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Employees always check their calendars for the next holiday. Who does not want a rest day from the grind of work? Of course no one! That’s why when the regular holiday for the month of June approached, we immediately planned about it and enjoyed our ‘freedom’ night.
I’ve been to Italianni’s once but it was a long time ago and I could not even remember what branch I visited it first. As we entered Italianni’s Trinoma branch, I instantly visit Rome.



We were lucky that there were few customers inside the restaurant. It was roughly six in the evening.

As we sat down and waiting for our meal to arrived they gave us their complimentary breads combined with this delectable olive oil sauce and vinegar.


credit to Maam Mina olive oil vinegar

Photo credited to my colleague, Mina C. Great shot Ma’am! 🙂

When our Pizza Enorme (845 php) arrived our stomach grumbled.



Pizza Enorme is a 16-inch family pizza with four quarters. Each quarter carries their own distinct flavors: pepperoni, ham and pineapple, shrimps & mushrooms and four cheeses. This is perfect for four to six people.

The shrimps and mushrooms pizza was a surprised! It was my favorite among the four flavors! The shrimp and mushroom complimented one another. I’m not a fan of pepperoni pizza but Italianni’s pepperoni pizza was a killer! It made me want to taste another piece.

Looks can be deceiving. When the Fettucini Alfredo (1,390php for two plates) settled down on our table, it looked boring yet when we tasted it, everyone became speechless.


Wait until you taste this Fettucini Alfredo!

This was not the Fettucini Alfredo that we expected! The pasta was enormous that it easily filled our stomach. It was a very appetizing pasta dish that you should try!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe had a great dining experience with Italianni’s and thank you so much for the discount Belle De Jour Planner! 



We would love to come back and try their other dishes and pizza!

For Italiannis group pic


For Italiannis group pic 2


It had been a month since the book signing of Tessa Dare and yet I couldn’t help to share the fun experience with you!
I’m such a huge fan of historical romances. I always having this daydream of being a princess and have this very elegant castle near a lake. That’s why one of my travel buckets lists ever since is to visit Ireland and see castles and ruins up close. Right now, I’m contented reading novels with medieval settings.
It was early April when it is announced that Tessa Dare, New York best-selling author that she’s coming in Manila for her book signing. Honestly, I haven’t read any of her books when Powerbooks posted the marvelous news that she is coming in Manila! I was ecstatic because of two things: She is the first historical romance author to have the book signing and her event will be my first international book signing for this year.

I was fortunate enough to read Tessa Dare’s most recent two novels from her latest series: Castle Ever After from a blog tour. Check it out here: and
Last June 27, 2015 at Powerbooks Greenbelt 4, fans of Tessa Dare had a superb afternoon. Everyone couldn’t wait for her to step on the platform. The jolly Mina V. Esguerra interviewed the lovely and bubbly Tessa Dare who waved happily to her Filipino fans.

As they sat down, the atmosphere of inside the book store became different. The interview portion instantly became like Ellen De Generes show. Mina asked interesting questions and Tessa animatedly answer each one of them. She even queries things about Mina now and then!
Bits and Pieces of Information from Tessa Dare’s interview before the meet and greet:

@ She visited Philippines in 2000. She was actually a VOLUNTEERING LIBRARIAN at Palo Leyte for 1 and 1/2 years.
*Her career started when she won from Harper Collins contest. She wrote a book for FOUR MONTHS but it wasn’t published.
+ The secret recipe for her successful books is it will make you: blush, cry, laugh and sigh.
~She chose the pseudonym ‘Tessa Dare’ because it is a nice name.
^The quirks of writing for her are: blue ink, being left-handed, Macbook Air, café, music and walking a lot.
> Her next book from Castle Ever After Series is “When Scot Ties a Knot” which is about a girl who is forced to attend a ball and who started to write letters to a Scot army.


Yay! She’s signing my new two books!

Helpful advises for up and coming writers:
– Always find your voice and consider what is selling for publishing.
– When you feel scary when you’re writing, go with it!


Tessa Dare is very nice in person. She loves to talk and share her experiences. It was the best book signing event that I’ve been so far!


So sweet! Tessa gave freebies to her dearest fans!


These two books are loved!

I can’t wait for her next book and when she’s coming back to the Philippines!

School means three things: Study, make friends or have baon. It is always good to go and be back to school to see new faces, familiar smiles and learn new things.

When I was a student, I was excited to go to my alma mater. I remembered I usually woke up early than my alarm clock just to be the first pupil in our classroom. It was great seeing people walking in the hall ways and piling up each room before the bell rings.

The first time that I saw Anong Klaseng Estudyante Ka in a Facebook page, I instantly became curious. I added the author of the book: Jahric Lago who at that time was promoting for the upcoming release of his book.

When the book was finally available at the leading bookstores, I wasn’t able to buy it immediately because I have other novels to read. I had difficulty in finding the book because it was sold out in the two book shops that I went but I didn’t give up. I was glad that I asked for their SM North Edsa National Bookstore and they had one. Hooray!

AKEK is a compilation of the student’s life and lessons of the writer. There are a few glimpses of his pre-school days, memorable elementary years, incredible high school moments and life-changing college experiences.

Pages that you should check out!
18: Game Show Host- *Cough* Rarely I was in college but I knew someone who is really one!

21: Kopyahan Na- I can relate to one of Jahric’s classmates during his college days.


Photo from

26-27: Bakit Kaya?- Section 1 having bad image with the lower sections, I agree!

30-31: Bakit Kaya?- Students checking hand-outs after examination and asking for scores, who is guilty? Raising my hands now! Ha ha…


Photo from

34: Moonwalker- A lot of my batch mates were like this. I wished they were informed about the quotation: Time is precious.

Quotes to remember!

*High school Farewell*

“When I envy something kasi, I always strive to get that thing I envy of. I always tell myself to be better next time around.”I love the optimism!
*Ang Pagtatapos*

“Mag-aral ng mabuti pero enjoy every moment of it. Oo, you have to enjoy studying. Hindi naman yan paatasan ng grades, kasi if that’s the case you will not enjoy the journey of being a real student. Above all, you need to enjoy studying to gain learning.” – Well said! The best advise for students ever!

Meet the Author!

jahric l

Photo from Jahric’s FB page

Jahric Lago graduated as Cum Laude from Pamantasan ng Lunsod ng Marikina with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management.

He is a self-published author, editor, blogger and a number one fan of Mariah Carey.

Here is the exclusive blog interview!

1. The cover of your book is simple yet catchy. Are you the one who thought about it?

Thank you. Yes, it’s all my idea. I’m actually the one who made the cover art for my book. Dati yung cover ng AKEK that I also used on Wattpad was similar to Bob Ong’s Stainless Longganisa. Idol ko kasi si Bob Ong kaya na-inspire ako sa cover niya. But for the nationwide release, my publisher asked me to change the cover para hindi daw makumpara and there I thought of a chair to be the cover.

2. Did you have difficulty in writing the book? Which chapter/s? What about the chapters you think you haven’t had a hard time to write?

Everything was just easy breezy to write because I love sharing my fun experiences to everyone. I want them to learn from my mistakes while being inspired to become better students.

3. I had a great time reading the Kabanata 3…. Do you have any favorite chapter/s in the book? What about you’re least favorite? And why?

I would not say I got a least favorite chapter, ‘cause, c’mon, it’s my book. Haha! But my most favorite would be the Bonus Kabanata: Graduation Days. Because I know I’m able to inspire a lot of people by that chapter, I received a lot of messages from elementary students to teachers about how inspiring that chapter and my book as a whole.

4. I just read your bonus chapter which is Estudyante Survival Kit. Is ESK comes to your mind right after you finished the book or it was already in your mind while writing the other story?

I actually thought of writing ESK noong nalaman kong pasukan na pala sa University ko dati. Then, I said to myself, why not write another Bonus Kabanata na parang “survival tips” para sa mga estudyanteng papasok sa school. It may be of help or just for fun. I enjoyed writing it. Expect more bonus chapters from me, ‘cause I just love writing new topics for AKEK.

5. I saw your Anong Klaseng Empleyado Ka? Can you tell me more about it. Are you planning to finish it this year and to be published as well?

I’m on the verge of finishing Anong Klaseng Empleyado Ka? aka AKEK2. It’s another book about essays and memoirs of me, but this time, as an employee and also I asked some of my friends to contribute for this book. Kasi hindi pa naman ako mega experienced sa pagtatrabaho. This is another fun book, I promise!

Regarding publishing, I’m not sure if this will be published this year or next year. But if you would ask me, AKEK2 will be published when it’s ready, in God’s time.

6. What are we going to expect next to Jahric Lago?

Expect the unexpected. Haha! Well, I got five English novels that I self-published internationally via Leafless and Smashwords but I also want it to be published here in the Philippines kaya naghahanap pa ako ng publisher for my English novels, ‘yun ang dapat abangan. Pero kung hindi ka na makapaghintay you can read it for free sa Wattpad. Also, maliban sa expected na sequel ng AKEK na Anong Klaseng Empleyado Ka?, meron pa akong bagong book project. Parehas siya ng format ng AKEK, essay/memoir type din but this time ang topic ko naman ay love. Saka ko na irereveal ang title, sa takdang panahon. O abangan niyo sa Facebook ko: baka one day I announce ko na ang title ng new book project ko.

7. Any messages/advices to aspiring writers or to everyone who wants to follow your footsteps?

To everyone who aspires to become a writer, just write. Dahil hindi ka magiging writer kung hindi ka magsusulat. Dream big and never sleep. Get up and word hard for your dreams. And most importantly, pray and trust in Him. Kapag time mo ng mag-shine, ibibigay Niya ‘yun sa ‘yo. Lastly, kung gusto mo pang mahasa sa pagsusulat, I suggest you read my newest masterpiece, 10 Secrets, writing tips ‘yan for everyone na gustong maging writer like me. You can go to: and and read 10 Secrets. Basta when you write, just have fun!

This is a book that everyone should read because we can relate in each chapter, share laughs and remember the best days of our lives.

I can’t wait for AKEK (Anong Klaseng Empleyado Ka) and Jahric’s new novel! I will definitely watch when the two comes out in the leading book store, hopefully soon!

Grab Anong Klaseng Estudyante Ka now for only 150 php!


Yes that’s me! Hihi…

Happy reading everyone!