Only fools believe in fairy tales. One of the remarkable lines that you will hear when you watch Into The Woods.


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The movie was one of my most anticipated to see since last year. I was a bit sad when the showing had been postponed because of the film fest. Nonetheless, it was a great feeling that Into the Woods was the first advanced movie screening that I’ve seen.

The premiere happened last January 27, 7:30 pm at Greenbelt Cinema 3. Thank you to RX 93.1 for the invites! The musical movie is already showing and for those who haven’t seen it yet, let me share to you, what you should look forward to!
->The Baker and His Wife

The most unpopular fairytale characters. The couple longed for a child and they will do anything just to have one. I like James Corden as the baker but I’m not quite convinced with Emily Blunt as the wife though her voice while singing is impressive.

-> Cinderella and Her Prince Charming

Same old tale? Oh oh, probably not. 3 days of dance, a not so charming Prince and not love at first sight, this is a modern take of one of the most coveted fairy tale princesses. I certainly agree that Anna Kendrick plays the role perfectly and flawlessly. Chris Pine who? Yes he is the very handsome and hot Prince Charming! First time to hear him singing and he nailed it!

->Little Red Riding Hood together with Jack and the Beanstalk


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No couple alert for these two cute kids. I’m so glad that they stick with the original stories. I enjoyed a lot the fierce version of Little Red Riding Hood! Kudos to the lovely Lilla Crawford! On the other hand, Daniel Huttlestone’s portrayal as Jack is exactly what I was hoping for.

->Rapunzel and Her Prince

The least highlighted characters for me. Mackenzie Mauzy made Rapunzel an alluring and seductive woman in the tower and it was refreshing to see a Prince who is charming and at the same time funny, Billy Magnussen’s antics was truly hilarious!

-> The Big Bad Wolf


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It was such a short appearance but Johnny Depp’s singing and acting made a huge impact. I’m always a fan of him yet I zeal him even more with his wolfish grin and *cough* naughty vocals.
-> The Witch

I cannot think of anyone who is adept for the Witch other than Meryl Streep. Superb and convincing acting plus beautiful singing voice, she truly deserves the nomination as Best Actress. The blue hair and costume suits her very well!


Into the Woods Film

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If you are familiar with the fairy tales and you know it by heart, you will still be surprise with how the story goes. It started with a curse, followed by adventures and ended with a not so happily ever after to everyone. The way the stories connected and how it focused in one certain place was amazing.



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A bittersweet ending for most of the characters, some achieved what their heart desires while others learned about reality and dream in a hard way. Watch out for a surprising ‘short’ affair and a ‘supposed’ to have relationship between two unlikely protagonists.
My Verdict:
It is a musical movie and somehow while watching the film, I couldn’t stop myself from comparing it to Les Miserable. It actually over the top my expectations though I was disappointed with some scenes, most especially the finale. However, I still recommend Into the Woods to your movie bucket list this month.

Perksbewithyou’s rating: 8.5/10