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Support our own. I’m guilty of that statement because I’m not very supportive with our own products, music and celebrities. I watched concerts, listened to talks and seminars and for the first time I was able to attend a book signing event.
When I saw at Facebook that one of the most popular PSI-COM and best selling writers, Marcelo Santos III has a new book and will launch it this February, I was excited.
I haven’t n read one of his two books: Para sa Hopeless Romantic and Para sa Broken-Hearted but I saw great reviews about it. The 3rd book: Mahal Mo Siya, Mahal Ka Ba? was launched last February 7 but because I had an early commitment, I wasn’t able to attend it on National Book Store in SM Manila.
There was a book signing at SM North Edsa which was nearer in my place but because of a conflict in the schedule, unfortunately, I hadn’t attend it as well. It was in SM Mall of Asia last February 22, 1:30 pm that I finally had the opportunity to be part of the event.
I didn’t know if I was ecstatic or I didn’t want to be late but somehow, I arrived at NBS MOA, 10:30 in the morning. I was just then informed that the registration would start by 12 noon and the actual meet and greet will happen by 1:30 pm. Boo! That means I have to wait for two hours!

Exactly 12 in the afternoon, I went to the registration table and I got the number 17!


Yes! I was not in the first 100.
When Marcelo went to the stage, I couldn’t contain my happiness. Okay this is my very first time to attend an event for a Filipino book and a guy writer will going to sign it! (If you are following my blog, you probably read that most of the book events that I attended were women novelists.) 🙂

Before the actual meet and greet, the lively host Mark of PSI-COM had a little bit of interview. Two girls asked for love advices while yours truly had the courage to inquire about this:

Me: “Do you have a new book coming? What is the concept of it?”
He answered: “Nice question. May dalawa akong iniisip at pinagpipilian ko pa rin kong anong ilalabas ko.” The crowd excitedly cheered. “Yung una #MoveOn, tungkol siya sa mg kuwento sa pagmo-move on parang compilation din siya. Yung isa, yung huling parte ng trilogy, Para sa True Love. Isa dun sa character ng Para sa Broken Hearted ang kinuha ko para maging bida ng Para sa True Love.”

Hmm sounds exhilirating right?
After the question and answer portion, Kuya Mark then requested for the audience to say messages to Marcelo.


Before the actual meet and greet of yours truly with her *new crush*! Hihi… Let me share to you my favorite parts and quotes from Mahal Mo Siya, Mahal Ka Ba?

  • Dear Crush I exist
    Crush lang. No expectations. Crush lang yan, malayo yan sa bituka.
  • Ano ba talaga, mga ate at kuya?
    -You only live once. Part talaga ng “Search for the One” ang masaktan at magbakasakali.
  • Sorry naman, tanga lang
    -Sabi sa akin ng katrabaho ko noon, tatlong beses lang daw tayong pwedeng maging tanga sa pag-ibig kada taon. Una, yung magmamahal ka ng taong magaling lang sa salita pero iba na sa gawa. Pangalawa, yung papatawarin mo pa rin siya kahit ilang beses ka na niyang nasaktan. At pangatlo, yung umasa ka na namang magbabago siya kahit alam mo namang hindi na.
  • Bayani (My favorite book section!)
    -Na-realize ko na ang buhok pala ni Jose Rizal ay parang love ng isang taong bayani sa pag-big, one sided.
  • Best seller sa katangahan
    Minsan may mga nangyayari sa libro ng buhay natin na pang-best seller sa katangahan. Pero darating ang araw na pagtatawanan na lang natin yung mga katangahang iyon at di na uulitin pa.
  • Siopao ka ba?
    -That moment para kang siopao. Bino BOLA ka lang, Asadong-ASAdo ka naman.
  • Sales talk na May Hugot (Nice concept! Nakakaaliw!)
    -Yung mga taong deserving maging owner ng puso mo. Kahit na second hand na lang yan, brand new pa rin yung turing niya sa yo.
  • Meeting with Kupido and Tadhana (Very touchy!)

“Walang lalaking masasabing paasa kung walang babaeng masyadong assumera.

“Minsan ka nang naging tanga. Huwag mo nang ulitin pa. Kotang-kota ka na.(Well said!)
“Naniniwala ako na may schedule ang love life ng tao. Kaya siguro nagkahiwalay kami dahil may isang nakalaan sa akin na makikilala ko balang-araw.” (This one is perfect for me!)

When my number was called for the M & G, I was elated and I even stuttered when I asked a request from Marcelo. Thank goodness he was such a humble and very nice guy.


I was extremely happy after the book signing and I’m sharing it with you by a little give-away!

A signed Para Sa Hopeless Romantic book plus a beautiful and hand-crafted violet book mark from Julia’s Closet are up for grabs!

book mark

Photo from Julia’s Closet


Perfect to read it first before you watch the movie on March 11!

How to win?
Just follow all the tasks on the rafflecopter here:

Terms and Conditions:
+ Open to Metro Manila residents only who can meet me on March 9 or 10 at Trinoma, North Edsa/Araneta Center Cubao/SM Megamall. Meet-up only no shipment because I want to give it to you personally and have photo op.

+ I’ll be choosing the winner with the best answer on the blog post question so make sure to follow all the tasks and don’t skip the ‘leave a blog comment’ part or else your entry is going to be invalid!
+Contest starts February 28 and ends on March 7. I’m going to announce the winner on the morning of March 8. Winner must send me an email on or before 10 in the evening of March 8.
+ This is give-away is not sponsored by National Bookstore or Julia’s Closet.

Thank you and good luck!


I’m not a huge fan of action movies. So far I’ve only seen three-five action packed films which I seldom finish watching until the end.
When a friend of mine saw the trailer of Kingsman, he was very eager to see it. I told him that I will try to get advanced screening tickets. Luckily, my favorite radio station will be having a premier of the Kingsman the Secret Service and it is going to be shown in IMAX! How cool is that right?

It was my first time in an IMAX theatre (sorry but I can help to be extra giddy and happy) and the experience was surreal. The film showing was held last February 17 at IMAX, 5th floor Fashion Hall SM Megamall.
How was the movie? Did I like it? Before my verdict, let me tell you what you will expect with this spy action comedy packed film.

Meet the Kingsman agents:
a) Colin Firth aka “Galahad” /Harry Hart

I’ve been hearing superb things about him especially when he won from the famous
King’s Speech but this is the first that I watched his eminent acting.

He played Harry Hart, the only living agent under the Kingsman Secret Service. He gave the medallion to Eggsy, the son of the one of the agents who saved him during a secret mission. After 17 years, he found Eggsy when he asked for help. He was the one who believed with Eggsy’s abilities and intelligence, the perfect characteristics to be the replacement of Lancelot, one of the agents who recently killed.

b) Taron Egerton aka “Eggsy”/ Gary Unwin

This guy is the next British young actor to look forward to. He is handsome and at the same time hot (can’t help but say it).

A brat who wanted to have a good life but with a hopeless mother and a ruthless stepfather, he became rebellious and exposed with drugs and thievery. When Eggsy was been arrested, he was desperate to be out so he called the numbers at the back of the medal. Harry, the secret agent came and introduced to the Kingsman agency. He went under incredible trainings and tests yet in the end he was not chosen to be Lancelot’s replacement. However, he was the one who saved the world from a dark ploy.

c.) Mark Strong as Merlin


Photo from

I adore this guy! His acting as Merlin is flawless!

He is a Senior Kingsman who supervised the training of the replacement of Lancelot. He is tough but he can be funny and he is good in computer and security system.

d.) Michael Caine aka “Arthur” /Chester King

mic c

Photo from

I always recall this man as Batman’s butler yet he has an interesting character as the head of Kingsman. Too bad at end, he was provoked and decided to be part of the evil plan.

e.) Sophie Cookson as Roxy

Photo from

First time to see this actress and I enjoy watching her as Roxy who’s afraid of heights yet she conquered it after she was sent off to space for a very special mission.

Here comes the Bad ass Villains…
1. Samuel L. Jackson as Richmond Valentine
Who doesn’t know this versatile actor? From Mace Windu of Star Wars series to the popular Nick Fury of the Avengers franchise, this man proves that he is still one of the most sought Hollywood actors.


Photo from

An internet billionaire who give-away free sim cards and allowed free internet access worldwide yet behind his ‘good intention’ to mankind, he actually hated humanity and he planned to eliminate the people thru a chip that once implanted and activated can kill a person.

2. Sofia Boutella as Gazelle

She is a scary assassin to challenge with. The serious semblance and the deadly prosthetic legs made her a valuable asset to Valentine.

How the story goes…

I’m warning you this is not another James Bond or Bourne Identity type of movie. The story was based from the comic book The Secret Service. I appreciated how they made it not too gore, violent and bloody. The concept of the bomb explosion when the ‘rich and famous’ people died which was not too loud but like colorful fireworks was cool! The trainings which they prepared for the contestants were amazing. Watch out for the ‘survival water pressure’ test and ‘shooting the dog’ final exam.

My verdict:

When I went out of the cinema I couldn’t help but utter, “Seriously, that is my favorite action film ever!” I remembered vaguely that I had the same feeling after I saw Guardians of the Galaxy last year.

The villainous plot might be shallow for me yet I love the story, the characters and the ending.

Good news: Yes there is going to be a sequel! Crossing my fingers that it will happen soon!

Perksbewithyou’s rating: 10/10

Kingsman the Secret Service is shown to the leading theaters and I promise you that it will never fail your high expectations! Watch it now!

How did you spend the big red day?

Me? I spent it happily with the things I love though I’m single and dateless.

I got so lucky to win the Yoshoku Valentine’s Treat from Tokyo Bubble Tea Cafe. It is the latest promo that is perfect for the Heart’s Day!

Tokyo Bubble Tea

Photo from Tokyo Bubble Tea’s Facebook fan page

It was my good friend’s birthday a few days ago and I decided to treat him in Tokyo Bubble Tea Cafe, Trinoma. We arrived lunch time and we were welcome with their friendly staffs.

The Yoshoku Valentine’s treat is consists of  2 Yoshoku Big Plates of your choice , 4 Special Maki, 2 Miso Soup and 2 Tokyo Bubble Tea of choice.

I picked their best seller Apple Glazed Grilled Porkchop. The pork chop and apple sauce together was so heavenly!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMeanwhile, my friend chose Aloha Sesame Sauce Glazed Salmon. I’m not a fan of this fish (not because it is expensive) but I loved the combination of mashed potato and the salmon!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor our medium size milk teas, I chose the Royal Milk tea while my friend picked the Honey Dew Milk tea.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe miso soup and the special maki with the delicious crab crumbs on top completed our lunch!


We couldn’t resist to add one of their premium cakes, the Alpine Strawberry (105php) to end our Yoshoku Valentine’s treat.


And before we left, they gave us two wonderful and limited shirts! Hooray!


After our delectable lunch, my friend and I parted our ways. I stayed at the mall and visited my favorite place… THE BOOK STORE!

This love month, Powerbooks is having a 75% OFF with their BOOKS, not just love novels okay?

powerbooksIt started last February 12 and you can still purchase your favorite books until February 18! Now here was my book hauling and one of these books is going to be my next recommendation, can you guess what is it?


So how did you spend your Valentine’s day? I hope you have fun with or without a date!

Photos credited to: MGM JR

I promised last year that I’m going to treat a few friends of mine for my birthday celebration. Unfortunately, it had been postponed not only once but thrice! 😦  So to compensate from them, finally we went out and had lunch to the newly opened Torch at 3rd floor, Trinoma Mall, Quezon City. If you are not familiar with the place, it is near the chapel.

We had a lunch and we were glad that we seated immediately as we entered the restaurant. It was Sunday and luckily they were only few families eating at that time.


Stolen shot courtesy of my dear friend!


Picture time while waiting for our lunch!

The prompt server gave us the menu and we were glad with the edible noodles as a complimentary while we waited for our order.


I was informed that I can chose two flavors of pizza and they would serve it in half-half so we can taste more. I asked for Garden Pizza (345.95 php) and BBQ Chicken Pizza (295.95 php). I ordered Vegetable Roll Sushi (245.95) for my vegetarian friend and to ease the coldness, I added Beef Ramen (289.95) to complete our lunch. My friend ordered Hot Chocolate (70php) while I settled down for a cup of Chamomile tea (55php).

The Vegetarian roll was the first one that was served to us and my buddy was glad that I picked it out among all the other variants. It is all vegetable Japanese sushi containing cucumber, carrots, bell pepper and lettuce.



When the pizza came, we became excited not only it wasn’t what we expected but the garden pizza was overwhelming to see!

I tasted that BBQ Chicken Pizza because it was the more familiar flavor for me. The Barbeque Chicken actually compliments with the cheddar and mozzarella cheese especially the cilantro. I actually loved it!


Barbeque Chicken (left) Garden Pizza (right)

The Garden Pizza which has the leafy ingredients on the top: Arugulla, Iceberg, Lollo Rosso and Romaine made us drool for quite sometime!


The serving of Beef Ramen is big and the U.S. Angus beef, egg, nori and onion leeks made me want to ask for another bowl! The Chamomile Tea at the end of my meal satisfied my hungry tummy.


Torch Restaurant is definitely one of my favorite restaurants now! And yes, I’m excited to come back and try their other exquisite dishes!

Torch Restaurant

3rd floor, Trinoma Mall, Quezon City

Only fools believe in fairy tales. One of the remarkable lines that you will hear when you watch Into The Woods.


Photo from

The movie was one of my most anticipated to see since last year. I was a bit sad when the showing had been postponed because of the film fest. Nonetheless, it was a great feeling that Into the Woods was the first advanced movie screening that I’ve seen.

The premiere happened last January 27, 7:30 pm at Greenbelt Cinema 3. Thank you to RX 93.1 for the invites! The musical movie is already showing and for those who haven’t seen it yet, let me share to you, what you should look forward to!
->The Baker and His Wife

The most unpopular fairytale characters. The couple longed for a child and they will do anything just to have one. I like James Corden as the baker but I’m not quite convinced with Emily Blunt as the wife though her voice while singing is impressive.

-> Cinderella and Her Prince Charming

Same old tale? Oh oh, probably not. 3 days of dance, a not so charming Prince and not love at first sight, this is a modern take of one of the most coveted fairy tale princesses. I certainly agree that Anna Kendrick plays the role perfectly and flawlessly. Chris Pine who? Yes he is the very handsome and hot Prince Charming! First time to hear him singing and he nailed it!

->Little Red Riding Hood together with Jack and the Beanstalk


Photo from


Photo from

No couple alert for these two cute kids. I’m so glad that they stick with the original stories. I enjoyed a lot the fierce version of Little Red Riding Hood! Kudos to the lovely Lilla Crawford! On the other hand, Daniel Huttlestone’s portrayal as Jack is exactly what I was hoping for.

->Rapunzel and Her Prince

The least highlighted characters for me. Mackenzie Mauzy made Rapunzel an alluring and seductive woman in the tower and it was refreshing to see a Prince who is charming and at the same time funny, Billy Magnussen’s antics was truly hilarious!

-> The Big Bad Wolf


Photo from

It was such a short appearance but Johnny Depp’s singing and acting made a huge impact. I’m always a fan of him yet I zeal him even more with his wolfish grin and *cough* naughty vocals.
-> The Witch

I cannot think of anyone who is adept for the Witch other than Meryl Streep. Superb and convincing acting plus beautiful singing voice, she truly deserves the nomination as Best Actress. The blue hair and costume suits her very well!


Into the Woods Film

Photo from

If you are familiar with the fairy tales and you know it by heart, you will still be surprise with how the story goes. It started with a curse, followed by adventures and ended with a not so happily ever after to everyone. The way the stories connected and how it focused in one certain place was amazing.



Photo from

A bittersweet ending for most of the characters, some achieved what their heart desires while others learned about reality and dream in a hard way. Watch out for a surprising ‘short’ affair and a ‘supposed’ to have relationship between two unlikely protagonists.
My Verdict:
It is a musical movie and somehow while watching the film, I couldn’t stop myself from comparing it to Les Miserable. It actually over the top my expectations though I was disappointed with some scenes, most especially the finale. However, I still recommend Into the Woods to your movie bucket list this month.

Perksbewithyou’s rating: 8.5/10