I’m fortunate to be one of the very first to watched the movie in the world! I just saw on the news that the premiere of Into the Storm happened 13 hours ago in New York! Wow!

Last night (August 5) was the advanced screening of at SM Megamall Cinema 4, eight in the evening.


The invite!


I even won an umbrella during the game before the screening!

Thank you to Jam 88.3 for the opportunity to saw it ahead from the others.

Actually the film was one of the anticipated movies that I was eager to see ever since I watched the trailer a few months ago.

If you are thinking of storms like what usually happened to our country, you will be disappointing. Into the Storm is more like the hit movie Twister (1996) but with a different kind of approach.

The story focused in a small town called Silverton. A high school graduation ceremony is taking place where junior student named Donnie (Max Deacon) assigned by his father, Gary Morris (Richard Armitage), the vice principal to video the said event.


Donnie (Photo from archive.azcentral.com)

Unfortunately, Donnie was busy with his ‘time capsule’ video and his ‘move’ with his long time crush, Kaitlyn Johnson (Alycia Debnam-Carey).


Kaitlyn (Photo from http://www.ispot.tv)

He then passed the responsibility with his younger brother, Trey (Nathan Kress) who took footage of the tornado that destroyed the Silverton Highschool.


Photo from nothingbutnathankress.tumblr.com

In the other side of the town, a group of storm chasers headed by the Pete (Matt Walsh) were preparing their armored car (Titus) for the ‘deadliest and devastating’ tornadoes that hit the town in one single day!


Titus (Photo from collider.com)


Pete (Photo from collider.com)


Storm Chasers (Photo from screenrant.com)

In addition, fire storms and erratic cyclones would surely make you at the edge of your seats!

1. No romance


Gary and Allison (Photo from http://www.usatoday.com)

I truly like that there are no romantic relationships in the film. Though while I was watching, I was quite thinking that perhaps Gary and Allison Stone (Sarah Wayne Callies) might end up with one another because I honestly think they look good together. Good thing they didn’t end up in each other arms!

2. Tornadoes and Vortex

Honestly, I was amazed on how they created the gigantic tornadoes and vortex! It was bigger and scarier than the ones I’ve seen from Twister. The fire tornado is a winner!

3.  Family


Photo from richardarmitagecentral.co.uk

It showed how much you should value being with your family in times of disaster. You will never know if you are going to survive or it is going to be the last day of your life.

1. Dull moments
There are some scenes that I almost closed my eyes. I mean this is a disaster film; this should make me excited from the beginning until the end!

2. Sad ending
One of the two characters just died. Maybe for dramatic effects yet how the Director ended their lives was quite memorable.

Some critics are quite harsh with their ratings but I enjoyed the film and perhaps you should watch it for yourself to judge!


Photo from collider.com

Perksbewithyou rating: 8/10

It will be shown in Philippine cinema houses nationwide tomorrow, April 7 (Thursday)!