Dove has been my skin’s best friend for a long time already. I’ve been a Dove soap user since 2001 and for 14 years it keeps my skin healthy and smooth.

Dove Damage Therapy has launched a new product line called Intensive Care Repair and I’m overwhelmed to try their complete set!

The Dove Intense Repair Shampoo contains Fiber Actives and Micro Moisture Serum that reconstructs hair deep inside and strengthens hair from root to tips which prevents damage in the future.

115 php

I love the look of sparkling shampoo which makes me smile every time I use it.


Even when I pour a small amount in my palm, its thick substance can cover up my long and thick hair.

The Dove Daily Treatment Conditioner intensely nourishes, seals lifted cuticles and helps restore hair from within.


The gold and white stripes plus the addictive smell makes me smitten with the conditioner.


It’s gold and white combination let me feel that I’m a royalty because my crowning glory is being pampered and the smell stays on my crowning glory.

Taking care of your hair does not end with shampoo and conditioner only. You need maintenance to achieve a more healthy hair.

Here comes the Dove Intense Repair 2-Step Treatment, Dove Intense Repair Treatment Mask and Dove Intense Repair Overnight Treatment.

Our hair needs protein to avoid being fragile which can leads to breakage and split ends. Dove created a 2-Step Treatment that helps replenish protein (Tube 1) and locks in repair (Leave-On).

How it works?

Squeeze the content of the tube 1 in your hair, avoiding the roots and let it stay for three minutes. Rinse it off before applying the leave-on. Style what ever you want with your hair with the leave-on.

Two things I don’t like with the leave-on: a little bit watery and for short usage only.

Before heading to bed, let the Overnight Treatment continues to make your hair healthy.


Three to four pumps is the advisable use but if you have long hair like mine, seven pumps will do.

There is also a monthly regimen which is the Treatment Mask that totally leaves my hair soft and it smells so good!


Scoop a palm size from the treat mask and massage it to the middle section until the root tips of your hair. Rinse it off after three to five minutes and you will immediately see the effect.

I’ve been using the Dove Intense Repair products for two weeks now and a miracle just happened to my drying long hair. Try it and let me know how it works for you!


And because I love Dove products so much, I’m giving away some! Hooray!


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What is at stake?

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