Did you ever write a letter to your crush? How was it?

With Jenny Han’s book, To All the Boys I Loved Before, Lara Jean Song Covey, the main protagonist of the story wrote letters to her five crushes. What’s the clincher? She kept those letters and never intended to give it not until one day when someone approached her that he received a love letter! How humiliating is that right?


Php 395 (National Bookstore)

Now let’s meet the lovely characters of the book!
Lara Jean
– The middle child who doesn’t like the attention. She was irrevocably in love with Josh.

– The very responsible older sister of Lara Jean. The mother figure and role model of the Songs’ sisters who decided to study in Scotland.

-The adorable little sister who was loved by everybody because of her bright personality.

– Lara Jean’s best friend who is the total opposite of her.

BOYS (Lara Jean’s Crushes)

Peter Kavinsky
-The first guy who got the letter, Lara Jean’s first kissed and now faked boyfriend.

Kenny Donati
-The boy whom she met during the church camp and his letter had been the only one sent back to Lara Jean.

Lucas Krapf
-He is a gay yet he was overwhelmed to receive a love letter.

John Ambrose Mclaren
-The model UN whom she was most excited to see after so many years.

-The boy next door whom the Songs sisters’ childhood friend and Margot’s ex-boyfriend.

*Questions to ponder*
Who sent the letters? Are you Team Peter or Team Josh? Who will end up with Lara Jean?

^My favorite part of the book^

Page 286 (Lara Jean’s POV) “Why it is so hard to say no to him? Is this what it’s like to be in love with somebody?”

I was so glad to attend the book signing event last June 21 (yes I know it’s been a month already!) at National Bookstore Glorietta.

The event happened by two in the afternoon yet when I got there around ten in the morning, there was a long line already of Jenny Han’s fan.


The long line from where I was sitting.


My Golden Ticket!

A short interview took place before the book signing and here are some trivia about the bubbly Jenny Han!

~Kitty’s character is inspired by Jenny Han’s real sister, Susan.
~She is a fan of Hunger Games series.
~She was a school librarian.
~A lemon cookie is the food that best fits her personality.

A piece of advice for upcoming writer: “Do exactly what you are doing. Keep on reading!

Good news! There will be a sequel! It is entitled P.S. I Still Want You which will be released next year! It something to look forward to! I hope Jenny Han will be back next year for another book signing!


Picture Taking with Miss Jenny Han! 🙂


Worth the wait!

If you haven’t read the book, grab one now and enjoy the novel!