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Starting this month, I’m going to feature the book/s that I’m reading which you can also try to read.

Before the year (2014) ended, I bought three books as a Christmas present to myself but I had difficulty in getting my own copies. I first purchased Paano Ba’To?at NBS Trinoma and it was the last copy. I was desperate with the other books that I called several bookshops in order to find it. When NBS Edsa Shangrila Mall informed me that they have one last copy of Dear Alex, Break na Kami Paano?! Love Catherine, I immediately requested for reservation. I also bought the very elusive Si in Edsa Shangrila Mall that luckily have enough copies.

These three books became my instant companion during my Christmas vacation and let me share it to you why they are worth to read.
1. Dear Alex, Break na Kami Paano?! Love Catherine by Alex Gonzaga (175php)

The first and best-selling book of the Filipina host/actress and it will turn into a movie this year.
I was reading it while I was waiting for my flight going to Zamboanga. It was my first plane ride via PAL and I was laughing hard even though I was just reading page one. (Nakakarelate much ako!)


Photo from

*Excess Baggage 1
Yes this is me. Same feeling with Alex that I thought my first boyfriend was the ‘one’/ ‘package deal’ and first and last boyfriend.
*Excess Baggage 2
Rebound somehow happened to me but before I made another mistake in entering to another relationship again, I woke up from my ‘kabaliwan.’
*Excess Baggage 3
-Someone you see as your marriage type. Haven’t tried this but I guess I am not really ready that is why. 🙂
Pages designated for you!
26-27: Question and answer
28-29: The Break-up Breakdown
30: Reasons for Breaking Up
31: Deal Breaker
Do’s and Don’ts (Break up Manual)Did some of it and yes I’m grateful that it helped me to move on.
85: The Craziest Things I Did for Love
113: Louis Vuitton Theory
What Do You Like In a Man? Standards vs Ideals

~Quotes and Words to Live By! ~

alex book 1

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a. You don’t fall in love because you’re lucky. You fall in love because you’re ready.
b. “We met for a reason, and its either you’re a blessing or a lesson.”
c. “Don’t trade the ultimate for the immediate. Don’t settle for less, wait for God’s best.”
d. Insecurities will eat you up. So I suggest you eat your insecurities and poopoo them. #AlexAdvice

e. “Being joyful is about staying positive when everything else seems to fail.” #AlexAdvice

A fun and light book that you can learn and relate a lot.

2. Paano Ba ‘To? by Bianca Gonzales (245php)
The first book from the host/columnist/editor is perfect for everyone.
I started reading it during our land trip from Zamboanga to Davao. I was sitting inside our room in Hotel Valencia, Bukidnon as I turn the first page. (Time check: 8:40 am)
Sections/Portions that are an eye-opener and very inspiring!

^Questions and Answers
>Inspiring Real Stories
10 Kinds of Friends I Needed In My Life < (Very helpful indeed! )
^Basic Guide to Make Up and Hair ^
Page 6 (Question 15) – This is how I felt when my siblings brought medals and honors when I was in high school that’s why I strive hard when I was in college.
+ From Toni Gonzaga
“I’m not saying I’m the best role model, I’d rather be an inspiration for the things I was able to overcome.”

Page 24 (How to Deal with Frenemies) – I enjoyed reading it very much!
Page 30-33 (10 Kinds of Friends I Needed In My Life) – Very helpful!
+ Anne Curtis and Luis Manzano take on their Friendship
Anne: When I get married, if I can have a Man of Honor, siyanayun.
Luis: I was also asking her to be my… Best Maid?! Hahaha!

Nice quote! “Every failed relationship is equal to you being prepared for the person who is meant for you.”
+ Ask Ramon pages are a very funny, informative and you will learn a lot!
“Hantay hantay ka lang, pag nagging presidenteako baling-araw maisasabatas ko ang Anti-Emotional Estafa Bill.”

#Career and Money#
Quotes to be successful!
Nature + Nurture = Number One!
“The point isn’t to create a vision; the key is to capture the vision just for you!”

Expenses are unlimited while income is very limited. Saving should be the first and not the last priority.
Great acronym!
Turn On
If it makes C.E.N.T.S to you , it makes senses to do!

+ Being Tim Yap
“There’s no such thing as a dead end situation.”

So true! “In every setback, there is a chance of comeback. In every adversity, there is an opportunity.”
+ Marian Rivera’s life learning lessons are very optimistic and inspiring!
“It’s not ‘just clothes and make-up,’ it is your message to the world about who you are.”
+ Rissa Mananquil-Trillo
“A fashion ensemble should be comfortable enough for the wearer to forget about it but fabulous enough to be remembered by those who see it.”

bianca 3

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“Pursue your dream by using strengths as your main tools, but be ready to have a plan for when your weakness are tested.” I agree!
Purpose is like a star that guides you in life, not a destination.
+ Atom Araullo
“We have to make the most of every opportunity, but the crucial ingredient is having clear idea of who you are and what you stand for so you don’t get lost in the confusion.”

Coach Tim Cone believes that it is better to be “growth-oriented” than “goal oriented”.
Page 136 (How to Build Self-Confidence)– Pak na pak!
Pages 142-145 (10 Things About My Journey of Finding Myself) – Very encouraging and heart-warming!
Perfect for all ages! The artworks and drawings make the book refreshing!

3. Si by Bob Ong (400php)

I was in high school when I encountered his first book and since then I became a big fan of this elusive and mysterious writer. Si is his latest and 10th book that you should not miss!

bob ong 1
Pages that let you fall in love, over and over again:
>36-39 Very sweet! Start of the Flashback of their love story!
>110-112 Saddest chapter for me. It was about Lourdes, the last child of Victoria.
>123 Mario Lim and Carmen’s ‘banatan’ is wow!
>127 Best description of a Father’s love to his first son.
>152 Anita’s lines was very ‘malupit’!

bob ong 2

Photo from

Lines that captures your heart and soul:
“Isinilang ako dahil isinilang siya. Si Victoria ang buhay ko at ang diwa ko ay si Victoria.”
Lorenzo: “Kung ibibigay mo sa akin ang puso mo, paano ka?”
Amelia: “Hahatiin ko ito para sa ating dalawa. Ang kalahati ay para magmahal ka. Ang natitira ay para mahalin kita.”
“Minahal ko ang dating siya. Minamahal ko kung ano siya ngayon. Mamahalin ko maging ano man siya bukas. At handa akong ialay sa kanya ang lahat ng ube at leche flan sa mga kakainin ko pang haluhalo sa hinaharap.”

The first hard bound book and romantic novel of Bob Ong which I enjoyed reading a lot. The storyteller is unnamed but he told the story about his life and his family in a very different way: it started when he is old and ended when he was still unborn. Highly recommended!


It had been two years since my first visit in Davao and the city still amazes me. I decided to celebrate my 2014 birthday and New Year in this beautiful place.
It was a rainy afternoon when we arrived at Lanang, Davao City yet it didn’t hinder us to visit SM Lanang which was near to where my sister’s in-laws are living.
We ate our dinner at Archipelago 7107 which is a sister company of Barrio Fiesta.


The restaurant was cozy and I loved the different maps of the Philippines which are posted on the walls.


Somehow, it took me back from the history of our country.
We ordered some of their specialties which were Kare-Kare (365php), Mama Chit’s Special (682php) and Crispy Pata (610php).



cover photo

We also tried their Patatim (418php), Tahong Soup (190php), Pancit Bihon, Beef Salpicao, Chicharon Bulaklak and Bicol Express.


Photo credited to my sister. 🙂

The foods were great especially the Beef Salpicao, Patatim and Tahong Soup however we were disappointed with three things.
1. Service: Waiters and waitress were very slow.


They didn’t serve us water when were seated and waited for our meals for almost 30 minutes and when you call them for the follow-up, we needed to do it twice before they served us what we wanted.
2. Food: The waiting time for each dishes to be put in our table was bearable but to know that they forgotten one of the main dish (Mama Chit’s Special) that we asked was dissatisfying.
3. Rice: Why I didn’t include it with the number two? It is because it had a different issue. One of the rice on the plates that they provided to us had a scrap of tin can and it took three follow-ups before they gave us new rice.


Our cute companions! 🙂

selfiewith the gang

Recommended? Food yes but the over-all experience, no way!

After our disastrous dinner, we went for a little bit of shopping. It was around 11 in the evening when we got home. My body was already asking for a rest yet my sister preferred a different way to end our night. We had a massage in one of the best spas that I ever been.
We tried the nearest massage place in our area which was Pressure Points Spa but unfortunately we need to wait for 30 minutes before our turn and the prices of their services were very expensive. Good thing Solaz Massage and Spa was still open.

It was where my sister and her hubby usually had their relaxation whenever they are in Davao. The spa looks small outside yet as I entered at the door, my body immediately felt home.


The back ground music is pleasing to ears and the smell of the whole place was inviting.


I like the simplicity of the choices of their massage services, informative and direct to the point.
My sister and I chose Ventosa because both our back was aching from the long road trip. I usually have Ventosa but it was my first time that I felt too much heat like my back was going to burn. I didn’t complain though because I knew that it would ease the pain of my muscles. I love the leg massage that Ate Jovy, the massage therapist did. It was the one I’ve been looking for my tired and sore legs.


Massage area


Solaz Massage and Spa is a place that you should not miss to visit! I definitely go back and try their signature foot massage (Paseo) and the smooth, heated volcanic stone massage called Piedra and their body scrubs!

2014 honestly introduced me with different kind of restaurants and visiting all time favorite food places!

1. White Hat
This is still the best yogurt place I’ve been. I just love the ambiance!
2. Baked by Anita
First time to taste bocaditos and I instantly fell in love with it!
3. Chocolat Deep Dark Chocolate Cakes
Everyone’s weakness is chocolate and cakes and this café was a great discovery!
4. New Orleans
Thank you New Orleans for my very first IHOP experience!
5. Chef Chris
Dishes were superb but the prices are too expensive.

Discovering new brands and sharing it to others was priceless! Cheers to 2014 for introducing me to a more beautiful self!

Friggies from Friggies FB page
1. BDJ Box brands
I received my first BDJ Box last year and attended the event to be updated with latest beauty and skin products.
2. Creamfactory
This scrub is perfect for those who have sensitive skin like mine.
3. Dove Intense Repair
My favorite soap now with additional bath essentials that you will surely enjoy!
4. Friggies
My best brand discovery for 2014! I was very happy to met the wonderful and creative people behind this healthy drink. 🙂
5. Nature Essentials
True to its name, all of its products are all natural and very gentle to skin.
6. Macadamia Natural Oil
I loved the smell and non-sticky feeling after using this amazing oil.

2014 had been so good to me with premiere films that I decided to give something back to my dear readers and followers!

Yes you heard it right, I’m giving away a ticket of one of my most anticipated movies this 2015 which is INTO THE WOODS! What’s great about this is you are going to watch the ITW with ME! We are going to get to know each other before and after the movie screening.

How to win it?

Here are the mechanics and rules!

1. You should be a follower of my Facebook, Twitter and WordPress from January to December 2014. As of December 31, I have 523 likes on Facebook, 143 Twitter followers and 56 followers.

2. Share this status message on your Facebook and Twitter pages:

Last hooray for @PerksBeWithYou’s 2nd blog birthday! She is giving away Into The Woods ticket! Join now!

(Don’t forget to tagged me and post your share in PUBLIC!)

3. Answer this question: What are your top 3 movies for 2014?

Please base your answer from the movies that I reviewed. You can check out the rundown here:

~Leave your full name and email address as well.~

4. You should be living within Metro Manila and very much available for advanced or block screening on the 3rd or 4th week of January. Into the Woods regular screening will be on January 28, 2015. If you cannot make it and you have a busy schedule within those weeks please do not join. Let’s give chance to the person who is really looking forward to watch it. 🙂

5. Ticket, popcorn and drink = FREE! It is my TREAT! 🙂

*****Announcement of winner: January 18**** I will be update the winner as soon as I get the advance or block screening date.


Photo from

That’s it pancit! Thank you so much for supporting my blog site for two years! Good luck and I’m so excited to meet my new movie buddy soon! 🙂

I’ve been socially active last 2014 and attended superb happenings! Opening the windows for awesome opportunities!

a. Lang Leav’s Book Signing
Once is not enough because I even gone to this writer’s 2nd book signing!
b. BDJ Box
I was so glad that I attended most of the BDJ events last year! Hooray for me!
c. Burt’s Bee
Lucky to be part of their first ever over the counter workshop!
d. Havaianas
My 2nd time for this DIY event was wonderful!
e. Global Pinoy Bazaar
This actually my favorite bazaar so far!
f. Jenny Han’s Book Signing
I love the book but not the book signing. 😦
g. I’m Shoe In Love
I can’t wait for their 2015 event! I hope the location is just near from our home.
h. Jennifer E. Smith Book Signing
Meeting one of my favorite Young Adult authors was a dream come true!
i. Coffe Bean and Tea Leaf
One of the best workshops I’ve been last year, I’m so privilege to be part of it!
j. L’Occitane En Provence
The most informative and helpful workshop I attended.
k. ICON concert
Perfect way to end 2014 with these three spectacular and very talented performers!