This is a bit late post of mine that’s why I’m reviewing two books that you surely enjoy to bring to the beach while you are in vacation or just relaxing while sipping your favorite drink while the sun is scorching hot!

The Witness by Nora Roberts (February)

the witness

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I think everyone is familiar with the popular romance novelist. Whenever I visit bookshops, I can easily spot her books from the array of shelves.

When I saw her 200th novel (which was originally priced as 649 php and it was 80% off at Powerbooks), I immediately bought it! I remembered the first book that I read was Irish Hearts which I borrowed from my friend and I instantly fall in love with her writing style! I owned few books from her namely: Sacred Sins, One Summer and Her Mother’s Keeper.

The Witness is about Elizabeth Fitch/Abigail Lowery is a 16 year old girl who attested a killing that changed her life forever.

What I like about the story:

It is rare to read female protagonist who is fearless.

I like Elizabeth because she is not a damsel-in-distress. She is intelligent, mysterious and brave. Though she went into hiding for most of her life because she is scared to be found by the Russian mob, she still destroyed the group by exposing their internet scams with the help of new technology.

At first I was not into Brooks Gleason because I compared him to a character that I read from a previous book. Yet, I fell in love with the hunk cop like Abigail as the story progresses. His persistence and curiosity wins my heart!

How it ends:

I’m very particular with the ending. I was satisfied on how Nora Robert’s finished the novel, not the typical one and it answered all the questions on my mind.
My favorite Nora Robert’s so far! If you haven’t read any of her stories, The Witness is a great start!
Only A Kiss by Ines Bautista-Yao (March)

Honestly, I’m not a fan of stories about best friend who become a couple. That’s why when I read the synopsis of Only A Kiss, I frowned. I might not enjoy this but there is no harm in trying especially if the author of the book was the former editor-in- chief of the kid’s magazine that I truly loved when I was in high school.

When I asked for a copy at NBS Glorietta 1 and SM Mall of Asia last February, it was already sold out. Yet I didn’t lose hope and I finally purchased one at SM Megamall. The book is only 195 php!

Only A Kiss is about Katie who was nine years old when she experienced her first kiss with her best friend!

What I like about the story:


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Every one can relate. Katie’s confusion about love, wedding and first kiss is part of every teenager’s life. It was funny that when she was kid, she was worried of what would happen to Chris if she is going to marry her long time crush Ethan.

The change of Point of View is incredible. I am “Anti-Iris and Anti-Andrew” since they’ve been introduced. I knew right away that these two were going to be the antagonists between the Katie and Chris.

How it ends:


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I cried. It was in the part of the ‘confession’ which was beautifully written. I loved how they revealed their feelings to each other especially the sketches had been part of it. Kudos to that Miss Ines!
Only A Kiss is the first book that I enjoyed reading though it is about best friends who turn into lovers. I will forever cherish this lovely and unforgettable story!