It’s been awhile since I joined a blog tour promoting Filipino writers. I singed for #JustWritePH blog tour and I’m ecstatic to share with your my thoughts and review about the awesome stories.

My first stop is the #JustWritePH—For Justice:


Authors: Michael Recto, EK Gonzales, Pau Castillo, and Mark Manalang


When justice calls, heroes rise. Follow the journeys of a fire programmer, two very unique detectives, and an unlikely partnership between a mortal and a ghost as they fight for what they believe in and even their very survival in this action-packed bundle of four stories from up-and-coming writers.

Features “Eleven” by Michael Recto, “Expendable” by EK Gonzales, “Between Two Worlds” by Pau Castillo, and “The Seven-Day Detective” by Mark Manalang.

Between Two Worlds by Pau Castillo

At the age of 5, Sam Lawrence discovers a peculiarity which changes her life forever. Along with three others who share a similar curse, Sam eventually finds herself caught up in a mishap involving a family, a mansion, and a spirit who continues to haunt its walls. With Sam’s perseverance, an unlikely friendship forms between Sam and the infamous White Mansion ghost, Lucian Malliarch. Together, they try to stop a greater and more sinister force which connects Sam and Lucian in ways no one had expected.

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What I like about the story:

The fearless Sam. Not everyone is strong enough to approach a bad spirit but I like Sam who bravely talk to Lucian. I also like that she allowed herself to become the ‘vessel’ that helped Lucian find justice.

White Mansion and the lake. Reading the haunted house 2:30 in the morning is seriously scary but good thing there is this beautiful and enchanting lake that I can imagine while thinking of the house.

The hot ghost: Lucian Malliarch. If all guy ghosts look like Lucian, I will voluntarily help them immediately.

~Story lines that worth to remember~

Lucian to Sam:

  • “I have to go, Sam. You had been the best
    moment and the best memory of these past two hundred years, and I will bring it with me wherever I may be.”
  • “No matter where I am, you will always be with me. If I can find a way, I will visit you always. I will watch over you. I will be your guardian angel. Our friendship goes between two worlds, Sam. Never forget that. You will always be in my world, as I am hoping that I will be in yours.”
How it ends:
Lucian found the justice that he’d been waiting for centuries and he was reunited with his family. I thought that Lucian will be a human. He and Sam will be together in this lifetime but they are just friends forever. 
Perk’s rating: 4/5 (The concept of the story is good but there were parts that was slow pacing for me. )

Eleven by Michael Recto

Detective Randall Dela Rosa is hot on the trails of a string of unexplained murders halfway around the world. There have been 7 victims so far, all of them murdered in creatively horrible methods, had the number 11 carved on their corpses, and were made to recite a cryptic in Filipino before their murders: “Mayroongisangdaan at dalawampu’tisangdahilan kung bakithindi para saiyoangkuwentongitongunit…” The latest victim, number 8, has lead him back to his father’s home country, the Philippines. As an Interpol agent, he expected that his presence will not be welcomed. The local police deemed his “meddling” as unnecessary and a blow to the local force’s pride. However, Detective Dela Rosa is ready to place everything on the line to stop the murders and finally stop the nightmares haunting him.

What I like about the story:

11. The concept of this short story is superb! From the start of the first line, I was hooked immediately. The description of of every victims and how they died, marked on my mind for quite sometime. It was creep and gross in a good way!

The killer/psychopath/murderer. Very surprising twist! I didn’t imagine that the killer is a… wow! Hands down to the author!

How it ends:

The killer was caught but what happened to the last victim was heartbreaking.  I love it but can I ask for more?!

Perk’s rating: 4.5/5 (I want to give me a perfect score but I was curious about one thing and sadly it was not explained in the story. )

The Seven-Day Detective by Mark Manalang

Insp. Gene Bello is no stranger to rape cases, or speedy investigations. As a cadet, he was known as “The Seven-Day Detective”, having solved a serial rape incident in seven days. So when an NBI official asked him to handle a similar case, he was ready to take on the job… or so he thought. The case: a serial rapist targeting call center agents from Bonifacio Global City. Luck is on Gene’s side, though. Four PUV drivers plying the EDSA-BGC routes have seen and interacted with the fifth victim. Each of them knew her well. Each of them, perhaps all of them, may hold the key to stop the next attack and find the suspect before he strikes again. But they have to hurry… All they have is seven days.

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Expendable by EK Gonzales

Corespasa is a fire programmer, drifting and drinking through his aimless life. But during a fire of his own making, he is saved by a stranger, a scholar running away from the rival region. As their paths and lives join, their individual paths will change the other. But will he destroy their joint world?

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