It all started here:


I never expected to be part of the 16 lucky girls that would have a chance with the free make-up workshop courtesy of Max Factor Philippines and BDJ Box.


I was even more elated when the friendly marketing staff informed us that it would be the first time that Max Factor Philippines held a free make-up workshop! Wow that was wonderful!


Photo from Max Factor Philippines Facebook page

I was part of the second batch of the ladies who were invited for a workshop. I was thrilled and nervous at the same time when I sat on the chair. Cosmetic products, big mirror and different kinds of brush were in front of me.

Miss Kate, the make-up artist was very knowledgeable and patient while she instructed us the proper way in applying make-up.

According to Miss Kate, our hand is the best applicator of any make-up products. When you use your hands, make sure you clean it properly. As you put a foundation, it should be in your forehead first then you should spread it sideways.

I actually had a hard time with applying the eye shadow. Miss Kate kept on telling us about blending the three colors yet my eye shadow looked disastrous at the end. It was quite thick and I think I over applied the last color too much. 😦

Yet it did not impede me to listen and follow attentively with our very bubbly make-up ‘teacher’ who reminded us that blush on should be spread side ways and loose powder is use only for re-touch. For eye lashes, always begin to stroke the mascara with your base. When you put your mascara brush, no need to dip it, you can just roll it in the side of the bottle.

The most interesting part for me with the workshop was when Miss Kate started to demonstrate on how to apply eye brow color. According to her when you choose the color for your eye brows, make sure that it is near with your hair color. You can apply it directly or use a brush. Start with a soft shade near your nose then shade it darker from half till the end of your eye brow. I did not attempt to put color on my eye brow because I was scared but I tried it as I soon get home. I was happy with the result!


Taking a picture with Miss Tracy Abad after the work shop!

Aside from the work shop, I was able to listen to Mr. Bobby Carlos during his talk. I was sitting on the bleachers yet I was hearing Mr. Bobby about the difference of BB and CC cream.


I was confused with the two creams and I was glad to finally know the correct cream on enhancing and making your skin glowing and more beautiful. Of course it is Max Factor Colour Correcting Cream!

Thank you BDJ Box for making the work shop possible and Max Factor Philippines for this once in a life time experience. Thank you for the opportunity to use your wonderful line of cosmetic products!


Thank you for the freebie: key chain! 🙂

I learned a lot from putting the right kind of make-up to the use of the different brushes. I am more confident now in using make-up for my every day teaching job.