2014 had been so good to me with premiere films that I decided to give something back to my dear readers and followers!

Yes you heard it right, I’m giving away a ticket of one of my most anticipated movies this 2015 which is INTO THE WOODS! What’s great about this is you are going to watch the ITW with ME! We are going to get to know each other before and after the movie screening.

How to win it?

Here are the mechanics and rules!

1. You should be a follower of my Facebook, Twitter and WordPress from January to December 2014. As of December 31, I have 523 likes on Facebook, 143 Twitter followers and 56 WordPress.com followers.

2. Share this status message on your Facebook and Twitter pages:

Last hooray for @PerksBeWithYou’s 2nd blog birthday! She is giving away Into The Woods ticket! Join now!  https://perksbewithyou.wordpress.com/2015/01/02/movie-ticket-give-away-blog-birthday-give-away-part-3/

(Don’t forget to tagged me and post your share in PUBLIC!)

3. Answer this question: What are your top 3 movies for 2014?

Please base your answer from the movies that I reviewed. You can check out the rundown here: https://perksbewithyou.wordpress.com/2015/01/02/2014-highlights-movies/

~Leave your full name and email address as well.~

4. You should be living within Metro Manila and very much available for advanced or block screening on the 3rd or 4th week of January. Into the Woods regular screening will be on January 28, 2015. If you cannot make it and you have a busy schedule within those weeks please do not join. Let’s give chance to the person who is really looking forward to watch it. 🙂

5. Ticket, popcorn and drink = FREE! It is my TREAT! 🙂

*****Announcement of winner: January 18**** I will be update the winner as soon as I get the advance or block screening date.


Photo from filmcutting.com

That’s it pancit! Thank you so much for supporting my blog site for two years! Good luck and I’m so excited to meet my new movie buddy soon! 🙂