kind enough na bigyan ka ng time para maghilom ang mga sugat. Bibigyan ka niya ng peace of mind at ticket patungo sa inaasam mong perfect place.

*Ang Pagmove-on ay parang paghuhugas ng pinggan!*
1. Magligpit ka muna. Itapon mo na ang mga bagay na nakapagpaalala sa’yo ng tungkol sa kanya.
2. Punasan mo muna ang lamesa. Para hindi mo na balikan pa.
3. Banlawan mo muna. Alisin mo muna ang pagka-hype ng emosyon.
4. Piliin mo kung ano ang uunahin mo. Ngayon nasa lababo ka na ng pagmu-move on, mag-strategize ka.
5. Siguraduhin mong wala nang sebong naiwan. Isettle nyo na ang lahat sa huling pagkakataon.
6. Sa wakas, tuyuin mo. Oras na para mapunasan ang bawat luhang pumatak dahil sa kanya.

+Para Kay Ex+
I. Una gusto kitang saktan. Yung pisikal na sakit. Pero hindi ko kaya.
II. Pangalawa, gusto kitang yakapin ng mahigpit. Yung hindi ka na makakagalaw. Na sa kahit ilang segundo lang, kahit kunwari lang, madama ko ulit na mahal mo rin ako.
III. Pangatlo, gusto kong tumitig sa mga mata mo. Gusto kong makita mong pumatak ang mga luha ko…dahil siguro, iyon na ang huling beses na aagos ‘yon para sa ‘yo.
IV. Pang-apat gusto kong magpasalamat sa lahat. Salamat sa bawat araw ng buhay mo na pinili mong ibahagi sa akin.
V. At panghuli, gusto kong humingin ng tawad. Patawad dahil kahit hanggang ngayon, hindi pa rin ako tumitigil sa pagmamahal ko sa iyo.

#Advice Pa More!#
-> According to MarceloSantos III, “You can live without him. (Hindi siya oxygen na kapag nawala, wala ka na rin). He’s not your world. (Andiyan si God. Siya ang mundo mo.)
->But at the end of the day… Malalaman mong walang specific route sa pagmumove-on. Walang steps o stages na dapat gawin o sundin na maniniguro sa iyo ng permanenteng solusyon sa pinagdaraanan mo ngayon. Nasa iyo pa rin kung anong paraan o sa anong kalsada ka dadaan patungo sa lugar kung saan mararamdaman mo ang tunay na ligaya.

`Mula sa #Hugotsyonaryo`

KAPE (Inuming gigising sa iyong diwa)
Parang pagmamahal mo sa akin,
Mainit sa umpisa, matamis sa simula,
bigla kang nanlamig kaya naging mapait bigla.

RELOS (Instrumentong nagsasabi ng oras)
Sana may relos din ang pagmamahal
para masabi niya kung tama na ba
o patuloy lang sa pagpapaktanga.
Sana may tamang oras din ang lahat,
tamang oras para makalimutan ka,
tamang panahon para magmahal na ng iba.

^ABC’s of Moving On ^
\Acceptance/ \Bawasan ang pag-assume./ \Choose wisely./ \Done/
\Enjoy the moment./ \Feeling mo kayo pa?/ \Give up/ \Hoping ka pa kasi./
\Itapon mo na ang mga bagay na magpapaalala sa ‘yo ng tungkol sa kanya./ \Justice/
\Keep it up./ \Lilipas din ‘yan./ \Make yourself busy./ \Not now./
\Okay lang na maging bitter ka./ \Pray./
\Quota ka na sa drama sa buhay, perhaps kailangan mo na ng quality time para sa sarili mo./
\Remember na may someone out there na para sa’yo./ \Say Sorry./
\Tanggapin. Tigilan. Tantanan./ \Unlove? No./ \Victory./ \Wait for the right time./
\X. Ang letrang dapat kinakalimutan mo na./ \YOLO. You Only Love Once./
\Zzzz. Bago ka matulog sa araw na ito, ipangako mo sa sarili mo na magmu-move ka na sa nakaraan mo kasi tulad ng alpabeto, hindi mo masisimulan ang bago, kung hindi mo tatapusin ang lumang set nito, from A to Z./

This compilation of advices will guide and open your mind that the possibility of moving on is possible. All is take is to believe that you can and do a little step one at a time. I highly suggest this book to start for you to move on and let your heart be truly free of pain and sadness.

Starting this month, I’m going to feature the book/s that I’m reading which you can also try to read.

Before the year (2014) ended, I bought three books as a Christmas present to myself but I had difficulty in getting my own copies. I first purchased Paano Ba’To?at NBS Trinoma and it was the last copy. I was desperate with the other books that I called several bookshops in order to find it. When NBS Edsa Shangrila Mall informed me that they have one last copy of Dear Alex, Break na Kami Paano?! Love Catherine, I immediately requested for reservation. I also bought the very elusive Si in Edsa Shangrila Mall that luckily have enough copies.

These three books became my instant companion during my Christmas vacation and let me share it to you why they are worth to read.
1. Dear Alex, Break na Kami Paano?! Love Catherine by Alex Gonzaga (175php)

The first and best-selling book of the Filipina host/actress and it will turn into a movie this year.
I was reading it while I was waiting for my flight going to Zamboanga. It was my first plane ride via PAL and I was laughing hard even though I was just reading page one. (Nakakarelate much ako!)


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*Excess Baggage 1
Yes this is me. Same feeling with Alex that I thought my first boyfriend was the ‘one’/ ‘package deal’ and first and last boyfriend.
*Excess Baggage 2
Rebound somehow happened to me but before I made another mistake in entering to another relationship again, I woke up from my ‘kabaliwan.’
*Excess Baggage 3
-Someone you see as your marriage type. Haven’t tried this but I guess I am not really ready that is why. 🙂
Pages designated for you!
26-27: Question and answer
28-29: The Break-up Breakdown
30: Reasons for Breaking Up
31: Deal Breaker
Do’s and Don’ts (Break up Manual)Did some of it and yes I’m grateful that it helped me to move on.
85: The Craziest Things I Did for Love
113: Louis Vuitton Theory
What Do You Like In a Man? Standards vs Ideals

~Quotes and Words to Live By! ~

alex book 1

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a. You don’t fall in love because you’re lucky. You fall in love because you’re ready.
b. “We met for a reason, and its either you’re a blessing or a lesson.”
c. “Don’t trade the ultimate for the immediate. Don’t settle for less, wait for God’s best.”
d. Insecurities will eat you up. So I suggest you eat your insecurities and poopoo them. #AlexAdvice

e. “Being joyful is about staying positive when everything else seems to fail.” #AlexAdvice

A fun and light book that you can learn and relate a lot.

2. Paano Ba ‘To? by Bianca Gonzales (245php)
The first book from the host/columnist/editor is perfect for everyone.
I started reading it during our land trip from Zamboanga to Davao. I was sitting inside our room in Hotel Valencia, Bukidnon as I turn the first page. (Time check: 8:40 am)
Sections/Portions that are an eye-opener and very inspiring!

^Questions and Answers
>Inspiring Real Stories
10 Kinds of Friends I Needed In My Life < (Very helpful indeed! )
^Basic Guide to Make Up and Hair ^
Page 6 (Question 15) – This is how I felt when my siblings brought medals and honors when I was in high school that’s why I strive hard when I was in college.
+ From Toni Gonzaga
“I’m not saying I’m the best role model, I’d rather be an inspiration for the things I was able to overcome.”

Page 24 (How to Deal with Frenemies) – I enjoyed reading it very much!
Page 30-33 (10 Kinds of Friends I Needed In My Life) – Very helpful!
+ Anne Curtis and Luis Manzano take on their Friendship
Anne: When I get married, if I can have a Man of Honor, siyanayun.
Luis: I was also asking her to be my… Best Maid?! Hahaha!

Nice quote! “Every failed relationship is equal to you being prepared for the person who is meant for you.”
+ Ask Ramon pages are a very funny, informative and you will learn a lot!
“Hantay hantay ka lang, pag nagging presidenteako baling-araw maisasabatas ko ang Anti-Emotional Estafa Bill.”

#Career and Money#
Quotes to be successful!
Nature + Nurture = Number One!
“The point isn’t to create a vision; the key is to capture the vision just for you!”

Expenses are unlimited while income is very limited. Saving should be the first and not the last priority.
Great acronym!
Turn On
If it makes C.E.N.T.S to you , it makes senses to do!

+ Being Tim Yap
“There’s no such thing as a dead end situation.”

So true! “In every setback, there is a chance of comeback. In every adversity, there is an opportunity.”
+ Marian Rivera’s life learning lessons are very optimistic and inspiring!
“It’s not ‘just clothes and make-up,’ it is your message to the world about who you are.”
+ Rissa Mananquil-Trillo
“A fashion ensemble should be comfortable enough for the wearer to forget about it but fabulous enough to be remembered by those who see it.”

bianca 3

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“Pursue your dream by using strengths as your main tools, but be ready to have a plan for when your weakness are tested.” I agree!
Purpose is like a star that guides you in life, not a destination.
+ Atom Araullo
“We have to make the most of every opportunity, but the crucial ingredient is having clear idea of who you are and what you stand for so you don’t get lost in the confusion.”

Coach Tim Cone believes that it is better to be “growth-oriented” than “goal oriented”.
Page 136 (How to Build Self-Confidence)– Pak na pak!
Pages 142-145 (10 Things About My Journey of Finding Myself) – Very encouraging and heart-warming!
Perfect for all ages! The artworks and drawings make the book refreshing!

3. Si by Bob Ong (400php)

I was in high school when I encountered his first book and since then I became a big fan of this elusive and mysterious writer. Si is his latest and 10th book that you should not miss!

bob ong 1
Pages that let you fall in love, over and over again:
>36-39 Very sweet! Start of the Flashback of their love story!
>110-112 Saddest chapter for me. It was about Lourdes, the last child of Victoria.
>123 Mario Lim and Carmen’s ‘banatan’ is wow!
>127 Best description of a Father’s love to his first son.
>152 Anita’s lines was very ‘malupit’!

bob ong 2

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Lines that captures your heart and soul:
“Isinilang ako dahil isinilang siya. Si Victoria ang buhay ko at ang diwa ko ay si Victoria.”
Lorenzo: “Kung ibibigay mo sa akin ang puso mo, paano ka?”
Amelia: “Hahatiin ko ito para sa ating dalawa. Ang kalahati ay para magmahal ka. Ang natitira ay para mahalin kita.”
“Minahal ko ang dating siya. Minamahal ko kung ano siya ngayon. Mamahalin ko maging ano man siya bukas. At handa akong ialay sa kanya ang lahat ng ube at leche flan sa mga kakainin ko pang haluhalo sa hinaharap.”

The first hard bound book and romantic novel of Bob Ong which I enjoyed reading a lot. The storyteller is unnamed but he told the story about his life and his family in a very different way: it started when he is old and ended when he was still unborn. Highly recommended!