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Monthly Archives: January 2014

When I saw the films that would be released by 2014, I immediately looked on the trailer via I got a list already of the anticipated movies that I should catch on the big screen, rain or shine! My first official 2014 film is none other than I, Frankenstein.


The film was released last January 22, 2014 and it was my first time to buy a ticket via online. I got it for free, thanks to I bought it from; it was easy and more convenient.


We are very familiar with the famous monster written by Mary Shelley. However, in the film, it focused on the creature created by Victor Frankenstein in 1975 that he immediately rejected. In revenge, the monster killed Frankenstein’s wife yet the inventor did not died by the being but the cold weather. He buried his creator and was attacked by demons. Why the demons wanted the monster? Did he survive? If yes, did someone help him? It is up to you to find out what happen next but I enlisted below those things that I realized and enjoyed about watching the movie I, Frankenstein.

*Demons VS Gargoyles


Photo from

Aside from Frankenstein, you would definitely throw your cards between this good versus evil match. Gargoyles represent the ‘angels’ sent by Archangel Michael to fight the demons who plan to rule the world. I liked the concept of death in the story. The gargoyles ascend in the heaven with a white light while the demons descend to the earth with fiery light.

*Frankenstein is Hot

He got ugly stitches all over his body but if all Frankenstein looks like Aaron Eckhart can you be my knight in shinning armor? And who would not be hypnotized just by looking at his gorgeous body? Yes I agreed with you gargoyle queen Lenore (Miranda Otto) that there is something in his eyes.

*Gargoyles became beautiful


Photo from

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and for the first time, the gargoyles that I always seen on horror films looked amazing on my eyes. I enjoyed it every time they fly and got angry! Go gargoyles!

*Beauty really falls in love with a Beast

Terra Wade (Yvonne Strahovski), the scientist who is the love interest of Adam Frankenstein who never thought to come face to face with the 200 year old fictional character. There was no kissing scene between them until the end which I appreciated. Frankenstein is not sweet or romantic but he can definitely make a girl falls for him.

The movie is open-ended and whether it would have a sequel or not, I was satisfied and happy moviegoer as the big screen blackened.

Perksbewithyou ratings: 8.5/10


Obviously, I’m addictive with yogurt. This is my second feature about the creamy white dessert and I’m glad that I visited again the first place that introduced me to the cold healthy food!

I first encountered White Hat at Trinoma a few years back.



Excellent reminder! 🙂

The branch unfortunately closed and my taste buds led me Edsa Shangrila Mall to taste it again. Upon my visit, the server informed me that they have a new branch located at 2nd floor, SM North Edsa Annex.


Love the place!



My favorite corner! 🙂




Lovely decoration!

I wanted to jump with joy because there store is nearer to us! Hooray!


So aside from the yogurt that makes me crave right now, they have new addition on their menu.


Can’t stop staring at the menu while waiting for my order…


Hello there Health Nut Hat (155 php)!


Kiwi and Cranberry, yummy!


The best food treat to start the year!

You can have smoothies (fruity or signature), creamy treats, premium brews, yogurt cheesecake and chocolatto (105 php) that you can indulge with.


My first smoothie: Banana Cream Pie (150 php)


So excited to taste you! 🙂


As part of my extended anniversary give-away, a lucky reader can enjoy a yogurt overload! I’m giving out a 250 worth of GC from White Hat and 250 worth of GC from Reis and Irvy’s Frozen Yogurt!


Want this?

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Every year it has been a habit that I watch one or two entries of Metro Manila Film Fest. It is one way to support our local films and it is also a good way to have a bonding time with your family, friends and love ones.

I am very proud of myself this year because for the first time, I was able to watch seven out of the eight entries of MMFF!



Thank you to SisterSecrets.Ph because they chose me as one of their winners for complimentary passes to see all the MMFF movies!


I could not help but smile while giving the ticket in the cinema house counter because I only paid 6 php per film instead of 180-200 php.



Me and my dear friend!

Without further a do, here are the MMFF entries that I was able to watch on the big screen.

1. Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy

From the start until the end, I was laughing with the punch lines of Vice Ganda who portrayed four characters: the sexy bombshell ‘Girlie’, the sick racer ‘Peter’, the martyr gay ‘Mark’ and the talented lesbian/tomboy ‘Panying’. The movie’s story is typical and at some point the phasing of the scenes was slow yet I was really entertained with the movie because of Girlie’s bitchiness and Panying’s cool demeanor. Winning line: FIL-AM: (Feelingera at Ambisyosa).

2. Kimmy Dora: Ang Kiyemeng Prequel

I fell in love with Dora’s childishness and I was amazed with Kimmy’s wittiness. Kimmy Dora is one of the popular movie franchises that really captured my attention. The first film which was Kimmy Dora: Kambal sa Kiyeme was excellent. It made me looked forward to the sequel, Kimmy Dora and the Temple of Kiyeme. Unfortunately, the second film quite disappointed me. I was very happy when I heard that there would be a last installment! It was a good way to end the series. The Prequel has a quite a nice story which was fun to watch. Hands down with Eugene Domingo who portrayed the two characters effortlessly that made me laughs easily.

3. Kaleidoscope World

I believed that the film makers got the concept of the movie from the popular song of the great late rapper Francis Magalona which I am familiar with. The film centers on Lando (a student/ part-time call center agent) who was a rich boy but became poor and who fell in love with Elsa (a rich girl) who has a quite complicated life and relatives. Passion for dancing unites the two characters. Honestly, I was bored with the film yet I appreciated the flip top (rapping), sound tracks and the hip hop dancing. The editing also of some scenes was quite not right. I hate to say this but I just wished they did not enter the movie as one of MMFF entries.

4. Pedro Calungsod: Ang Batang Martir

I’m into historical films and I’m so glad that one of MMFF movie is about a religious figure that made a difference in our society. A salute to Rocco Nacino who played Pedro Calungsod because I was convinced of his acting and most especially his Visayan accent was awesome! I loved Christian Vasquez’s portrayal as Jesuit Father Diego Luis de San Vitores, he was great that I actually thought that he was a real priest. Two thumbs up to all the actors who learned Spanish and Visayan for this wonderful film.

5. Pagpag: Siyam na Buhay



Filipinos are believers and followers of superstitions and Pagpag reflects how we should act in a wake. I got to know new superstitious beliefs with this only suspense horror film entry. I was not looking at some parts of the movie where the ‘killings’ took place because I was afraid that I might not sleep at night.  A scaredy cat like me considers Pagpag as a good film. It not only gave me chills, it also made me laugh. The punch lines of Janus Del Prado (Dencio) were incredible and very timely.

6. My Little Bossings

It is a film that is very family-oriented where kids truly enjoyed watching. Though the story was shallow, there are scenes that I almost cried because I remembered my father when I was also young. Aiza Seguerra (Ice) deserved the Best Supporting Actress award for her heartwarming portrayal of a lesbian single mother who was left by his father in an orphanage. There was only one thing that I don’t like with this movie, lots of commercial endorsements.

7. 10,000 hours



I actually didn’t want to see this film because it is an action flick and I’m not a big fan of it. Yet, I was relieved that I was able to convince myself to watched 10,000 hours. It was a superb film for its storyline, location and cinematography. It is somehow related with what is happening to our government today and I do hope that politicians were able to catch this ‘eye opener’ movie.

My favorite three MMFF 2013 movies are:
– Girl, Boy, Bakla, Tomboy
-Pedro Calungsod: Ang Batang Martir
-10,000 hours

Sadly, I was not able to watch ‘Boy Golden’ because my free ticket was only until January 7. If you have not seen any of the MMFF entries, don’t worry because some malls are still showing them. Go to your nearest cinema house and do not miss your chance of supporting our very own films!

Honestly, 2013 introduced me to a lot of restaurants and food stores! I could not believe that I am a ‘food enthusiasts’ now!


a. YABU: House of Katsu
One of the best Japanese restaurants that I’ve been so far!

b. Impressca
Load All You Can Salad is a knock-out! Too bad their North Edsa branch was already closed but you can still visit them at their newest location on SM Manila!

c. Lava Korean Food Restaurant
Do not underestimate this restaurant; they truly serve delicious and affordable Korean meals.

d. Angel’s Pizza Pasta Combo
No doubt their pizzas are great!

e. Galli Village Café
The restaurant that really made me felt, I was home.

f. Tipsy Beans Coffee Shop
Sip, relax and enjoy a different kind of coffee with this cool store!

g. Reis and Irvy’s Frozen Yogurt
Coupon + robot = Yummy yogurt!

h. Blissful Delights Ice Cream Station
I will forever remember this place because of the unlimited ice cream that challenged me!

To be healthy and fit is one of my goals this 2014 but how will I able to resist scrumptious foods?

There were just few places that I’ve been this year and hopefully 2014 will bring a lot of adventures!


1. Zamboanga City
This place may sound war like but honestly it offers foods that you want to go back.

2. Yahweh’s Spring Retreat, Resort and Spa
If you are thinking of the perfect get-away during Holy Week, you should book your stay now!

3. Cebu
Save the best for last!

I’m preparing my backpack because I’m ready to see the world!

Taking a break from work and anything that give you stress is like rewarding yourself. I have so much fun with my ‘me’ time this year!


a. Foot Spa
The first place that introduced me to ‘foot pampering’!

b. Mont Albo Spa (now Ginhawa Spa)
If you are looking for the best full body massage service, I highly recommended this spa!

c. Orange Body Lab
Radiofrequency treatment and other beauty care, this is a must place to visit!

d. Nail It
True to their name, they make your nails gorgeous!

e. Browhaus
Love your brows and truly be happy with your new look!

f. Big Apple Express Spa
End your year with a bang with a full body massage and a foot scrub!

It is first day of 2014, time to relax before you go back to work and school!