Did you ever wished to be someone else just for a day? Wallace Avery not only wished to be someone but he faked his death so that he would be a new person.

I got the privileged to watch the premiere night of Arthur Newman last October 8, 2013 at Glorietta 4, Cinema 5 Makati City. The movie showing started at exactly eight in the evening with free popcorn and a C2 bottle.


Thank you Clickthecity.com for the free movie pass!

Here is my review about the film that was made last 2012 but it was only released in the theaters last April of this year.


Colin Firth as Wallace Avery/Arthur Newman


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I’ve been hearing about how great Colin Firth as an actor yet it was my first time to watch his movie. I’m totally impressed! I loved how he portrayed the two different characters effortlessly. If I were also in his shoe as Wallace Avery, a guy who was bored with his life, faked his death, left by his ex-wife and estranged to his son. I would definitely want to have a new start and life as a different individual. Arthur Newman opened diverse adventures to Wallace which I found awesome. He was able to trespassed other houses and just simply have fun.


Emily Blunt as Charlotte/ Mike Fitzgerald

She is gorgeous and I truly adored her in Devil Wears Prada. I was glad to see Emily Blunt in the big screen playing as kleptomaniac who pretend to be her schizophrenic sister and who liked Wallace, wanted to just leave her past behind. Thumbs up for her acting!


Chemistry is freaking hot!

The gentleness and sincerity of Arthur towards Charlotte is very sweet. I could feel the love and care through out the whole movie. They are crazy lovers that you would cherish from the beginning until the end.

The audience laughed when Arthur seriously asked Charlotte, “So what should I call you, Girlfriend? Fiancé?” And the charming Charlotte answered, “Whore”. Sad to say, the sweetest couple had bid farewell to one another.


Storyline is good.

Arthur Newman shown various personalities of people that we could relate to. We all do have secrets, we all have past experiences that we do not want to go back to and we all longed for a better life. The story might be simple and shallow yet I learned a lot of lessons that I do hope to apply with my own life.


The ending… I hate it.


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When I watched the trailer of the film a few months ago, I was excited to know the ending. Will Arthur goes back to his past life? What would happen to Charlotte?  I was disappointed with the open ended finale of the movie. Charlotte went back to take care of her sister who was in the hospital and Wallace planned to reconnects with his son, drove his car to his ex-wife’s house and they saw him alive and that’s it. What? That was the ending I’ve been waiting for?  I believed most of the movie goers had the same reaction with mine. I was just wondering if there is going to be a part two of it but I guessed it won’t have.


Catch Arthur Newman in your favorite cinema houses, it opened yesterday, October 9.


Perksbewithyou rating: 9/10