When the news broke out that Lang Leav’s second poetry book: Lullabies (575 php) was out in the market, I got excited. I didn’t expect though that she will be having a book signing for the second time before the year ends.

Her first book, Love and Misadventure is thinner compared to Lullabies. With the 2nd book, Lang Leav divided it into three parts: Duet, Interlude and Finale so that whenever you want to read, you can choose any poems where you can connect with. Duet is the beginning, Interlude is the pause and the Finale is the climax.
There where a lot of beautiful proses in Lullabies but I have to choose only the three that stood out for me.

I was torn between Patience and Three Questions for the number one spot in my heart but I asked Miss Lang Leav to sign with the latter.
The first book signing happened last February 8, 2014. Check out my very first book signing experience here: https://perksbewithyou.wordpress.com/2014/02/08/lang-leavs-love-and-misadventure-book-signing/
The next book signing was scheduled in three days and in three different venues. Sadly, the Ayala Cebu was been canceled because of the typhoon Ruby. Good thing that the December 6 (Saturday) at Edsa Shangrila was push thru! Hooray!

I was very early at the venue (compared to the first book signing) and yet there were a long line of fans already piling outside the area.


The host


The book signing started by 12 noon and when Lang Leav went to the stage, the audience cheered aloud!

Where am I

Where am I? 🙂


Before the interview, a prayer was led by Lang which was dedicated to the safety of every Filipinos with the upcoming typhoon.
Here are the five highlights during the interview:
1. Writing is Lang Leav’s first love and poetry comes so naturally to her like an instinct.
2. She hand made her very first book and even produced hundred! Wow!
3. Michael Faudet (her boyfriend) is her favorite contemporary writer and one of her favorite authors! Lang love Emily Dickinson and she is her favorite poet.
4. Love and Misadventure is more fun and whimsical whole Lullabies is quite hypnotic. She is currently doing her third book which has a novel. Can’t wait for it!
5. Advice to aspiring writers: It will take time to find your ‘voice’ in writing, just go for it and believe in yourself!

After the interview, Lang had poetry reading! She read All There Was, Second Chances and Broken Hearts.

It was so nice seeing Lang again for the second time and I hope that she will be back in country with her third book soon!