I’m like a fighter who should have a weapon when going in a battle. Just like when I watch a movie, I should see the trailer or I had researched the story ahead of time. When it is a book based movie, I certainly read it first. However with If I Stay, I saw it on the wide screen before I decided to read it.

Three months ago, I’ve seen the trailer and it immediately captured my attention. If I Stay is not even part of my movie bucket list yet I really told myself, come what may I will not miss watching this! It was a blessing in disguise again when I was able to get advanced tickets!

Last August 27 was the advanced screening of the film at SM Megamall Cinema 1.My friend and I were thrilled as soon as the movie started.

The Characters that you will meet!

Mia Hall


Photo from (time.com)

The high school student who loves to play cello and just nobody until she met the love of her life. Chloe Grace Moretz is okay being as Carrie but I love her as Mia. She portrays the character very well and I’m impressed with her acting. Seriously, I could not think of any young actress today who fits as Mia Hall than her.

Adam Wilde


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The popular up and coming rock star who enjoys writing songs and create music. I never imagine Adam as a hot and handsome guy! Jamie Blackley most likely is a great choice! He has charisma and his voice is totally good!

Denny and Kat Hall

Denny and Kat

Photo from (www.examiner.com)

Mia’s rocker Dad and inexperienced Mom who are proud of Mia’s extraordinary musical talent. A cool parent to have one!

Teddy Hall


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Mia’s younger brother who most likely follows her Dad foot steps! I like the matured thinking of this little guy!



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Mia’s best friend who just want happiness for Mia. I thought that Kim has feelings for Adam but I was wrong, she is just a very supportive friend!

The Story that you can relate to!

*The plot of If I Stay is simple yet heart breaking. It started with Mia family’s car accident that left her as an orphan.

mias family

Mia’s family (Photo from shelftoscreen.com)

Through out story there are flashbacks about Mia’s childhood and her high school life. Yet in the end, one thing remains to be answered: Is Mia going to stay alive or is she going to die?


mia hospital

Mia in the hospital (Photo from http://www.dailymail.co.uk)

The Lines that you should not miss to listen!

if-i-stay quote 2

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Nice advice!

original quote 3

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My favorite quote!

And I agree!

images final quote

Adam to Mia, is he going to do his promise?

The Story Continues: Where She Went!


365 php at National Bookstore

The day after the movie, I couldn’t stop myself from buying the continuation of If I Stay which is Where She Went written by Gayle Forman! It is about Adam’s Point of View and you should grab a copy of it! I actually finished reading the book in three hours and I enjoyed it! The one thing that I’m truly disappointed is I wasn’t able to attend Gayle Forman’s book signing a few months ago. I still hope that she comes back!

tumblr_n7ol9h5oST1txydcmo1_1280 where she went pic

My favorite photo of them together! *Giggles* Photo from professionalfangirls.com

If I Stay is showing today (September 3) nationwide! A little bit of reminder, be sure to bring tissues because I’m sure like me you are going to cry.

Perksbewithyouratings: 9.5/10