This year proves that I am a movie addict. I love watching films whether I got it from a premiere invite or I just caught it at the last week of its showing.


I’m giving a rundown of movies that you may watch before the year ends!

1. Les Miserables
One of the best musical films I watched!

2. It Takes a Man and a Woman
The only Filipino film that I posted! What to know why I love this movie so much?

3. Safe Haven
Josh Duhamel and Julianne Hough is a very hot on-screen couple!

4. Before Midnight
The longest movie series where you can fall in love again and again…

5. Rest in Peace Department
This movie got a lot of bad reviews yet I found some positive things!

6. The Butler
I’m so sad that this great film was not nominated in a major cinema award giving body.

7.  Arthur Newman
Do you wish to be someone else even if it is one day only?

Watch them now and enjoy the rest of your holiday season! 🙂