The first time that I learned about Nature Essentials was from one of the bloggers that I followed. I was curious with their products that I wanted to them to be part of my upcoming birthday give-away.

When I asked if they can be one of the sponsors, they gladly said yes and they even let me tried some of their lovely products!


Nature Glow Emu Soap

I was suffering from dry skin for weeks already. The very friendly Ms. Charm, owner of Nature Essentials, told me to try their Nature Glow Emu Soap. I was hesitant because I always have a problem of using soap with my face. Miss Charm then assured me that the soap won’t peel my skin.

When I get home and used it, there was no painful reaction. Usually, my skin gets irritated with facial soap. I love the smell of the soap! I’m such a fan of products with Emu and I’m happy that most of Nature Essentials items contain Emu.

I have been washing my face with this soap for a week already and it hasn’t drying since then. Hooray!

Pores Confidence


Sadly, I have big pores issue on my face. This serum from Nature Essentials makes pores look smaller (which what I need!) and it prevents pimple break outs.

My face enjoys the cooling effect after applying the serum. It’s not sticky and it easily absorbs in my skin. Highly recommended!

Lip and Cheek Tint

If you want a long lasting blush on, definitely this cheek tint is a must have! I was in the office when I first put this tint on my cheek and I had high hopes of removing it with wet wipes but it didn’t vanish! Awesome!
However, if you are looking for a long lasting colored lip, this tint won’t guarantee you. It brings life to your lips but only for few hours. What’s nice with this lip tint though is it made from tomato that every time you taste it, you won’t stop!

Thank you to Miss Charm of Nature Essentials!


This product review is not paid. I wrote it based on my experience.