I’m grateful to share these novels that you want to check out and add to your book list!

Midnights In Bali by Carla De Guzman

Midnights ws

I was fortunate to be one of the bloggers to receive a free copy of this book. I was even thrilled when Carla added a beautiful drawing of the temples in Bali. Thank you!

Ava Bonifacio is the lady who has ‘The Plan’-she wants to be a lawyer, go to a law school and be married to the man of her dreams his boyfriend: Matteo Gonzales.

Yet, the Universe has a different plan for her. In one day, her heart was broken not once but twice!

A ticket to Bali became Ava’s anchor to all the failures that she have and somehow it became her greatest decision in life.

What I like about the story:

The Plan… It was good that we set our minds with something that we like to achieve in the future like Ava. However, there are things that we cannot control that may happen and totally change everything that we set our goals on. We should always have a back plan, but if there’s none, perhaps, the only way to get out of being miserable is book a ticket out of the country and props to Ava for doing it!

The Sweet Escape: Bali. Who thinks that this place will be the one to help Ava to move on? Or does she really move on? I like how the temples and the Sudamala Park are described beautifully and magically. The foods (Bebek and Bintang) make me crave and the rupiah eggs are awesome. The Tanah Lot as the last destination is heartbreaking and at the same time, sweet. I want to book a flight right now and fly my heart out to Bali.


Scott to Ava

“Don’t be too hard on yourself. Having a plan is great, but you have to leave a bit of wiggle room for the unknown.”

How It Ends:

Jumping at the cliff signifies a new beginning and it is a perfect moment.


At some point, I was worried what Scott holds on to and I almost believed that it would not be a happy at the end. However, I’m glad that there is something for Ava to look forward to after everything that happened to her. Bali is so kind and nice to her as well as Scott, whom I adore despite of what he has through. I wish that there is different way of ending the story and yet, I’m alright with it somehow.

When Sparks Fly by Ines Bautista-Yao (300 php)

When Sparks ws

This is the third novel that I read from Miss Ines and her books always succeed in making me feel like the first time: giddy, thrilled and jovial.

I had the superb opportunity to read the ARC of it when it came out last year and of course, I didn’t let the chance to have my own copy which I directly brought with her. I was jumping all over when she even signed it!

Regina Salvador is a photographer’s apprentice who always felt like the ‘forgotten one’ especially when the boys whom she liked meet her popular and gorgeous best friend, Lana. Everything changes when Regina crossed path with Ben Marquez, the first guy who broke Lana’s heart.


What I like about the story:

Boil it with Hate at First Sight! Regina was very loyal to Lana and when she met Ben for the first time, she couldn’t stop hating the guy. Well, he is good looking and totally charming, but still, he was the first man who made Lana cried a lot.

Mix it with Friendship, Love and Ambition. I love how this story incorporated these three aspects. It tackles about how strong the friendship between Regina and Lana; one was willing to give way and the other one would be there for you. Though they had a misunderstanding, Regina did everything so that they would be back as friends again. Every man that passed between Regina and Lana, fell in love with Regina first. Their attention would snap to Lana when they met her, however, there is this one incredible man who snatched Regina’s heart. I commended Regina’s passion as a photographer and apprentice to Paulo Javellana. The description of how she shot her subject was amazing and inspiring. I was very pleased when she was given a chance to shine.

Simmer the Woman from the Blasted Past! It was nearing the happy ending and here came a crazy lady who was very possessive and obsessive with Ben! Grr! I didn’t really like you Alexa and I was truly buoyant that Lana found out about how bad you are.


Ben to Regina

When fate hands you a gift like this, you don’t pass it up. I was waiting, hoping that you’d call. Then when I finally realized you weren’t going to and that maybe it was a sign telling me I wasn’t going to see you again, I walk in here today and seeing you sitting there… Looking incredibly bored. I just had to find a way to entertain you.” –That’s the spirit, Ben!

“I’m not sure what exactly is going on here, but I just had one of the best days of my life. And when something like that happens, you don’t let it go that easily.

“We can be hermits together. You don’t even have to talk to me. As long as you allow me to live with you in your cave of exile, I’ll be happy.”

Paulo to Regina

“But when it comes to life, sometimes…well, sometimes good things don’t come to those who wait, you know? Sometimes if all you do is sit on your butt, you get the left overs, the dregs.” –Way to go Paulo!

Regina to Alexa

“You can’t pull people’s strings as if they were puppets—no matter how many fakes tears you cry and no matter how much fake makeup you put on your arms.”

Regina to Ben

“The thing about relationships is you never really know how things are going to turn out. And you just have to take a leap, right?” – I couldn’t agree more!


How It Ends:

The bizarre necktie that became famous in the national television. Congratulations Regina!


Hands down to the book cover, it is one of the best I’ve seen and the artwork in every chapter is also magnificently done. I’m genuinely impressed! Regina and Ben is such a superb couple that blends and fits for each other. I praise Ben’s persistence and Regina’s perseverance which makes this novel ‘nakakilig to the bones’. I really hope that Miss Ines will create Lana and Paulo’s story soon, yes I ship these two for real!