Early this year, I immediately fell in love with Kingsman: Secret Service though I’m not into Mission Impossible and Bourne Identity series kind of thing.
When I saw the movie trailer of Spy, my friend and I instantly wanted to watch it. That’s why it was a blessing in disguise when I got four premiere tickets for FREE!

20th Century Fox held the advanced screening of Spy last May 18 at Glorietta 4, Cinema 3 and it was exclusive to the press and their avid social media followers.

Who’s that?

Meet the CIA AGENTS!
@Susan Cooper


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The desk-bound CIA Analyst who volunteers to go undercover to invade the world of a deadly arms dealer and avert a global disaster. I like how smart, kick-ass, bubbly and hilarious Susan is! It is my first time to see Melissa McCarthy and I love her!
@Rick Ford

The top agent and burned operative who is in between an ally and enemy. Another first seeing Jason Statham (I’m not really an action movie enthusiast!) and I must say that though I don’t understand some of his lines (part of his character); he flawlessly nailed his punch lines.
@Bradley Fine

The smooth and James Bond style partner of Susan whom she secretly in love with. Jude Law suits the character so well that I just stared at him whenever he was in the scene.

miranda h 2

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Susan’s best friend and fellow analyst who is ultra naive and asthmatic became her partner when she became a field CIA agent. Miranda Hart is a breath of fresh air!

This handsy Italian operative who helped Susan in some of his undercover persona added the comedy spice in the movie. Peter Serafinowicz is a perfect choice!

Here comes the Villains!
*Rayna Boyanov

The sophisticated Bulgarian arms dealer who possess the nuclear bomb. She is very villainous and hates people touching her curly hair. I’ve never seen Rose Byrne as an antagonist and I must say she is an effective villain who totally can you laugh!
*De Luca

The buyer who looked rich and elegant yet his face are oily most of the time. Bobby Cannavale evil strike is a quite remarkable.

I loved that from the beginning that it made the audience in a good mood already. The action and comedy combination of this film is totally superb! The (deadly) gadgets and undercover personalities were highly intelligent. Some scenes were a bit exaggerated but I’m still praised that they stuck in just making us laugh all through out.

My verdict:

Yes I’m going to watch it again! This movie is a great way to end your bad day especially it would take you to the beautiful and magnificent cities in Europe!

Perksbewithyou’s rating: 10/10

Today is the first day of screening of Spy and you do not definitely miss to catch it in your favorite cinema houses!