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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Stress is not good to our health. The easiest way to cure it is to tag a friend and watch a film. It was a stressful week for me because I went back to work after three months yet the good thing is a movie bonding to look forward to. Hooray!

Last June 10, it was the advanced screening of Blended at Greenbelt 3, Cinema 2 and I was fortunate to watch it via VIP seats.



Yummy treats for free!


Blended is the third movie of Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore together. I haven’t seen the first one which is The Wedding Singer but I truly love them with the 51st Dates.


Photo from


Blended is another romantic comedy film which not only focuses with Jim Friedman (Adam Sandler) and Lauren Reynolds (Drew Barrymore), the single parents who met because of a blind date but with their children.

Here comes the Friedman!


Photo from


Jim is a father of three lovely girls whose wife unfortunately died because of cancer. So what’s the catch? He is determined to make his daughters as sons. Hilary or Larry (Bella Thorne) is the eldest who though to be lesbian because of the way she dresses, Espn (yes she was named after the network!) the middle child who still not moved on from her mother’s death and the adorable Lou who loves his dad to the fullest!


Meet the Reynolds!


Photo from


She is known as one of the Closet Queens, Lauren who separated from her cheating husband manages her work and time with her kids. She has two sons, Brendan who got addicted with pornographic magazines and secretly in love with his baby sitter and Tyler who likes doing extraordinary things.

The Extras on Top and Bottom!


Photo from



Photo from


My favorite extra toppings in the movie are Jen, Lauren’s best friend who does not want kids, the very funny Nickes and the super sexy Ginger who wiggles her body whenever someone speaks about romance.




Photo from


Shaquille O’Neal appearances as Doug is a bit dissapointing and Jake, Hilary’s love interest is quite alright.


Into the Wilderness!


Photo from


Africa was the perfect place for the vacation get-away of the two families. Like them, I fell in love with the place! The Skydiving of Drew Barrymore was one of the most jocular scenes in the movie! Another favorite of mine is ‘the massage session’ of Jim and Lauren. 


The Complicated Matters…


The last night of their trip, Jim prepared a romantic date for Lauren but before they kissed, Jim pulled back. When Jim realized that he fell in love with Lauran, Mark (Lauren’s former husband) suddenly came out.


Hmm are they going to be together? And what is behind the ‘Blended’s’ title?

You have to find it out! The film is still showing nationwide!


Perksbewithyou’s rating: 8.5/10 (Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore’s team up never fails to make me laugh all through out the film!)


If there is one person in the world that perfectly fits the description: SERIOUS, it is definitely our FATHERS! We seldom see them smile especially if it about work, we rarely hears them laugh when money is involved and we hardly catch them doing nothing even if it is their day offs.

Good thing every year we celebrate a special day for our Tatay, Daddy, Itay, Dada, Ama, Papa, Lolo, Tito and Kuya! On June 15, let us all greet and make our Father happy!

To make the celebration merrier, I have awesome prizes that you can give as a present to your dearest Father!

You Smell so Good Dad!


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Don’t forget your Travel Kit, Papa!


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Travel Kit’s content!

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For example:
My funniest moment with Papa was when we went to Golden Gate Bridge because he was game for any photo taking! He wanted to have shot in different angles except front shot because he wanted to keep his big tummy! Konting hinga pa Papa!

*You can do it in any form. Tagalog/Filipino is allowed!

3. Post your entry on my Facebook wall page: and look for the status message of the give-away. Post it in PUBLIC so I can view it.
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I can’t wait to read your entries! Good luck!



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Everybody loves the fairytale princesses and most of us hate the villains whether it is a witch, sea creature or evil person. One of the famous antagonists in fairytale stories is Maleficent. She is one of the fairy godmothers of Aurora or popularly called the Sleeping Beauty. How bad she is? Maleficent is the one who cast the sleeping like death curse to Aurora.


The Classic Maleficent- Photo from

Maleficent is actually one of the movies that I anticipated to watch this year. When I saw the trailer for the first time, I would not miss seeing this film in theaters. I was indeed fortunate to watch the block screening last May 28 and had reserved seats for the first time with my sister! Talking about sitting in VIP section with popcorn and iced blended tea!




Have you watched it? If not, I listed below why everyone is praising Maleficent!


* Angelina Jolie is born to be Maleficent to play on screen.


Very classy and creepy! – Photo from

I’m not a big fan of Angelina Jolie but I’ve watched some of her action films and she was good. Yet what drawn me to see Maleficent is how she fits the character so well with her physique and most especially her voice. Her laugh is so infectious that if I’m Aurora, I’m going to be really scared of her and when she spoke her lines, it was flawless and convincing. So far, it is my favorite movie of her.


*Meet the guys: King Stefan, Diaval and Prince Philip!

Like any other fairy tale character, Maleficent also fell in love with the ambitious and greedy Stefan who wanted to be King. In pursuit of his dream, he drugged Maleficent and surrended the fairy’s wings to the ill King.


Aurora’s father: King Stefan- Photo from


Meanwhile, Diaval became Maleficent’s confidant and sole companion. The raven that shape shift from man to any other forms that my sister and we thought is Aurora’s true love! We like Sam Riley so much that we wanted him to be the prince charming.


Diaval is hot!- Photo from


I must say that Prince Philip has a little but amusing exposure in the film. I relished the scene when he was brought by Maleficent and Diaval to saved Aurora.


The Prince Charming- Photo from


*The Funny Three Good Pixies


Watch out for these pixies! -Photo from


There were fairies named Flora, Fauna and Merryweather but in Maleficent meet the pixies Knotgrass (Flora), the one who gives the princess the gift of beauty, Flittle (Fauna) who bequeaths the gift of happiness and Thistlewit (Merryweather) who unfortunately unable to bestow her blessing. The three pixies are adorable and they even added humor with the movie.


*The Villain who turns to Hero


The Godmother and her goddaughter- Photo from

From the classic Sleeping Beauty’s point of view, Maleficent is a wicked fairy. In the modern retell of the classic tale, Maleficent becomes Aurora’s savior. I did not expect that she would renounce the curse that she laid and in the end she even brought the Prince Charming for the Sleeping Beauty.

*The ‘Real’ True Loves Kiss


A Love like no other- Photo from

When the Prince kissed Sleeping Beauty, the spell broke down and the two will live happy every after but in Maleficent, Philip’s kiss failed to bring the magic. Then who woke up Aurora? It is none other than Maleficent who apologized and kissed Aurora’s forehead. In the end, it shown that despite her revenge, she saw herself with Aurora who became special to her as the days goes by.


Perksbewithyou verdict: 10/10