According to a quote, it is better to be late than never.  Is it late to forgive and forget about someone’s pain? It is late to give someone’s another chance?

In Never Too Late by Jen C. Suguitan, my second stop for Taking Chances Bundle the answer is a big no.

Whether looking for closure, proving their worth, or wondering what happens after a moonlit night, the characters from these stories will invite you to take a chance for love. Will they find what they’re looking for? Or will their hearts get broken? Step into their shoes and find out.
When Cass goes to a trip to Corregidor, she thinks that it’s the key to finding closure over her sister’s death. But things change when she gets mixed up with the wrong tour group where she meets Noah, a budding filmmaker and photographer who wants to relive his grandfather’s war stories through the tour.
As they explore the historic island together, will Cass and Noah find what they are looking for? Or will they find something more, like a chance to fall in love, too?
About the Author
Jen C. Suguitan is a PR practitioner by day and a storyteller by night. Her love affair with words and letters led to a Journalism degree and stories cramped in her hard drive that the world has yet to see. She started writing professionally for a local broadsheet when she was seventeen, and she doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. When she’s not writing, she’s probably thinking of what to write about next.

Chapter 1: 8:03 AM, Manila to Corregidor

[4:30 AM:] Wake up!!! 7am sharp @Soleil Tours terminal! DON’T BE LATE THIS TIME!!!
[6:45 AM:] I am almost there. Where are you? Why aren’t you answering my calls?!?!
[7:01 AM:] YOU ARE LATE!! Where are you, Cass?
[7:15 AM:] Called Daisy, she isn’t picking up. Where are you, Cass?!
[7:16 AM:] I’m calling mom. You are soooo screwed.
[7:18 AM:] Ferry’s leaving at 8. Where the hell ARE YOUUUU?!
[7:21 AM:] This isn’t funny. You can’t make the ferry WAIT for YOU.
[7:36 AM:] Okay, talked to the tour staff, we’re leaving EXACTLY at 8. Where are you?
[7:48 AM:] Acknowledging that you got my messages would be NICE, Cass.
[7:53 AM:] This is why mom and dad never should’ve trusted you.
[7:57 AM:] Three minutes. Corregidor will still be fun without you. #sorrynotsorry

I scrolled past my sister’s other pesky messages as I handed my ticket stub to the woman behind the check-in counter. I only replied to Anj, my sister, once and that was to tell her that I was five minutes away from the terminal. Knowing Anj, I’d probably get a lecture for not checking my phone’s battery level before leaving. But it was Anj’s constant nagging that distracted me before from my preparations for the trip. Besides, my phone wouldn’t die on me if she hadn’t called me twelve times in a span of twenty minutes.

What I like about the story:
Cass as the late comer. I’m a late comer myself and I can relate how difficult to wake up very early. Props with us Cassidy!
Corregidor is a picturesque place. I never been to the historical place yet I’ve been hearing about the tower and the beautiful sunset you can see. This story makes me travel and see the whole place. I love how the writer incorporated every amazing land marks as her chapters in the story. It makes me wanna go to Corregidor now and explore the place!
The cool guy: Noah. If you are stuck in a wrong place at the wrong time, who can’t say no to a handsome and hot stranger who sit beside you? Lucky Cass to met Noah! I like how typical Noah is. He is the perfect example of a stranger which you can pour your heart out.
Everyone has a reason.  At the start of the story, I was wondering what is Noah’s reason for the trip at Corregidor. When I found out, I understand that Noah’s rationale might be lame compare to Cass but it somehow changed his life and perspective.
~A statement that worth to remember~
From Noah (page 117) : “That you’re hurting because you loved too much, and you
can never love too much, Cass. It’s okay to hurt, but you can’t stay that way forever. I don’t think that your sister would want to see you like that. It’s okay to lose yourself sometimes, but you should find it again. Before it’s too late. Before you’ve lost too much and you can’t get it back.” Well said!

How it ends:

Remember it is never to late to forgive yourself and someone who hurt you and it is never to late to let yourself love one another.

Perk’s rating: 5/5

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