Discovering new brands and sharing it to others was priceless! Cheers to 2014 for introducing me to a more beautiful self!

Friggies from Friggies FB page
1. BDJ Box brands
I received my first BDJ Box last year and attended the event to be updated with latest beauty and skin products.
2. Creamfactory
This scrub is perfect for those who have sensitive skin like mine.
3. Dove Intense Repair
My favorite soap now with additional bath essentials that you will surely enjoy!
4. Friggies
My best brand discovery for 2014! I was very happy to met the wonderful and creative people behind this healthy drink. 🙂
5. Nature Essentials
True to its name, all of its products are all natural and very gentle to skin.
6. Macadamia Natural Oil
I loved the smell and non-sticky feeling after using this amazing oil.