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Monthly Archives: February 2014

I am a certified book worm. I can finish two to three books in a week and reading a book is a habit for me.

When Fullybooked posted on their Facebook page a month ago that they will have a poetry reading and book signing with Lang Leav, the author of Love and Misadventure, I immediately checked my schedule.

It will be held February 8 (Saturday), 2-6 pm at Fullybooked’s branch in Bonifacio Global City. Perfect date and place yet I’m not familiar with the book.

A friend teased me that I should read the book and I should attend the said event because it is about love. My friend knows I’m a huge fan of romance novels! I was also motivated to go because of a contest made by Fullybooked where you can be able to meet and greet the author over a lunch by just sending poems.What an amazing opportunity!

When I asked about the book at Trinoma, it was already sold out. I pre-ordered the book and I was excited about the event. It is going to be my first book signing attendance! Hooray!

Honestly, I read the book a few days before the book signing. Love and Misadventure is a poetry book that you can easily finish because it has 155 pages.


I love the cover, the artwork which is also made by Lang Leav is outstanding and most of the poems written are truly romantic and heartwarming.

The book has three parts: Misadventure, The Circus of Sorrow, and Love. I have favorite poem/s with each section.

For Misadventure:
Page 39: Afraid to Love


From Lang Leav’s pinterest


For The Circus of Sorrow
Page 83: Sad Songs


For Love
Page 125: A Dream

Page 135: Souls

When two souls fall in love, there is nothing else but the
yearning to be close to the other. The presence that is felt
through a hand held, a voice heard, or a smile seen.

Souls do not have calendars or clocks, nor do they understand
the notion of time or distance. They only know it feels right to
be with one another.

This is the reason why you miss someone so much when they
are not there— even if they are only in the very next room.
Your soul only feels their absence— it doesn’t realize the
separation is temporary.

It was 11 in the morning when I arrived at BGC. I was still walking going to Fullybooked when I saw a line. Oh this is not good!  I was expecting that they were just few people for the pre-registration but unfortunately when the claim stub was given to me, my number was 179!


The friendly staffs of Fullybooked even informed us that Lang might only accommodate 150 participants. There was only 50/50 chance for us that our book would be signed. I was sad about it yet I did not lose hope.

I went an hour before the book signing and luckily I got a seat. There was only less than 100 seats and sadly not all were accommodated. I hope next time Fullybooked would have a large venue for a book signing. I grabbed my pen and notebook; I’m so ready to listen to Lang Leav!

Miss Angel, the lovely marketing staff from Fullybooked was the host of the event.



Look! Someone is hiding at the back!


Welcome Miss Lang Leav!

There was a question and answer portion.


Throw your queries ladies and gent’s!


Lively and all smiles!

Lang Leav was very accommodating with the questions and she answered very witty and spectacularly though there was a problem with sound from microphone. It was weak that the people from the back were not able to hear it properly. Nonetheless, I was happy to learn that if she would have a chance to have a lunch with her favorite writer, she immediately replied it would be Emily Dickinson and her home is her favorite workplace.

Poetry reading came after which I enjoyed so much because Lang was able to read the prose and poetry I loved. When she read her poems, it was magical and touching especially the Sad Songs, I felt the deeper loneliness. It could have been much awesome if she read more of her superb pieces.

The book signing came after were 260 participants wanted to get close with the very talented writer. 


Ten people per line, so this is 1-10?


Go Miss Lang!


Yay! Next in line!

I was so jovial when I finally met and greet her. She was so nice and dedicated with her craft. 


Thank you Miss Lang Leav!


My favorite poem: signed, handed and all mine!

She inspired me to go back in creating poems and pursue my first love which is writing.


Excellent work Fullybooked!

I wished Fullybooked would bring Lang Leav again here. I am so thrilled with her new book that hopefully will be release this year and I will surely be the first to have it.