This year is such a magnificent year for superhero films. I was fortunate to see the block screening of Amazing Spider man, X-Men and just recently the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Last July 31 at Resorts World Manila block screening, I watched the Guardians of the Galaxy and so far it is the funniest superhero movie that I’ve seen! The lines were very humorous and I was entertained from the beginning until the end. There was no dull moment and my eyes were glued on the theater screen.


Who are these Guardians of the Galaxy? Let me introduce them to you.

Peter Quill or aka Starlord


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*The only human in the group that later on revealed that his father is part of an ancient, unknown species. He is the leader of the team of ex-cons who saved Xandar; the planet that wanted to be destroyed by Ronan (the villain). Chris Pratt is a splendid choice for Peter Quill! I loved how eccentric he is and the same time compassionate!



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*The only rose among the thorns who is an assassin and a warrior that is  seeking revenge with her master (Thanos). I’m not a fan of Zoe Saldana but I like her acting a lot as Gamora. She looks strict and very lethal but she has a soft heart.

Drax the Destroyer


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*The warrior who died but came back as a killing machine to get revenge for his family which was killed by Ronan. By just actually looking at Drax, I’m quite scared. Dave Batista is another impeccable selection with his athletic body! Wow! Honestly, he is handsome with all the prosthetic.

Rocket Raccoon


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*He is the master of weapons and the smartest in the bunch. He is a bit touchy when it comes to his physical appearance so better not call him a rat or worse a hamster. Hands down to the gorgeous Bradley Cooper who lends his voice and acting skills with this dramatic character! My favorite Guardian of the Galaxy hero!


*An alien tree who is an accomplice of Rocket. Who cannot love this character? Even his only line in the film was ‘I am Groot’, Vin Diesel is amazing! I enjoyed the movie so much because of how this humungous humanoid tree makes your heart melt.  Watch out for the dancing Baby Groot at the end!

Perkbewithyou rating: 10/10

Kudos to Marvel Entertainment for the great casting and incredible cinematography! Yes you should not miss the film! Truly recommended!


Photo from the Facebook page of The Travels of a Kikay Trekkie