Summer just ends and going back to school is already on top one’s mind. Yet before you turn back as a regular student you might want to check these books. Hopeless by Colleen Hoover (April) I have just been introduced to Young Adult novel last year and I became an instant fan of the genre.

I’ve been seeing Hopeless for a long time in the leading bookstores and I was glad that a generous angel gave her own copy to me! Hooray! Hopeless is about Sky Linden Davis, a 17 year old girl who enters school for the first time and who met the mysterious guy, Dean Holder who has a reputation. What I like about the story: First page hooks me up immediately.

Sky is not Sky. When you thought that you have a simple and carefree life then suddenly, someone in your past goes back to your present and show something that you didn’t want to remember. I like Sky because she bravely accepts the truth about her real personality and she easily moves forward to everything that happened to her.

I fell in love with Dean Holder since his first appearance in the story. He is not like your typical ‘high school crush’. He is matured for his age and his sweetness is one of a kind that easily captures my heart.

Quotes worth remembering!

How the story ends:

Letting go of the past and embracing the future with open arms is what Dean and Sky impart to me. One of my favourite fictional couples!


This is my favorite book so far for this year! It was difficult for me to drop especially in the most exciting parts of the novel. Watch out why the story is titled Hopeless! Hopefully Colleen Hoover will come here in the Philippines this September; I will give her a hug and bring a banner with Dean Holder’s name!

Dark Fire by Christine Feehan (May)

Carpathian series has been my preferred paranormal romance sequel since I read its first installment which is Dark Prince and Christine Feehan become my all time beloved writer!

It is my first time to feature a book from the series and I’m excited to share the latest novel that I found which is Dark Fire (6th book).

Dark Fire is about Darius Daratrazanoff, the leader of the Carpathian musicians group Dark Troubadours. He was close to being an undead when he met the Tempest ‘Rusti’ Trine who joined the team.

What I like about the story:

The independent and brave auto mechanic Tempest is an unusual protagonist.

She has a psychic ability which she uses in communicating with animals. I like her stubbornness because I can relate to! Most of the time her hard-headedness got her into trouble but nonetheless she still survives!

Look for someone like Darius. Yes he might be a bit scary, possessive and over-protective with his family, most especially his ‘life mate’ but when he falls in love it is truly and deeply.

How the story ends:

Human female transforms into an immortal Carpathian that leads to the hope of every Carpathian men waiting for their life mates and not to be part of undead or vampires.


Christine Feehan never fails to make all her readers happy and satisfied after reading one of her books! I can’t wait to read her latest novel which is Dark Blood.

Always remember when you feel HOPELESS, there is always a DARK FIRE inside you. Be strong and keep the faith!