First thing that popped out from my mind when I heard about Need for Speed: Fast and the Furious. It is because of the car racing theme. I’m not going to compare about the two films because honestly I haven’t watched the Fast and the Furious franchise completely.

I won block screening tickets of the Need for Speed which was held last March 12 at Robinson’s Galleria Cinema World Cinema 10.


I was very excited to see the film after watching the trailer!


Here are the FIVE REASONS why I’m crazy with the movie!


1. AARON PAUL is extremely hot!


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I don’t know him. I’m not familiar with Breaking Bad. Yet when I was watching him, I could not keep my eyes off him. I just loved his blue eyes, his husky voice and awesome acting!

He portrayed Tobey Marshall, a blue-collar mechanic who owned a struggling garage. In order to save it, he agreed to make a partnership with an arrogant ex-NASCAR driver who is Dino Brewster. Together with his crew, they skillfully built a Ford Mustang. The car was sold out with a savvy car dealer and just as he thought that his business will be saved, Dino framed him up for manslaughter. He was sent to the prison for a crime he did not commit for two years and when he went out, he decided to take down Dino by joining the cross country race named De Leon.


2. Move… DOMINIC COOPER is coming!

Another unfamiliar actor for me but he perfectly fit as the antagonist in the film. He is the wealthy business associate, Dino Brewster who made a deal with Tobey Marshal. He was the one who killed Pete, one of Tobey’s friends. His jealousy and anger were really felt through out the film. Two thumbs up for Dominic Cooper who is a very effective adversary.


3. The SUPPORTING CHARACTERS take the spotlight.

The four friends of Tobey: Benny (Scott Mescudi), the funny pilot who got in jail at the end of the film and who started twerking with the other prisoners, Joe Peck (Ramon Rodriguez) the serious guy who goes out with the name Beast, Pete (Harrison Gilbertson) is the youngest man in the team but the one who is closest with Tobey and my other favorite character Finn (Rami Melek), the small but proud mechanic whose ‘naked scene’ made the audience laugh.

Michael Keaton as Monarch, the erratic host was a bit confusing character for me especially at the beginning of the movie and his acting was quite exaggerated.

Julia Maddon (Imogen Poots) and Anita (Dakota Johnson) are the love interest of Tobey Marshal.


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Julia Maddon looks like a strong British car broker but actually she is afraid of heights. I must say that Imogen and Aaron have a good chemistry. Anita is Tobey’s ex-girlfriend who went to the city and who was married to Dino. She is also the sister of Pete. I think Anita is the least visible character that I almost want her out of the story. Sorry Dakota!


4. Unstoppable ACTION!

Flying cars in the highway and the cops who keep on following Tobey made my heart stop that I could not even move on my seat. There was no dull moment and the hair raising ‘cat-mouse’ chase at Grand Canyon was superb!


5. A show-down of SUPER CARS!

I’m not updated with the latest style of cars but while seeing the film, I could not help but dream of owning a McLaren F-1! It was used by one of the racers during the De Leon, the Super Bowl of underground racing. Other noted European super cars that is present on the screen are a Swedish Koenigsegg Agera R, a Lamborghini Sesto Elemento, a Spano GTA, a Bugatti Veyron, Saleen S-7 and the Ford Mustang.


This pay day Friday and weekend, head to the nearest cinemahouse and don’t miss this action movie flick!