When you thought that you are a wallflower and a shadow of someone all along when in fact, you are not.

My last stop for Taking Chances bundle is  the beautifully written After the Moment by Six de los Reyes.


Whether looking for closure, proving their worth, or wondering what happens after a moonlit night, the characters from these stories will invite you to take a chance for love. Will they find what they’re looking for? Or will their hearts get broken? Step into their shoes and find out.
Under the most normal of circumstances, Aria de Luna could never imagine herself kissing the boy she has always considered to be miles and miles out of her league. She’s known as their year’s resident emo-girl and she plays the part flawlessly with her violet hair, scuffed boots, and her alleged angst from living under the shadow of her over-achieving, perfect, older sister. Meanwhile, Kristoffer Li is living the perfect life. He’s popular, next year’s captain of the basketball team, attractive, if maybe a little too frowny for people’s liking, but he looks very pretty on a chocolate-milk drink carton.
So it is only under the most unusual circumstance that Kris shows up at the Arts and Culture Festival Aria has been looking forward to all year. But does a morning of awkward conversations, an afternoon of provoking discussions, and a moment under the moonlight really change three years of oblivious coexistence? Or will everything go back to the way it was after the moment?
About the Author
Six de los Reyes has been reading and making up stories for as far as she can remember. In fifth grade, she learned to wield dragons and phoenixes through written word. Her day job has absolutely nothing to do with creative writing, and she wishes it did.
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This just in: the world is about to end, and aliens have colonized human hosts.

Or maybe not, but it seems like a plausible explanation for the recent turn of events. Otherwise, how else am I supposed to justify kissing Kristoffer Li under the moonlight?

To fully appreciate the insanity of this, you must first understand that Kris Li is miles and miles totally out of my league. He’s the school’s basketball star and I’m the local class freak. Everyone knows his name from fame, and my name is thrown around in infamy. He’s shiny white jerseys and I’m black hoodies. You get the picture. For three years we’ve peacefully coexisted without ever once having to interact, and yet, here we are.

Maybe there are some moments in life that simply defy logic and explanation, and no matter how you try to put things into perspective, they refuse to fit like the way pieces of a jigsaw puzzle should. That moment, that entire day, is one of them. A moment that simply does not exist unless in some alternate universe beyond our realm of logic and understanding. A moment that could only ever exist in books, and in songs, something very nearly alive and with a sentience of its own.

I still can’t believe it now, hence the matter of the world falling apart and aliens invading the Earth. But it happened anyway, despite my attempts to rationalize the situation and find something to blame for it. Everything happened the way it shouldn’t, and no, I’m not okay thank you very much.

Sometimes, I just really don’t understand the way the universe works.

What I like about the story:
Aria the artsy one.  She’s not your typical protagonist and I like how unique she is! You go girl!
Throwback College life. No extravagant setting, just a school place but it let me remembered my student days: study, grades, batch mates and crushes! Sorry, I have to say this: Ang lakas maka-throwback!
Kris: The huge basketball player and… It is more than what you could see. I’ve been reading a lot of stories about ‘sporty’ and ‘boastful’ love interest yet I have to separate Kris Li! Okay, just saying his name makes me giddy already! You have to figure out why.
Conflict within their selves.  There is more than the ‘basketball meet the emo girl’. It is interesting to know more about the what ‘kept them apart’ for three years but ‘let them closer’ in just 24 hours!
~A statement that worth to remember~
Page 231:

How did one say goodbye when you didn’t exactly begin with hello? And goodbye probably wasn’t even the right word to say here.

How it ends:
To be continued… An open-ended story that you want to ask for more! When I finished reading the story, I really freaked out! I will wait for the full length novel that will be out next summer!
Perk’s rating: 5.5/5  (I have to rate it more than perfect because I’m so in love with Aria-Kris aka ArKris!)
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