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Monthly Archives: May 2016

2015 had been an eye-opener to me. It introduced me to the greatest opportunity that I’ve been waiting for.
I went back to writing stories. But this time, I decided to take a step further. I attended an online writing workshop last September. It was not an ordinary workshop. The genre was Paranormal and I was not confident to finish an English story with 5,000 words. Somehow, I surprised myself because I was able to come up with a finished product that was more than the word count needed in just two weeks. Whoopi!
It was the door that opened to me to continue pursuing my first love which is writing. Last January, I submitted a short story with a different genre and before the month ended, I joined a writing contest for a self-published book featuring a collection of romantic short stories.
I was doubtful with myself on producing a love story. It had been a while since I wrote one and I wanted to back out, but the extension of the submission convinced me to try my luck.
Unexpectedly, I was part of Jahric Lago Presents: Dreamlovers top 10 entries and it was the best thing that happened to my writing career so far.
I was very grateful that I’m sharing it with you, my dear readers!
I’ve been keeping this wonderful news for quite some time and yes, the self-published book will finally be out before this month ends! Yipee!
Starting today, May 5 until June 5, 2016 I have a special comeback giveaway called: A DREAM COME TRUE.

What are the prizes that will be given out?

Dreamlover book

~Bath and Bliss Festive Gift Set

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How can you win?
I will make this very convenient for you. Here are the mechanics:
1. Follow these Facebook accounts: , and .
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3. Be creative. You should convince me on WHY DO YOU DESERVE TO WIN THIS AWESOME PRIZES! You can answer the question, write a poem, compose a song, and make a video or any possible thing that you can come up! Making an effort is a plus!
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Make sure that you do all the FIVE steps so that your ENTRY will be VALID. (I’m going to thoroughly check all of your entries.)
Remember: ONE ENTRY for ONE PERSON only. Multiple entries will be disqualified.
The giveaway is until JUNE 5 and open to Philippine Residents.
Announcement of winner: June 12, 2016.
Good luck! I can’t wait to see your entries! Thank you very much for the love and support with my blog.
P.S. If you want your own copy of DREAM LOVERS please do check out this link:

I hope you support me and my co-authors! Thank you again.