As early as now, planners and journals are already piling up one corner of the bookstores. I am thrilled with the upcoming year and a planner is definitely the best companion for my bucket list!

When I think about 2014, all I can think about is LOVE!


I can’t wait to write! 🙂


I believe that the coming year will bring love for those who are heart broken and still waiting.

I’m so happy to find The “Relaks, Pag-ibig Lang Yan Parang Kagat Lang ng Langgam” Planner 2014! This is the most awesome planner I’ve seen so far!


I love the cover!

Before we take a look what’s inside this very cool planner, I’m giving you three reasons why you should buy and fall head over heels with this planner!

1. There is no ‘need’ for something.
Unlike other planners that you have to collect stickers and coupons just to get it, you can simply purchase The “Relaks, Pag-ibig Lang…” thru online or you can avail it on Fullybooked, Scribe Writing Essentials, Quirks Curiosities and Novelties, Bratpack and Bibliarch to name a few.


Photo taken from Fullybooked Cubao

2. It is very affordable!
Most of the prices of the popular planners are ranging from 600 and up. This planner only cost 490 php at the leading bookstores! What’s more? If you plan to buy it online, it is 460 php and free shipment wherever you are in the Philippines.

3. Small but terrible
The planner is not heavy and huge; it actually fits to a small body bag. You could bring it anywhere you go!

Now, what is inside the planner?


A cute warning! Just don’t ignore it!


Let’s take a look!

  Letter and Creed

Laugh your heart out starting from ‘The Umiibig Nang Wagas Creed’ to ‘Fill-In-The Blank With Your Poot and Kabiteran Love Letter!’


Do not worry; you do not need to review! Just sit back, relax and enjoy answering ‘How Tanga Are You In the Larangan ng Pag-ibig?’


Ready your pen and emotions!


Result: You can keep it all to yourself!

30 Day Guide Test (Tita Witty’s 30 Day Love Diet)


Apply the helpful tips that you will find with the guide test and if it will help you a lot, send your hugs and kisses to Tita Witty!

Monthly Horoscope

There is no crystal ball and fortune teller but you will always going to be excited to know your ‘Kapalaran Mo Ngayon Buwan’!


My December 2014 horoscope. Will it come true?


My favorite kapalaran: Wala kang lovelife (ouch!) pero magkakapera ka ngayon Pasko (yahoo!) Atleast may pambili ka ng pag-ibig. (true!)

    Dates to Remember


So many dates to remember!

Pag-ibig Lang planner wants you to add ‘special days’ that worth remember to celebrate like ‘Araw ng Kamartiran’, ‘Moving On Thursday’, ‘All Sawi’s Day’ and ‘Remember Your Ex Day!’

The planner likes you to have fun!


Check out ‘2D Magic 8 Ball’ and ‘Ahas Ka at ang Haba ng Hair Mo Teh!’ at the back part!


Who is not a fan of freebies? No free stuffs to receive but you will consider to whom are you giving out the ‘I Love You Too, Tayo Na!’, ‘Ikaw Pa Rin, Ikaw Na Lang Ulit!’, ‘I Need Space…’ ‘Hi Crush Po Kita!’ and ‘Will You Marry Me?’ coupons.


Just take it easy with this stub!



Don’t be too excited!



How long?






Use this wisely!



Sounds exciting right?

Stress Reliever
And to ease your painful ‘love’ experience, pour out all of it with the ‘Stressball’ at the last page of the planner.


Take it easy, remember your heart!


The more ‘pricked’ the ball is at the end of the year that means that’s how much ‘pighati/poot’ you had.


Tell me where it hurts…

The planner is highly recommended for anyone! Whether you are single, in a relationship or heart broken, grab The “Relaks , Pag-ibig Lang Yan, Parang Kagat ng Langgam” 2014 planner. It is the most funny and brilliant planner ever!


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