Most of the times, we think that we can take of our self but then someone comes all along and change our mind.

This is the last bundle for BUQO YA blog tour and my first stop is A Moment Like This by Sue Donymko.



Sometimes you’ll meet your match: at detention, on the badminton court, in a resort hotel in Davao, at a lab, in a foster home, at an epic party. You’ll never know. But always keep your heart ready for that perfect moment. Read these stories and experience the bliss of first love.


Kris Mercado and Noel Abad are trapped in a posh resort hotel in Davao City during a particularly bad flood. After spending almost everyday together, they realize that they are undeniably attracted to each other. But reality bites as usual, and they now have to decide whether to chalk their romance up to forced circumstances or to explore what could be the sweetest love they’ve been looking for…
About the Author

Sue Donymko lives and works in Manila, Philippines. When not writing or working, or working some more, she eats, watches a lot of television, sings — much to the neighbors’ dismay — and reads until she falls asleep.

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A few minutes later, Noel came out wearing shorts and a snug shirt. His legs were quite hairy, and she caught a glimpse of his trim stomach when his t-shirt lifted as he dried his hair. Kris told herself to quit staring or he might think she’s the maniac.

He laid down on the bed, made himself comfortable, and closed his eyes before acknowledging her statement. “Okay, what do you want?” he said tiredly.

“That’s it, what do I want?” she asked incredulously.

He looked at her and raised both eyebrows. “It’s not as if I don’t know what to not do such as not stare at your legs if you wear shorts,” he said innocently, but his eyes held a teasing gleam.

Kris flushed. “Touché. Okay, no staring. No going to each other’s beds. No undressing in front of each other, no leaving dirty clothes on the floor. I don’t want to see your underwear!”

“What makes you think I wear any?” he said, closing his eyes again.

She gaped at him until he started smiling.

He forced himself to sit up and look at her seriously. “I’m really not going to take advantage of you. I know we’re still in our hormonal years, but I do act like a human being ninety percent of the time,” he said.

This time, she was prepared for his teasing. “And ten percent of the time?” she asked lightly.

“That’s when I start scratching my head with my feet, start licking my balls, and howl at the moon,” he said with mock seriousness before laying down on his bed again.

Kris couldn’t help but laugh at that imagery. She caught him smiling just before he fell asleep.

What I like about the story:
Hotel and Flood concept. Who wants to be stranded in a fully booked hotel while there is a storm? Of course no one and this is what Kris and Noel felt. I actually like the setting and the unforeseen event.
Kris the independent girl! I’m seeing myself with this lady and I like every bit of her personality. You go girl!
The heartbroken but caring Noel. You won’t expect to meet a stranger nowadays who will respect you even though you are spending a whole day together inside a hotel room. In case of Noel, he is a true gentleman who might be heart broken but took good care of Kris.

Quote to remember:
Noel to Kris
“I’m going to call you and message you every day until you tell me to stop. Or until you realize that it was real. At least for me.”

How it ends:
I like how they give each other time and space to realize their feelings for each other.

Perk’s rating: 4/5


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