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JustWritePH-ForTheWin-CoverAuthors: Viai, Maita Rue, Mary Beatrice Ponce, and Saelynne G. LeClerk


Insurmountable challenges from supernatural beings, political scandals in vast kingdoms, post-apocalyptic survival, and…dealing with the extended family? All in a day’s work for the characters in this thrilling bundle of stories about overcoming obstacles and testing their resolve.

Features “Hunter Zero” by Viai, “The Seeker’s Inn” by Maita Rue, “A Solarpunk Fairytale” by Mary Beatrice Ponce, and “Her Highness, The Handmaiden: Ascension” by Saelynne G. LeClerk.

The Seeker’s Inn by Maita Rue

Alexandra Jekyll inherits the Seeker’s Inn but there is a condition. Dearly departed Aunt Emily states that she has to run the inn for a full season in order to keep it. Simple, right? Things get complicated when she arrives to find Aunt Emily’s nephew, Dunstan Draycott, also claiming the inn. Alexandra is determined to keep the inn for herself and for her little sister. She is reluctant to call on her twin, Alexa Hyde, who was showing an interest in Aunt Emily’s nephew, for help. Will Hyde and Jekyll work together or will their rivalry tear the inn and their hearts apart?

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What I like about the story:

Alexandra-Alexa-Duncan-Dunstan’s love team. I was quite hesitant with these ‘love match’. The reserved but strong-willed Alexandra Jekyll who fell in love with the charming and funny Duncan Draycott. While the boyish but seductive Alexa Hyde, who is head over heels in love with the pompous but loving brother, Dunstan Draycott. They are most outrageous couples I’ve ever encountered.

The inherited Seeker’s Inn. Reading about the inheritance of Alexandra about The Seeker’s Inn was quite mysterious to me. Why the unknown niece of Aunt Emily instead of her very close nephew? The name of the place also caught my attention, what mystery is involved with the inn? I’m glad that all of the questions on my mind were answered at the end of the story.

The Crazy “Twins”! The surprise at the end! Wow! Bravo to the writer!  I love how the Jekyll-Hyde Legacy concept was explained. I couldn’t believe that most of the characters have the ‘other cousin’. I think deep inside we have our own Hyde that we just wanted to be in the mirror forever.

How it ends:

Seeker Inn was handled successfully to its well-deserved owner and everyone was happy that finally they’re kept secret is finally revealed in the world.

Perk’s rating: 4/5 (I still wished that Alexandra ended with Dunstan.)

Hunter Zero by Viai

Hunters – people who exterminate supernatural elements from the world. A certain element, called the Nis, latches on to our main protagonist, EriGeiju, a stern-looking high school student with a peculiar reputation. This catches the attention of two professional hunters, Eight and Ten and opens her eyes to the true nature of the Hunting business.

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A Solarpunk Fairytale by Mary Beatrice Ponce

Eons ago, the world was at an end. However, the days of that nightmarish apocalypse have long since past. Through the combined efforts of the various races, life flourished once again. But when GodfreedBayani and her service dragon, Ludwig the Steadfast, uncover the remnants of a bygone age, the fate of the progressive land of Celestiano hangs in the balance. When the future meets the past, a duality is revealed and everyone must begin to understand why the world had to make such a drastic change to survive.

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Her Highness, The Handmaiden: AscensionbySaelynne G. LeClerk

To ascend to the throne is no easy task as many would think and to be a handmaiden caught in the middle of a kingdom-wide scandal, there is no real way to go but to follow what you are told. Follow Helena in her quest to ascend to the throne and find who her real friends are and who may her enemies in the shadows be.

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