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Belle De Jour never fail to surprise Bellas.

When BDJ posted that there are giving away OLAY products just by updating your profile and answering a simple survey, I immediately jump into the boat.

Few days after, I got an email  that my free items are on its way to my home. Wow! 

I remembered that I was not having a great day when the products arrived so when I opened it, a huge smile formed in my lips. Finally something to look forward to!


Let me share to you my beautiful experience with Olay Deep Moisture with Honey Body Wash and Olay Total Effects 7inOne Day Cream Normal SPF15.

1. Olay Total Effects 7 in One Day Cream

I was hesitant to try it because my skin reacts and I immediately have pimples. Changing product is a big NO for me. Yet, the day cream that I’ve been using was almost emptied that is why I applied Olay’s day cream.

I put it on my right face after cleansing my face with soap. The right side of my face instantly became soft and the coverage of the cream was good.

Later in the afternoon, I tried the day cream again. This time in both face and after applying toner. There was a bit reaction on my skin but still it left my skin flawless and glowing.

What I like about this product:

  • Smell so good
  • Very light and fast absorbent
  • Became my face’s best friend

Should I recommend it: Definitely yes especially for those who have sensitive skin like mine!

2. Olay Deep Moisture with Honey Body Wash

I’ve been using the Olay Ultra Moisture with Shea Butter for months now, I love it so when I received Olay’s newest addition: Olay Deep Moisture Body Wash from BDJ Box, I was very happy.

I put a small pea on my finger and I started to spread it on my arms, it refreshed my skin easily and then I used it on my whole body.

What I like about this product:

  • Smell not too sweet
  • It stays with my skin after taking a bath
  • It makes my very sensitive skin smooth and nourish.

Should I recommend it: Truly, a great body wash to use every day!

Thank you to BDJ Box team and OLAY for sending out these lovely products that keeps our skin radiant and healthy glowing!


My third stop for the #JustWritePH—For Redemption:


Redemption doesn’t come easy. It involves hardship, righting wrongs, and making tough choices. This four-story bundle showcases characters who made wrong turns in life, and want nothing more than to make things right.

Features “Era” by Jesse David, “Turning Points” by Yeyet Soriano, “A Fateful Encounter” by Cali (Angie Sanchez), and Encyclopedia Mystique by Racquel Sarah A. Castro.

Era by Jesse David

What do we need to live this life to the fullest? For Era, it is money. He realizes that it is hard to live this life to the fullest without money. We need money to travel the world, to eat every food, and to live to in the most beautiful city. But what if, money is not the answer? What if you live your life the wrong way, and it is too late to turn back? What if you had a second chance?

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Turning Points by Yeyet Soriano

Imagine you were about to die, and you were given a chance to change something in your past and live for a few hours in the alternate world created with that change. Would you do it? What have you got to lose, right? What if you got stuck in that world, and although you have achieved all of the dreams you never pursued before, you lost everything that you’ve ever held dear? Sandy Garcia, a forty-something working mother of three, did just that. She wished she never met and married her husband, and she got to live in the world where she became a popular theater star instead. The trouble was, since she never met her husband, then she never had her children. Her entire life was different, and she started to realize that maybe she already had it good in her reality. Alex Marquez was a multi-hyphenated star—theater actress-singer-dancer-published author- professional photographer. On the road to success, she made a lot of wrong choices which left her single, with one child, in her forties, remembering the relationships she screwed up and the children she should have had in the past. Suddenly, she got the chance to live the family life since she got stuck in Sandy’s world. As both women navigate the intricate web of the lives they never initially chose to live, they question whether they still have a chance of getting back their own lives. What does it take to reclaim their real lives? Are both willing to do so? Will they succeed?

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A Fateful Encounter by Cali (Angie Sanchez)

A Fateful Encounter is a story about a college computer science student, Samantha, who just got back from an eight-month holiday. Not a single soul knows why she left in the first place – not her professors, her best friend Aimee and her closest group of friends. She logs in an online chat site and meets Michael, an engineering student from the same university.

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Encyclopedia Mystique by Racquel Sarah A. Castro

Amelia Agustin is a digital converter in the National Library of the Philippines by day and a digital artist by night. At 24, she supports Filipino Authors by buying and reading their works. She rates the books honestly but she didn’t have the courage to write a review. She has this habit of doing digital art inspired by her favorite scenes. She loves to go to Korea to visit Incheon, the newly proclaimed book capital of the world. She admires Jay Diaz, a popular newscaster/bachelor in town. Serendipity pulls them together in an embarrassing incident. Take a glimpse on where their relationship would go.

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Era by Jesse David

This story is about Era.

The story is about his lifetime, and also the meaning of his name is a lifetime. This person really follows a strict time when it comes to business. He wakes up on time. Go to his work on time, but never going home on time because going home is not part of the business.

A lot of people are like him. They love to follow a schedule. It is much easier to follow life on a schedule. It is easier to live if you know what you will do next.

Are you like him, always doing things on schedule? Exact time to eat, exact time to take a shower, and exact time to sleep.

The time now is 5:28 a.m., by exactly 5:30, his clock will alarm. He will wake up, go to the bathroom to take a shower, and brush his teeth. He will then have his coffee. After that, he will now proceed on leaving his unit at exactly 5:58 a.m.

He will now walk to the train station and arrived at 6:05 a.m. The train should arrive at 6:10 a.m. but we are not living in the perfect world or rather a perfect country that follows a strict time. It is acceptable to be for an hour late in this country.

The train arrives at the station at 6:23 a.m. which is totally occupied. To get inside of the train, you need to transform as Spartan soldier, this is one of the ways to get in the office on time with this volume of people. And since Era is a person that loves a schedule, he will ride this train even if only a single person is the only one that will fit in, but eventually 5 persons will try to get in. But don’t worry, with the magical push from the people outside, the 5 people will actually fit in.

After the train, he will then need to fall in line for the gate ticket. But with the volume of people in the line, Era estimated that it will take 2 minutes for him to pass the ticket gate and another 5 minutes to get in the building.

He could have a longer time to wait if the line for the elevator is long. Using the stairs could be an alternative but the time and effort will double or even triple.

Era works as an executive in an international company. He always makes it on time to go to the office but never going home. His dream is to live life to the fullest. Having this dream, he thought that he needs to be rich first before he can enjoy life to the fullest.
Turning Points by Yeyet Soriano

“Hi, Sandy.”

I heard the voice. I knew the voice. Was I dead?

“No, you’re not dead,” the voice said.

I opened my eyes and saw him, my dear friend from very long ago.

I slapped him. I had no time to think; my hand had a life of its own.

Luca reeled from the slap. Served him right.

“Sandy . . .”


We stayed that way for a while just looking at each other. I had so much anger and pain, emotions I thought I had forgotten about. How dare he show his face right now?

Oh, shit . . . this had to be a dream. I remembered I was on a plane, and it was crashing.

“Where am I?” I asked. I looked around and there was just nothing. Everything was white. “You said I was not dead, so where the hell am I?” I demanded an answer.

Luca still looked at me with a sad expression.

“You are in a pause state,” he said.

“A what state?” What the hell was he talking about? Why was I talking to Luca at this moment? And why would I believe him if he told me I wasn’t dead?

“Pause.” Luca enunciated the word. I heard it right the first time, I just didn’t understand it. I still didn’t understand now. I kept quiet and waited for him to explain.

“A pause state is when we get a chance to step away from time moving forward and just . . . take a breather.”

“A time-out of sorts?” I asked. Now I’m sure I am dreaming. This is ridiculous.

“You can say that,” Luca said.

“So . . . after this . . . the plane will still crash?”

“Ummm, yes, time will move forward.”

“Can’t we make it move backward so that the plane doesn’t crash?”

“It doesn’t work that way,” he said patiently.

“Then why the hell am I here?”

Luca breathed deeply as he stared at me. I was obviously still mad, but I couldn’t meet his stare. Memories were coming back, and I didn’t think I was ready to confront them . . . again. After all these years.

A Fateful Encounter by Cali (Angie Sanchez)

I continued to argue with myself quietly. I want ice cream. Do I really need ice cream? No. But do you want ice cream. Yes. Is it right to put yourself in danger for the sake of ice cream? No. But you want one, right? Yes. There you go. And there goes my logic. But in order to dig into my cravings, I must find someone to go out with me at this time of night. Now who’s going to be my knight? It would be wrong to ask for my friends after what happened earlier. My only available choice was Requiem. He offered to go out with me. Nothing’s wrong with accepting someone’s offer, right? I thought about it again. And again. It was unacceptable and irresponsible. Who goes out with a stranger, at night, for ice cream? I sat thinking of all the possible solutions for my dilemma. It wouldn’t be bad to trust someone, just this once?

[10:30 pm] Requiem: San kitapupuntahan?

[10:35 pm] Me: Nakatiraakosa may apartment sadulo ng Emerald.

[10:36 pm] Requiem: Sige. Puntahannakita.

[10:37 pm] Me: Ingatka. Text monalangako.

I suddenly became nervous. My heart started beating so fast that I could feel it could jump off my chest. Just because of a stupid craving, I invited a guy I didn’t even know over for ice cream. It was ridiculous. And idiotic. Aimee had already warned me before that nothing good comes out from meeting strangers. I could already picture out Aimee scolding me. I groaned. She is a very protective friend.

My legs are shaking from panic. I could feel my hands getting cold and sweaty. I couldn’t think right. What if this guy were a poser who might think of kidnapping me and holding me for ransom? Or worse, rape me and throw my body somewhere? I promised my parents to stay out of trouble, but I’m directly putting myself into a mess. No one except for myself knows that I would be meeting him tonight – not my friends, my family – absolutely, not a single soul. If something bad happens, no one would even know. I walked to the living room, then back again to the kitchen. I suddenly had the idea to send him a message that I have a bad stomachache and couldn’t get up. I was about to text him through WeChat, but a message appeared.

[10:46 pm] Requiem: Anditonaako.

I frantically rushed to the kitchen drawer to get my Swiss knife and pepper spray. I’ve always kept these in case of emergency. I placed both of them inside my purse along with my phone, my wallet and sneaked a peek frim my apartment window. There, I saw a person standing right outside the gate. For a while, I remained seated on the couch debating whether to go through with it or not. I gathered all my courage and closed the gates behind me.

“Hello,” a guy wearing a jacket and cap said.

“Hi,” I replied nervously.

“Tara na?” he spoke.
Encyclopedia Mystique by Racquel Sarah A. Castro

“Techie geek . . . at the national library? Interesting!” He curiously stares at me. Well, I like geek reporters with glasses. That’s why I have a little admiration, okay, a lot of admiration for him. I have glasses too by the way. That’s a match.

“See you around!” I leave him with a quick glance and a friendly wave.

Toni sees me smiling and asks, “The smile is for . . .”

“I am going to the restaurant now. Bye.”

Toni grabs a bit of my hair and asks again;”Don’t you want to meet your crush?”

“I met him just a few minutes ago. Bye Toni! I am late.”

“Call me!” Toni shouts and to my surprise, I hear another familiar voice.

“Wait! Ms. Jiu Jitsu!” Jay Diaz runs towards my way. And he calls me Ms. Jiu Jitsu?

I display a what-do-you-need stare. Jay catches his breath while saying, “Can I get your name?”

“Her name is Amelia. Do you need her number?” Toni smiles at me. I stop walking. A thought bubble seems to come out of my head: Is he interested to get my name? Or maybe he will get my name to report me to my boss?

I notice that he is an inch too close to me. I turn back to hide my smile. He immediately pronounces, “Amelia! Wait.”

“Yes.” When I turn, he is closer than half an inch and our eyes meet.

“Can you wait for me?”

I curiously glance at him with narrowed eyebrows. He clarifies, “I mean, can I do what I have to do and go with you. This won’t take too long, I promise.”

I want to ask why but my inner self appears and verbalizes aloud, “Sure.” What are you thinking Lia? Are you sure about this?

I wait for him at the lobby. Mr. Villar sees me and asks, “Are you not going to the restaurant today?”

“I am waiting for Mr. Jay Diaz. He might feature our restaurant.”

“Hidden motives huh.”

“Yes sir.” I laugh.

“I’ll go ahead. See you on Monday!” Mr. Villar salutes me first before going upstairs.

At last, I spot Jay Diaz with his crew after 30 minutes of roaming the whole place. It is exactly 12:30 in the afternoon when we leave the national library. His crew, however, will take their lunch before going back to the place for another set of interviews.

I am about to get a cab when he shouted, “Hoy! Di basa akin kasasabay.”

“Maka-hoy naman to. Sundanmonalangyung taxi.” I get in the cab and wave farewell. While I can see him get in the car and follow the cab, I instruct the driver to take me to our restaurant.

When I arrive, I run as fast as I can. A staff greets me, “Good afternoon ma’am!” He probably observes my nervous-me-what-will-I-do glances and asks,”Ma’am Lia, sinupotinataguannyo?”

“Yung crush ko, kakaindito.”

“Si Jay Diaz, Ma’am?” He curiously says.

“Oo.” I intensely say with so much excitement on my voice. I ask, “Okay bayungitsurako?” I don’t have the time to wonder why one of my staff knows who my crush is.

“Yes. You look gorgeous.” My dad says while he and his business partner come and I pay respect to them by pagmamano.

Jay comes to me and says, “Hulika!” He laughs and my dad clears his throat.

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My second stop for the #JustWritePH—For Love:


Authors: Beth G., Carla de Guzman, Giselle Bacalla, and AmaeDechavez


Love is never easy, but the journey to that happily ever after is what makes it worth it. Witness the struggles of these characters as they work their way through both new romances and second chances at love in this four-story bundle.

FeaturesI Still…” by Beth G., “Sigh No More” by Carla de Guzman, “Velvet Valentine” by Giselle Bacalla, and “One Sweet November Day” by Amae Dechavez.

I Still… by Beth G.

Jamee is head over heels with Denmark. And after several years of not seeing each other, they meet again, and Jamee cannot deny the fact that after all those years, she is still in love with him. As their renewed friendship seems to progress, all while their common college friends hold a reunion for all of them, Jamee discovers the truth behind her heartache with Denmark years ago. Will she still surrender on how she feels for Denmark and give herself a chance on love? Or will it be too late?

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What I like about the story:

Blind dates of Jamee. The idea of blind dating piques my interest though in reality I haven’t experience it. I enjoy Jamee’s failed blind dates.

Name concepts. Kudos to the author! Jamaica and Denmark is such a cute name for leading characters!

Stalker mode. This twist came as a surprised for me. Never expected it!

~Story lines that worth to remember~

Alex to Jamaica:

  • “Jamee, listen to this. It’s okay to be scared and confused. And you can
    allow them to haunt you for the rest of your life, regrets included, or you can allow this guy in question to chase them away. Your call.”

Jamee’s POV :

  • It taught me that I should have taken my chances when I could. It showed me that
    love deserved second chances. And it made me believe that great love could bring
    impossible things within my reach.

How it ends:

No more blind dates. Yes to second chances. Perfect way to end the story!

Perk’s rating: 4/5


Sigh No More by Carla de Guzman

Right. Morning outfit selfie. Here we go.

I really looked awful in the morning, all messy hair and puffy eyes. That last beer really was a mistake. I adjusted the angle of my phone slightly, before I gave the camera my brightest, still-slightly-sleepy smile. I hadn’t really thought about what I was going to wear today (horror of horrors) and I ended up with my loose, ripped drawstring jeans, my favorite chunky sandals and a loose white shirt. It was going to be another hot day in DC, so a pair of plastic cat eye glasses went with the outfit. I put my hair up in its usual half-topknot and grabbed Claudia’s peach lip tint to swipe over my lips. I looked into my vintage full length mirror and snapped the photo.

“Beatrice Noble: Up and ready by 10 am and I’m already working,” I typed out on the phone’s notes. “Had a back and forth conversation with our printer regarding our new greeting card line while in bed, now heading off to meet with Claudia at Petit Jolie.”

That sounded good, didn’t it? I frowned little at myself in the mirror. I widened my eyes until I looked crazy and puffed out my cheeks. Gaze into the eyes of an underpaid, overworked, under-slept self-starter!

Claudia Crowne and I quit our jobs two years ago to start our baby, the Noble Crowne Paper Company. We started out with small jobs, making invites for relatives’ weddings, postcards and notepads. Then the next thing I knew, my life turned into a whirlwind of printers and paints, clients and meetings. Suddenly my social media posts were more important than times in and out, my 9 to 5 had turned into 24/7, and the voice in my head telling my that there was something inherently wrong with doing what I loved had finally dulled into a whisper.

Was it scary? It was still, in a lot of ways. Sometimes I think that it’s all been a fluke, or a dream of some kind, but then I check my ratty old filofax and the list of things I have to do just make me feel happy. It’s so weird.

One of the lifestyle blogs Claudia and I religiously followed finally responded to Claudia’s emails and asked for a ‘day in the life’ article from the girls of Noble Crowne. It was a big deal for us, and both Claudia and I were determined not to screw it up.

Which was why, when I arrived at Petit Jolie, I wasn’t at all surprised to see that Claudia was wearing a short, sleeveless tunic printed with orange roses, mums and little red flowers that I used to pick from bushes as a child. Claudia made that dress from a pattern I gave her when I was first starting to paint. Now almost every piece that we produced in our little stationery company featured my hand painted flowers.

“You couldn’t be just a bit more subtle?” I teased, kissing my best friend’s cheek as we sat on our usual table of the corner cafe. Claudia and I lived within walking distance of each other on Kings’ Street in Old Town, Alexandria, a little neighbourhood in Virginia that still had wrought iron street lamps, twinkle lights on the main street, small Victorian buildings, shops and boutiques just by the Potomac River. I loved our neighbourhood. It was so pretty and quaint, despite being a stone’s throw away from Washington DC. Petit Jolie was a small boulangerie in the middle of an American street and smack dab in the middle of the town. It was also where the idea for Noble Crowne was born.

Excerpt from Velvet Valentine by Giselle Bacalla

Do you still remember your childhood?

While you were a kid filled with curiosity about the world.

If you do, then everything new always made you feel like your heart was going to leap out of your chest.

Most of us thought that it was only temporary.

The excitement dies down as we grow tired of the feeling.

While our Parents would tell us that we should always calm down and wait, we would still find ourselves expecting for surprises.

It was also the same feeling for me, I guess.

When you started your first day of pre-school, where our parents held our hands tight as the moment sinks into them that their child is finally growing up.

It is in this moment we experience change.

Often times, children in these stages would drive themselves crazy of excitement while others feared the uncertain detachment of the normality that they grew accustomed at home.

Where meeting new people seemed like such a scary thing.

In these moments we find ourselves looking for support from our family, as they root for our success.

In these moments we are told that there is nothing to be afraid in going to school and that they are there for us when we fail. Even then we still feel that sense of uncertainty and because being young was all we were.

Our imaginations ran wildly and imagine the worst case scenarios and it is in these exact moments in our lives that define us without even knowing that it could be the very definition on how we can handle ourselves as we grow.

Unfortunately, not many of us had the same experience to hold dear in our hearts.

In this story told in a million ways possible through a series of different versions of your inner self. Travel back with me in time, as we remember our younger years together as youthful kids growing up into our ideal selves.

Excerpt from One Sweet November Day by Amae Dechavez

Hindi mapakalisi Ethan saklaseniya. Sino banamananghindimapapa-sabi ng ‘mahalkita’ sataonggustong-gusto monaulingmakita? Dapatnga noon ko pa nasabi ‘yon sakaniyano’ngbakasyonsa Pila.

Pinanoodniyasaglitangkanilangpropesornatutoksapagsusulatsapisara ng course syllabus nila.

‘So, angibigsabihinnito, may girlfriend na ‘ko…’ muni-muni ni Ethan. “YES!” Napalakasangsabiniya ng ‘yes’ at nagtinginananglahatsakaniyasaklase.

Tinignansiya ng masama ng propesyor at butinalang at unangaraw pa lamang ng klasekaya’tini-dismiss pa rinsila, patisiya—nangmaaga.

“Warning ha, Mr. Crisologo,” sita ng propesorniya.

Habangnasakoridorpapuntasakasunodniyangklase ay ini-text ni Ethan siMaylie, tinatanong kung anongorasangbakantenito.

“Lunch break ko ng 11 am. Pero 30 minutes langang break ko,” text back sakaniyaniMaylie.

“Eh hangganganongorasangtrabahomosa library?” text mulini Ethan.

“Hanggang 2.30.”

“11.30 pa ang vacant koperowalanarinakongklase ng 2.30 pm to 4. Susunduinkitamamayad’yansa library. :-D” text ni Ethan.

Excited nalumakadsi Ethan patungosasilid ng susunodniyangklase.

Hindi nagkakalayoanggusali ng Humanities College of Arts and Sciences at ang Main Library kaya nangi-dismiss nangmaagaangklaseni Ethan sa Hum. ayagadsiyangtumungosa library.

Gaya ng inaasahan ay halos wala pang mgaestudyantesa library saunangaraw ng school year. Ngunitgatambak at gabundokangmgalibro at babasahingkailanganisaayos ng mgaempleyada at student assistants sa library.

NapatinginsiMayliesa may pasukan ng library dahilnapansinniyang may isanglalakinghumintonangnakatayoroon, pinagmamasdansiyanangmaigi.


“Shhh…” puna kay Maylie ng kasamahangestudyantengempleyada.

TumayosiMayliesakinauupuan at iniwanmunasaglitangpagsasaayos ng mgaaklat base salaki at paksa. Bago pa silamakita ng assistant head librarian ayhinilananiyasi Ethan sapagitan ng mgaistantesalikuran ng silid-aklatan.



“Eh bakitkapumuntadito?”

“Eh namimissnakita eh,” ngitini Ethan.

PinigilniMaylieangpusoniya. ‘Sana hindiakonamumula…’

“Ethan, may trabaho pa ‘ko. 11 pa ang break time ko.”

“Hindi namanakomagtatagal, gusto langkitangmakita.”

Habangpatagalnangpatagal, pahirapnangpahirapataangpagpipigilniMaylie ng kilig at ngitiniyasakakaibangepektoni Ethan sakaniya. “Mamayanatayomagkita. 2.30, di ba?”

“O sige, susunduinkita.” Umakmanghahaliksapisngisi Ethan ngunitpinigilsiya ng hintuturoniMaylie. Nginisianito ng pilyongsi Ethan at sakanaumalisangbinata.


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It’s been awhile since I joined a blog tour promoting Filipino writers. I singed for #JustWritePH blog tour and I’m ecstatic to share with your my thoughts and review about the awesome stories.

My first stop is the #JustWritePH—For Justice:


Authors: Michael Recto, EK Gonzales, Pau Castillo, and Mark Manalang


When justice calls, heroes rise. Follow the journeys of a fire programmer, two very unique detectives, and an unlikely partnership between a mortal and a ghost as they fight for what they believe in and even their very survival in this action-packed bundle of four stories from up-and-coming writers.

Features “Eleven” by Michael Recto, “Expendable” by EK Gonzales, “Between Two Worlds” by Pau Castillo, and “The Seven-Day Detective” by Mark Manalang.

Between Two Worlds by Pau Castillo

At the age of 5, Sam Lawrence discovers a peculiarity which changes her life forever. Along with three others who share a similar curse, Sam eventually finds herself caught up in a mishap involving a family, a mansion, and a spirit who continues to haunt its walls. With Sam’s perseverance, an unlikely friendship forms between Sam and the infamous White Mansion ghost, Lucian Malliarch. Together, they try to stop a greater and more sinister force which connects Sam and Lucian in ways no one had expected.

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What I like about the story:

The fearless Sam. Not everyone is strong enough to approach a bad spirit but I like Sam who bravely talk to Lucian. I also like that she allowed herself to become the ‘vessel’ that helped Lucian find justice.

White Mansion and the lake. Reading the haunted house 2:30 in the morning is seriously scary but good thing there is this beautiful and enchanting lake that I can imagine while thinking of the house.

The hot ghost: Lucian Malliarch. If all guy ghosts look like Lucian, I will voluntarily help them immediately.

~Story lines that worth to remember~

Lucian to Sam:

  • “I have to go, Sam. You had been the best
    moment and the best memory of these past two hundred years, and I will bring it with me wherever I may be.”
  • “No matter where I am, you will always be with me. If I can find a way, I will visit you always. I will watch over you. I will be your guardian angel. Our friendship goes between two worlds, Sam. Never forget that. You will always be in my world, as I am hoping that I will be in yours.”
How it ends:
Lucian found the justice that he’d been waiting for centuries and he was reunited with his family. I thought that Lucian will be a human. He and Sam will be together in this lifetime but they are just friends forever. 
Perk’s rating: 4/5 (The concept of the story is good but there were parts that was slow pacing for me. )

Eleven by Michael Recto

Detective Randall Dela Rosa is hot on the trails of a string of unexplained murders halfway around the world. There have been 7 victims so far, all of them murdered in creatively horrible methods, had the number 11 carved on their corpses, and were made to recite a cryptic in Filipino before their murders: “Mayroongisangdaan at dalawampu’tisangdahilan kung bakithindi para saiyoangkuwentongitongunit…” The latest victim, number 8, has lead him back to his father’s home country, the Philippines. As an Interpol agent, he expected that his presence will not be welcomed. The local police deemed his “meddling” as unnecessary and a blow to the local force’s pride. However, Detective Dela Rosa is ready to place everything on the line to stop the murders and finally stop the nightmares haunting him.

What I like about the story:

11. The concept of this short story is superb! From the start of the first line, I was hooked immediately. The description of of every victims and how they died, marked on my mind for quite sometime. It was creep and gross in a good way!

The killer/psychopath/murderer. Very surprising twist! I didn’t imagine that the killer is a… wow! Hands down to the author!

How it ends:

The killer was caught but what happened to the last victim was heartbreaking.  I love it but can I ask for more?!

Perk’s rating: 4.5/5 (I want to give me a perfect score but I was curious about one thing and sadly it was not explained in the story. )

The Seven-Day Detective by Mark Manalang

Insp. Gene Bello is no stranger to rape cases, or speedy investigations. As a cadet, he was known as “The Seven-Day Detective”, having solved a serial rape incident in seven days. So when an NBI official asked him to handle a similar case, he was ready to take on the job… or so he thought. The case: a serial rapist targeting call center agents from Bonifacio Global City. Luck is on Gene’s side, though. Four PUV drivers plying the EDSA-BGC routes have seen and interacted with the fifth victim. Each of them knew her well. Each of them, perhaps all of them, may hold the key to stop the next attack and find the suspect before he strikes again. But they have to hurry… All they have is seven days.

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Expendable by EK Gonzales

Corespasa is a fire programmer, drifting and drinking through his aimless life. But during a fire of his own making, he is saved by a stranger, a scholar running away from the rival region. As their paths and lives join, their individual paths will change the other. But will he destroy their joint world?

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In this latest Young Adult novel by Jennifer E. Smith, she talks about the FIRST: Love, Relationship and Heartbreak.
I’ve been a big fan of Jennifer E. Smith since I first read This Is What Happy Looks Like. I love her long and witty titles and I even adore her more when I met her in person during her book signing last year! Prior to the book signing, Jen E. Smith informed her Filipino readers that she is already working on her fourth YA novel and set to be released on September 2015!

When I saw that Hello, Goodbye and Everything In Between is part of the upcoming blog tour for September, I signed up immediately and I was very ecstatic when the copy had sent to me for a book review.
On the night before they leave for college, Clare and Aidan only have one thing left to do: figure out whether they should stay together or break up.

Over the course of twelve hours, they’ll retrace the steps of their relationship, trying to find something in their past that might help them decide what their future should be.
The night will lead them to friends and family, familiar landmarks and unexpected places, hard truths and surprising revelations.
But as the clock winds down and morning approaches, so does their inevitable goodbye.

The question is, will it be goodbye for now or goodbye forever?

What I like about the story:

The Stop Overs.  In every relationship, remembering how you started for me is a cool thing. Instead of chapters, HGAEIB are divided into ‘Stops’. These are the places that Clare and Aidan went when they met; they began as a couple and during their relationship. My favorite is Stop #7 Fountain (Heartbreaking!). I love how Jennifer Smith thought about this concept!
The 12 hours penalty before saying good-bye.  How can you spend the last twelve hours of being together for the last time? Are you going to follow the well-planned list, going to stick with some surprises or go with the flow? Clare and Aiden realizes that while the minutes passes, they are things that they should let go and accept.

Meet the third choice.  In every relationship, there are only two options when lovers have to break up or stay for each other: grow apart or grow together. I didn’t know that there is another option: Will come back to each other LATER. A scary word for a couple because there are a lot of things that can happen in the span of time being apart.
Quotes and pages to remember:
*Page 91
Stella to Clare:
“He’s an idiot. But he’s your idiot.”

*Page 95
“Because love wasn’t something you could take back. It was like a magic spell. Once you said the words, they were simply out there, shifting and changing everything that had once been true.”
How it ends:
A surprising prologue with twist of a question and a decision.

Hello, Goodbye and Everything In Between is the most realistic book that Jeniffer Smith has written yet.  I recommend this novel for those who want to fall in love, be in a relationship or who want to remember their FIRSTS. Good job Jen E. Smith!
Perk’s rating: 4/5
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