I’ve been seeing BUQO Young Adult blog tour since last year but this is the first time that I joined. I was elated and happy when I signed up for the book blog tour.


For the first timer like me, BUQO YA have a couple of bundles with different stories written by Filipino authors. You may choose which story/stories do you prefer to read. It will be awesome if you able to read all of the stories!

The first stop is the Taking Chances Bundle where the story that captured most of my attention is Portrait of Jade by Justine Camacho-Tajonera.

Whether looking for closure, proving their worth, or wondering what happens after a moonlit night, the characters from these stories will invite you to take a chance for love. Will they find what they’re looking for? Or will their hearts get broken? Step into their shoes and find out.
Jade Alverio is dying to get to summer art camp in Baguio, far away from her demanding parents and her ultra-perfect sister, Ruby. She thinks it will be a haven of likeminded spirits until she gets her first critique from Alexander Santamaria III, who seems to have converted all female camp members into his groupies.
Things get worse when she’s paired up with him on a major project. Will she survive dream-turned-nightmare art camp, or will she go running back home, the very place she wanted to escape in the first place?
About the Author
Justine Camacho-Tajonera was born and grew up in Cebu City, Philippines. Despite starting a corporate career in telecommunications, she pursued an M.A. in Literary and Cultural Studies to keep her close to her first loves: reading and writing.
Her poetry has been published in several anthologies and local publications and she has published two books: Artemis Lets Go, a novella, and Gift, her first collection of poetry. She maintains a poetry blog, Claiming Alexandria.
She works full time at a corporate job promoting e-reading in the Philippines, is married, and has two children.
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“I’m the semiprecious stone in the family,” Jade thought as he climbed up into the bus. She was still affected by the car ride conversation she’d had with her dad, who had interrogated her on the courses she planned to take when she went to college.

“Dad, I don’t know, okay?” She looked straight ahead.

“Jade, why didn’t you start thinking about this earlier? Ruby was gunning for business management as early as her junior year of high school.”

“I’m not Ruby.”

“I know. We’ve been over that. But it wouldn’t hurt you to prepare for college early, right?”

By that point, Jade had already zoned out. Any mention of Ruby tended to make her hear white noise.

She adjusted her black-rimmed glasses as she looked for a good seat. It looked like she was the first one on the bus. That was because her dad liked to over prepare. It was a good thing, really. She decided to move to the back of the bus. That way, she could observe everyone coming in without being conspicuous. Or she could just ignore them. She was good at that. She chose a spot by the window. She was looking forward to enjoying the view. She settled into her seat and took out her headphones and portable neck pillow. She had a whole playlist picked out. She was ready to chill out and get some snooze time, especially because she’d woken up so early.

What I like about the story:

I’m not artistic. That’s why when I found something about art like drawing and painting, I easily look into it.

I can relate to Jade. I’m like the semi-precious gem in the family and my parents don’t usually recognize my talent especially when I was in high school and college.

I’m being introduce with art. I like the concept of art camp (wish I can join one), art collaboration and the way paintings and one’s art are being critique. This story opened up my mind that the mind of every artist is very mysterious and interesting.

Alex is not your ordinary male protagonist. There is a deepness in his character which I hope you’ll also find out when you read it!

Believe in your dream. This story reminds us to always hold on what our heart really desires no matter what people say because in the end, if you will be able to achieve it nothing else matters.

How it ends:

I love the recognition from the family and the surprise at the end. It was not what I expected but I was somehow satisfied with the ending.

Perk’s rating: 4.5/5 

What is the next story that I’ll be reviewing for the blog tour?

You’ll have to visit my blog tomorrow but you can check out the poster for more information!

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