I’ve been inviting my sister for a long time already that we try a restaurant along Mother Ignacia . I won GC’s from a fellow blogger and it had been with me for months. We decided to have a lunch and before we went to Leann’s Tea House, I made a reservation a few days before. Luckily, we were the only customers at the time. Interior 1.1 The prompt waiter led us to the 2nd floor and I immediately saw the RESERVED sign for us. We were very hungry that we immediately ordered our food. Interior 2.1Interior 3.1 I love the solemnity and cleanliness of the place, the chairs and table are refreshing to the eyes and ambiance of the restaurant is really inviting. They gave us their menu as soon as we seated. I asked my sister what she wanted to eat. We ordered Jap chae, Omu Rice and Samg Yeop Sal as our meal and I chose Acapulco Breeze for my drinks while my sister settled for Mango Shake.


Mango Shake’s Price: 120 php

As we waited for our foods to come, they gave us corn tea which I pleasurably sipping and side dishes (Korean Salad, kim chi, seasoned bean sprouts and potato salad). Side dish 1side dish again 2 I’m not a fan of Potato Salad but I greatly enjoyed the Leann’s Tea House Potato Salad. Jap Chae was the fist one to serve to us. I seriously enjoyed Japchae but Leann’s Japchae made me love the dish even more.

japchae 1

Price: 210 php

The size and the taste of the Omurice overwhelmed because it was very affordable and delicious. My sister and I easily got full because of it but there was still Samg Yeop Sal to look forward to.

omu rice 1

Price: 180 php

Kuya was the one who cooked the meat for our Samg Yeop Sal.

samyeopsal 1

Price: 240 php

When it was put in our table, I had to teach my sister on how to prepare and eat the dish. I didn’t know that it was her first time to try! I hoped I taught her the right way. The Acapulco Breeze is definitely a very refreshing drink.The banana and vanilla dominated on my taste buds and I truly liked it.

acapulco 1.1

Price: 130 php

It was a short but sweet Korean experience that my sister and I would happily to go back again Leann’s Tea House. Yes we are going to visit you again!

Photos credited to my sister’s iPhone. 🙂

Leann’s Tea House

105-R Mother Ignacia Ave., (near Tomas Morato) South Triangle, Quezon City

Contact number: 411 8902