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Daily Archives: February 18, 2017

I finished Stealing Snow first week of January but, when I bought it last Christmas, I was sure that this novel should be my book recommendation for December.

Stealing Snow by Danielle Paige (499 php)


We exchanged gifts at the office for my pre-birthday celebration/Christmas party. We settled for 300 php for the present that we wanted to receive and we even had wish list. I only had one in my mind: National Bookstore GC’s. I really hoped to purchase the book that I’ve been itching to read from the first book in the series made me cry like I was chopping an onion.

I didn’t expect to receive a 500 php GC instead of 300 php. I was giddy and I couldn’t wait to use it. Unfortunately, the book was out of stock from several NBS that I went to. I saw this being featured in the NBS instagram account and it piqued my interest so I ended up purchasing it.


Snow Yardley was locked in Whitaker, a psychiatric hospital where she met the love of her life. When Bale disappeared right in front of her eyes, Snow followed a mysterious stranger into a frozen magical world to find him.


What I like about the story:

The Three Witches of Algid and King Lazarus. Algid is a place that Snow doesn’t know that exists. When she came to Algid, she was informed about the three witches: River (Nepenthe), Witch of the Woods (Margot) and Fire Witch (Ora). Nepenthe was secretly in love with the King while Ora is a commoner whom the King fell in love with. King Lazarus was the evil leader of Algid who wants to be the most powerful. But, there was a prophecy that said that his daughter would have the strongest power that can destroy him and his kingdom.

Meet the Three Guys in Snow’s life: Bale, Jagger and Kai! Bale is Snow’s love of her life. She would do anything for Bale even going across the other side of the world. It was a surprise twist on what happened to Bale and who he really was. I knew that there was more than to Kai. He was a non-magic boy who enjoyed building things and protecting Gerde, but he was not easy to read. He held some secrets that might be helpful to or probably it should stay being secrets at all. From the very start, I already liked Jagger. He has been a thief yet, I am drawn on how mysterious his personality is and the fact that it is not his real face he is using and I wonder how he looks like. I’m rooting for him and Snow!

Enter the Ward D, Robber Girls, Gerde and Temperly. She is inside the Whitaker since she is a child. Snow is informed that she has this rare disorder and she has to be treated. In Ward D, she only interacts with Vern, Chord, Magpie and Pi. When Snow goes to Algid, she met Gerde, an apprentice to the Nepenthe and a girl who has a soft heart with magical creatures despite of being a monster. The Robber Girls are amazing for me because they have unique features and power. They also have different personalities which added to Snow’s colorful life. Temperly was a huge surprise! She is Snow’s twin who is secret to Algid but it is quite difficult to figure out if she would be an ally or an enemy to her own sister.

Watch out for the Tree, Prophecy and Mirror. When Snow first saw the Tree, she couldn’t believe that it exists. It was the most unusual tree that she had seen with its intricate script and pictures and its unbelievable height. The Tree is actually the ‘gateway’ to Algid. An oracle was spoken to the Three Wicthes as soon as Snow was born. It was pronounced that Snow will claim the throne or she can give more power to the King. It would not be an easy path though, because Snow should face the prince, the thief, the thinker and the secret before the King would fall. The Mirror is said to be the most powerful thing in Algid and it can amplify the power of King Lazar. The witches broke the mirror and it is scattered among them so that Lazar would have the difficulty of finding and putting it back together.



Vern to Snow

“Sometimes saying something is harder than not saying it. You wouldn’t know because you have no filter, but out there in the world people spend most of their lives afraid to say what’s really on their minds.” – I agree!

Jagger to Snow

“You are not crazy, Snow. You were just lied to. You are not evil. You have magic. It’s not a curse. It’s a gift. I maybe a liar, but I know this much is true.”


How It Ends:

Temperly fled with the piece of the mirror. King Lazar followed her. Ora were killed by Snow. Nepenthe welcomed Snow in her arms.



I loved the concept of prophecy, missing pieces of mirror and a frost kingdom. I was excited from the beginning until the end. There were abrupt twists and turns of events which was very welcoming. There were so many questions on my mind like: Where will Temperly go? Who is her secret lover? Will Nepenthe have a chance now with Snow King? Who would Snow chose, Kai or Jagger? What will happen to the Robber Girls?

I’m hoping that the next book in the series will be out very soon.

Next week, watch out for my January Book Recommendation, I will be reviewing two lovely novels that would make you swoon.