I’m not a huge fan of zombies. The only movie that I watched so far that featured zombie was Warm Bodies. I’m now adding to my list another romantic comedy called Life Ater Beth.



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I’m very fortunate to see the (super) advanced screening last August 19 at Greenbelt 3 Cinema 2. It was brought by Echo Channels and thank you to Fullybooked for giving me a chance to watch it a few weeks ahead before the regular screening.

Life after Beth is about Beth Slocum (Aubrey Plaza) who died from a snake bite while she was hiking. Beth’s family was devastated especially her boyfriend, Zach Orfman (the oh so hot Dane DeHaan). Surprisingly, one day Beth became came back alive. Beth’s family believed it was a resurrection but Zach guessed otherwise. He thinks that his  dead girlfriend is now a ‘zombie’!

I think I better zip my mouth now for more spoilers. I just listed down below the scenes that you should look forward to!

*Scarf, bed and Me!

0 scarf

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*I like the color of your skin!

images anna k

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*Kiss or Eat Me?!



*Bump… Beth?!

life-after-beth bump

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*Too Much Sunburn?

*Come here to my room, Zach…

Screen-Shot-2014-06-30-at-2.12.08-PM-1024x556 room

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*Let’s go hiking Beth!

Here is my verdict: Life after Beth is a very funny movie from the superb characters to the fast pacing scenes. There are some things which have been exaggerated but in totality it is not the usual zombie film/show that you expect. Yes it has a simple plot but you won’t expect how the director ends the story.

If you think this another Warm Bodies theme, it is not. R and Beth is both zombie who have different personalities. Zach and Julie on the other hand are alike because they are humans and when they fall in love, it is too deep.

Catch Life after Beth in cinema houses starting September 3! Mark your calendars and be ready to be eaten by Beth or to survive like Zach!

 Perksbewithyouratings: 8.5/10