When I saw the films that would be released by 2014, I immediately looked on the trailer via youtube.com. I got a list already of the anticipated movies that I should catch on the big screen, rain or shine! My first official 2014 film is none other than I, Frankenstein.


The film was released last January 22, 2014 and it was my first time to buy a ticket via online. I got it for free, thanks to Happy.ph. I bought it from Sureseats.com; it was easy and more convenient.


We are very familiar with the famous monster written by Mary Shelley. However, in the film, it focused on the creature created by Victor Frankenstein in 1975 that he immediately rejected. In revenge, the monster killed Frankenstein’s wife yet the inventor did not died by the being but the cold weather. He buried his creator and was attacked by demons. Why the demons wanted the monster? Did he survive? If yes, did someone help him? It is up to you to find out what happen next but I enlisted below those things that I realized and enjoyed about watching the movie I, Frankenstein.

*Demons VS Gargoyles


Photo from bloody-disgusting.com

Aside from Frankenstein, you would definitely throw your cards between this good versus evil match. Gargoyles represent the ‘angels’ sent by Archangel Michael to fight the demons who plan to rule the world. I liked the concept of death in the story. The gargoyles ascend in the heaven with a white light while the demons descend to the earth with fiery light.

*Frankenstein is Hot

He got ugly stitches all over his body but if all Frankenstein looks like Aaron Eckhart can you be my knight in shinning armor? And who would not be hypnotized just by looking at his gorgeous body? Yes I agreed with you gargoyle queen Lenore (Miranda Otto) that there is something in his eyes.

*Gargoyles became beautiful


Photo from io9.com

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and for the first time, the gargoyles that I always seen on horror films looked amazing on my eyes. I enjoyed it every time they fly and got angry! Go gargoyles!

*Beauty really falls in love with a Beast

Terra Wade (Yvonne Strahovski), the scientist who is the love interest of Adam Frankenstein who never thought to come face to face with the 200 year old fictional character. There was no kissing scene between them until the end which I appreciated. Frankenstein is not sweet or romantic but he can definitely make a girl falls for him.

The movie is open-ended and whether it would have a sequel or not, I was satisfied and happy moviegoer as the big screen blackened.

Perksbewithyou ratings: 8.5/10