I’m still high from my Manila International Book Fair Haul that’s why my recommended books for this month are the two books I bought.


Tempting Victoria by Mina V. Esguerra (195 PHP)


I’m always a fan of Mina Esguerra and I’m glad that I purchased one of her New Adult stories printed under Spark Books.

Victoria Bennett is not your typical college student. She is in control and always in charge, especially if it is about her events business. That’s why when she needed someone to help her for her first official paying client; she will do anything even hiring the notorious heartbreaker Nathan Grant.


What I like about the story:

Mexico and Engagement proposal… I have never been in Mexico and Cozumel seems to be a romantic place to be engaged. The description of the setting makes me want to get a plane ticket a fly all the way there! Trent and Nyssa are very fortunate to meet and be engaged there.

Rule breakers, Dirty Talk and Unofficial Relationship. At the beginning, Victoria and Nathan agreed with some rules while they were working together, but it was difficult to follow rules when at the very start, the two have a thing to each other already. I was blown away with the ‘dirty talk’ from these two via phone. I was giggling while reading their conversation. It was not pointed out if they’ve been officially in a relationship, but who cares? Their chemistry is totally undeniable.



Nathan to Victoria

“It’s not for you then. It’s going to be different for everyone. It’s about what turns you on, what gets you off. If it’s not a crude mouth, then it’s something else. I bother to find out.”


Victoria to Nathan

“Maybe we’re just waiting for someone to prove we were wrong. I’m curious to find out if I can make someone believe that a lifelong commitment is real.”

“I wonder what you taste like. How you’d feel if I take you, suck you like a lollipop. I wonder if I could take you all in. In my mouth. In my throat.” –This is pure torture!

Haley to Nathan

“A chance is not going to be enough, Nathan. Not going to drag you into my own drama, but you’ve got to aim higher. Ask for a chance, and you just might get and nothing else.”



Miss Mina’s novels never fail to mark sometime in my heart. Opposite attracts was too powerful with Nathan and Victoria that I was pulled by them. Thank you for ending the story in New Orleans, one of my favorite places in the world and the bonus short story of Kissing Day was incredible. Hoping for Chris and Dianas’ long story next!


In My Dreams by Yeyet Soriano (240 php)


The book cover intrigued me in so many ways and after reading the synopsis, I said to myself, I would like to go to Barrio Malaya and meet the two teenagers who fell in love there.

Olivia ‘Liv’ Roxas, a 16 year old girl who never been out to the real world has an unlimited access to her dream place called Barrio Malaya where Life and Death meet.  A faceless stranger pulled Gabriel ‘Gab’ Sahagun before he can join his parents who died in a freak accident. He can visit Barrio Malaya when his body is being used as a medium for transferring death.


What I like about the story:

Welcome to Barrio Malaya and the wonderful places that it offers. The description quaint town of Barrio Malaya is superb. There is the Kantina that offer milkshakes and fries, the towering library which is Balay Kaalaman and the cinema house called Balay Pelikula. You can see the train at the Estasyon, there is a home called Balay Takipsilim for the elderly and Balay Kalusugan is intended for those people who have terminal illnesses. There is Balay ng Musmos, a house for newborn babies, Balay ni Nanay are made for expectant mothers, but there is a Balay Takipsilim, a house that is far from the train and near the woods where inhabited by people who lost hope and feel that their life is better ended.

The mysterious ticket and the boarded train… When I first read about the ticket, I immediately thought of the Golden Ticket in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the train reminded me so much of Platform 9 and ¾ in Harry Potter Series. Yet, the ticket and the train combination in this story are quite scary. When you received one, chances are you are dead already.

Liv and Gab: The ‘Barrio Malaya’ Unlikely Couple.  A girl who never eats fried chicken again, grew up homeschooling and has an alcoholic mother have a chance to visit Barrio Malaya. She then met the boy who almost boarded the train, lost his parents in young age and has an unusual power to transfer death to another person by just touching. These two became a couple in Barrio Malaya despite of not seeing each other in real life.



Gab to Liv

“This isn’t real life, Liv. I want to be able to see you everytime. And not just when I am about to die.”

Lolo Tonio to Gab

“Dear boy… the power you have is huge. Don’t underestimate it. You are in essence playing God. There are things destined to happen, regardless of what you do.”

Tomas to Liv

“Gab is already strong. He wouldn’t have had the power if he wasn’t. He just needs someone who would understand. He needs someone to be there for him. He needs someone who would love him enough to be with him.” – I agree!

“No, you stop. You are no longer a child, Liv. Stop acting like one. Gab is special. And he chose you. He has both worlds to choose from and he chose you.”  –Thank you Tomas!


‘Gab could transfer death. I knew what my work was. I could help the living communicate. It gave me purpose. It felt good to be able to help.’ –Way to go Liv!



This was the first novel that I read from Miss Yet and I was amazed on how well-written this story is. After reading it, I found myself craving for more of her stories with this kind of genre. Congratulations Miss Yet, I love Liv, Gab and Barrio Malaya, I’m grateful that you introduced them with me.