When I saw a movie trailer last year that Disney will be going to produce a live action film of one of the famous fairy tales, Cinderella, I was excited! I watched the animated film in VHS several times and it had been part of my childhood days.

Luckily, I won VIP tickets for the block screening last March 12 at Robinson’s Galleria. I tagged along a good friend of mine who experienced it for the first time and she was overwhelmed with the free food and reserved seats.


Yes, you can watch a snippet of Frozen called Frozen Fever which was incredibly done!

Let me tell you three things that I truly enjoyed with the Cinderella Movie 2015!
1. Great choice of Characters

Lily James as Cinderella was a perfect decision! Her acting as the poor and young servant is very convincing and the majestic and elegant princess suits her well.


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If all Prince Charming/ Kit look like Richard Madden, ladies will immediately fall in love with his sweetness and cuteness.

prince kit

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Cath Blanchett as the stepmother Lady Tremaine was a superb preference. I savored how devilish she scrutinized Cinderella and how you can easily hate her for being too evil. Drizella (Sophie McShera) and Anastasia (Holliday Grainger) heightened the wickedness in the movie. I liked that the two stepsisters were identical and very comical!


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Who said Fairy Godmother should be old? Helena Bonham Carter gave a refreshing demeanor with the magical character plus her costume was exquisite!


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2. Sizzling Chemistry!


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I think Cinderella was too simple for Prince Charming that was my comment when I first saw the film trailer. I quite worried that I would be disappointed with the two actors especially Lily James. But alas! The first time that they met which was the horse back riding scene in the forest, I was already giggling! The two instantly fell in love which each other with their smart conversations. Cinderella might not be a born princess but the way she talked, moved and danced, she was like a daughter of a noble person. And it was good that after the ball dance, Kit recalled that Cinderella was the lady that he met during their hunt.

3. Remarkable Twists and Storyline
If you are familiar with the tale, there is not much change but there were additional angles and plot. I really remember the noisy rats particularly Gus who was with the three other helpful rats, the cute goose who became the coachman and the hilarious lizards who became footmen.


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Spoilers alert! Grand Duke was another villain you should look forward to. Another one, Lady Tremaine did not throw the glass slippers, she smashed it instead.


I loved how the story became detailed and they highlighted each of the characters. It was funny from the beginning until the end and I don’t think there was boring part of the movie. Cinderella live action film makes me wants to fall in love right now and have my very own Kit! I cannot wait for the live action fantasy of Beauty and the Beast in 2016!

final scene

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Perksbewithyourating: 9/10