I’m not a huge fan of action movies. So far I’ve only seen three-five action packed films which I seldom finish watching until the end.
When a friend of mine saw the trailer of Kingsman, he was very eager to see it. I told him that I will try to get advanced screening tickets. Luckily, my favorite radio station will be having a premier of the Kingsman the Secret Service and it is going to be shown in IMAX! How cool is that right?

It was my first time in an IMAX theatre (sorry but I can help to be extra giddy and happy) and the experience was surreal. The film showing was held last February 17 at IMAX, 5th floor Fashion Hall SM Megamall.
How was the movie? Did I like it? Before my verdict, let me tell you what you will expect with this spy action comedy packed film.

Meet the Kingsman agents:
a) Colin Firth aka “Galahad” /Harry Hart

I’ve been hearing superb things about him especially when he won from the famous
King’s Speech but this is the first that I watched his eminent acting.

He played Harry Hart, the only living agent under the Kingsman Secret Service. He gave the medallion to Eggsy, the son of the one of the agents who saved him during a secret mission. After 17 years, he found Eggsy when he asked for help. He was the one who believed with Eggsy’s abilities and intelligence, the perfect characteristics to be the replacement of Lancelot, one of the agents who recently killed.

b) Taron Egerton aka “Eggsy”/ Gary Unwin

This guy is the next British young actor to look forward to. He is handsome and at the same time hot (can’t help but say it).

A brat who wanted to have a good life but with a hopeless mother and a ruthless stepfather, he became rebellious and exposed with drugs and thievery. When Eggsy was been arrested, he was desperate to be out so he called the numbers at the back of the medal. Harry, the secret agent came and introduced to the Kingsman agency. He went under incredible trainings and tests yet in the end he was not chosen to be Lancelot’s replacement. However, he was the one who saved the world from a dark ploy.

c.) Mark Strong as Merlin


Photo from pop-verse.com

I adore this guy! His acting as Merlin is flawless!

He is a Senior Kingsman who supervised the training of the replacement of Lancelot. He is tough but he can be funny and he is good in computer and security system.

d.) Michael Caine aka “Arthur” /Chester King

mic c

Photo from dailymailuk.com

I always recall this man as Batman’s butler yet he has an interesting character as the head of Kingsman. Too bad at end, he was provoked and decided to be part of the evil plan.

e.) Sophie Cookson as Roxy


Photo from blogs.indiewire.com

First time to see this actress and I enjoy watching her as Roxy who’s afraid of heights yet she conquered it after she was sent off to space for a very special mission.

Here comes the Bad ass Villains…
1. Samuel L. Jackson as Richmond Valentine
Who doesn’t know this versatile actor? From Mace Windu of Star Wars series to the popular Nick Fury of the Avengers franchise, this man proves that he is still one of the most sought Hollywood actors.


Photo from whatculture.com

An internet billionaire who give-away free sim cards and allowed free internet access worldwide yet behind his ‘good intention’ to mankind, he actually hated humanity and he planned to eliminate the people thru a chip that once implanted and activated can kill a person.

2. Sofia Boutella as Gazelle

She is a scary assassin to challenge with. The serious semblance and the deadly prosthetic legs made her a valuable asset to Valentine.

How the story goes…

I’m warning you this is not another James Bond or Bourne Identity type of movie. The story was based from the comic book The Secret Service. I appreciated how they made it not too gore, violent and bloody. The concept of the bomb explosion when the ‘rich and famous’ people died which was not too loud but like colorful fireworks was cool! The trainings which they prepared for the contestants were amazing. Watch out for the ‘survival water pressure’ test and ‘shooting the dog’ final exam.

My verdict:

When I went out of the cinema I couldn’t help but utter, “Seriously, that is my favorite action film ever!” I remembered vaguely that I had the same feeling after I saw Guardians of the Galaxy last year.

The villainous plot might be shallow for me yet I love the story, the characters and the ending.

Good news: Yes there is going to be a sequel! Crossing my fingers that it will happen soon!

Perksbewithyou’s rating: 10/10

Kingsman the Secret Service is shown to the leading theaters and I promise you that it will never fail your high expectations! Watch it now!