If there is one person in the world that perfectly fits the description: SERIOUS, it is definitely our FATHERS! We seldom see them smile especially if it about work, we rarely hears them laugh when money is involved and we hardly catch them doing nothing even if it is their day offs.

Good thing every year we celebrate a special day for our Tatay, Daddy, Itay, Dada, Ama, Papa, Lolo, Tito and Kuya! On June 15, let us all greet and make our Father happy!

To make the celebration merrier, I have awesome prizes that you can give as a present to your dearest Father!

You Smell so Good Dad!


First prize winner!

Don’t forget your Travel Kit, Papa!


Second prize winner!


Travel Kit’s content!

Here are the simple steps to follow!
1. Like and follow @Perksbewithyou (Facebook) and Twitter (Optional)
2. Share to me your FUNNIEST MOMENT with your Father ever! Send it with a photo as well!

For example:
My funniest moment with Papa was when we went to Golden Gate Bridge because he was game for any photo taking! He wanted to have shot in different angles except front shot because he wanted to keep his big tummy! Konting hinga pa Papa!

*You can do it in any form. Tagalog/Filipino is allowed!

3. Post your entry on my Facebook wall page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Perks-Be-With-You/316743821763572 and look for the status message of the give-away. Post it in PUBLIC so I can view it.
4. Tag me and one of your friends (your father, brother, best friend, relatives or grandfather) who is a father.
5. ONE PERSON, ONE ENTRY ONLY. Give your best answer!


*The person that would make me laugh to the fullest will win the first prize! The reader who would tickle my tummy will be the runner up and get the second prize!

*This is a quick give-away so it will end on June 13, 12mn! I will be announcing the winner on the same day!

*Open for Metro Manila residents who can meet me on May 14 or 15 at Trinoma, SM North, Araneta Center or SM Megamall. However, if you are a provincial resident and badly want to win it, you can join but you will be the one to carry the shipment charge.

The promo is not a sponsorship of any of the products included as prizes.

I can’t wait to read your entries! Good luck!