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I’ve seen the trailer a few months ago and I promised that I’ll catch it once it hit the movie houses. Lucky stars headed on my way again. I won premiere tickets to watch RIPD. Hooray! I’m a blessed and happy cinema goer because it was actually my second free premiere movie tickets this month! 🙂

Unfortunately due to the typhoon and Habagat that happened last week, the premiere which should happened last August 20 moved to August 23. It was two days late after the first screening on cinemas.

The premiere was held at Power Plant Mall (first time to visit the place!) at exactly eight in the evening. It was still raining outside yet Gift Certificates were also pouring inside the movie house. It was in 3D and the shades were awesome!


Thank you Milo PH for the free movie tickets!

Before the postponed premiere night, I read some reviews regarding the movie. Most were poor and negative reviews yet it did not halt my excitement.

After watching the film, I listed below why the movie is a hit or a miss.



Why so handsome? Photo from

I’m definitely hands down with this! I can’t imagine any other actor taking the position of Detective Nick Walker! Thumbs up!



Cowboy! – Photo from

I was trying to decipher all the lines of Jeff Bridges but I didn’t understand most of his words. He is a great actor though and a perfect after life police officer partner (he played Roy Pulsipher, an ex-US Marshal who lived in the 1800s).



Scary! -Photo from

Bow to this guy! My eyes were glued to him because of his performance! Bobby Hayes really had a dark side and Kevin Bacon gave justice to it! Good job!

HIT! *MARY LOUISE PARKER, the CONVINCING DIRECTOR Afterlife police department!*


I adore you Director Proctor! – Photo from


If all ‘after life director’ is like Mildred Proctor, I want to be one! I loved Mary Louise Parker’s portrayal of the character (Spoiler!) and how she bit Jeff Bridges’ Billy goat moustache! So sweet!

MISS! *Love story is an EPIC FAIL!*


Even a picture can attest to it! The only photo of Julia and Nick Walker- thank you to

I’m not against Stephanie Szostak, the actress who played Julia Walker, Ryan Reynold’s love interest. She’s beautiful and her acting was okay yet there was no chemistry between them.

HIT! *DEADOS come your way.*


Watch out for him! – Photo from


First assignment! -Photo from


This one is really scary! – Photo from

RIPD introduced new monsters that definitely gruesome. Deados are the one that Nick and Roy needed to find. Deados are spirits that failed to cross over and return to earth as monstrous ghost. (Thank you Wikipedia for the information!) How will you know if a human being is a deado? You simply need a milk powder to figure it out!

MISS! *Another MEN IN BLACK theme.*


Men in Black? – Photo from

Admittedly, when I saw a trailer I immediately thought of this is another Men in Black inspired film, new version of two police officers who are saving the world against monsters. Perhaps it’s true yet I still think you’d better see it.

HIT! *AFTER LIFE looks!*


You are under arrest! – Photo from

If this is how I look when I returned to earth, wow I want to die now! Seriously, every time Roy became this sexy woman and Nick as this old Chinese guy, the audiences were laughing. I loved the concept!



Oh lala! – Photo from

Another movie that showcased powerhouse actors yet it failed to bring audience in. I just found out that most of the actors are award winning and it so sad that they did not even put this film in the box office list.


The result: 5 Hits and 4 Misses

I did not include my view about the story because I found it amusing yet a bit confused for some parts. I still recommend Rest in Peace Department for its humor and funny scenes. I hope you can watch it because it is still out in your favorite cinema houses.

Perksbewithyou rating: 8/10






Even before I won a 200 gift certificate from Galli’s Village Café, I was already familiar with the restaurant. I was totally impressed with the wonderful food reviews about Galli and these reviews convinced me that I should try it for myself. I invited my two good friends who also love to pig out! 🙂

The restaurant is located at the quiet neighborhood of YMCA Bldg on Sacred Heart St.



Welcome! Come in to Galli Village’s Cafe! 🙂

It is a small and cozy place which I immediately fell in love with because of its ‘homey’ ambiance/atmosphere.

The green and white walls complimented the table cover.


I could not get my eyes off with the exquisite paintings hanging on the walls as well as the portraits of the invigorating foods and amazing places.


This portrait makes me more hungry!


Food photos even near at the ceiling! Wow!

Meanwhile, a pile of books about traveling and culture of different countries also captured my attention.


I want to travel now!


Map of Israel!


It was lunchtime and luckily we were the only customers at that time. We were too hungry that we immediately ordered the resto’s most prominent dish: Paella! We were informed that the dish would be served after 15-20 minutes. So while waiting, we checked the menu and asked for foods that we could easily get.


The most colorful menu I’ve seen so far!



Picture, picture while waiting for the foods!


Hi friends!



The Almondigas (php 70) filled our empty stomach.


Eat while it’s hot!

The sotanghon and meatballs complimented the hot and delicious soup. We enjoyed the bowl of soup and wanted for another one!

My friends and I agreed to quench our thirst with the Sparkling Lemonade (php 39).


One glass isn’t enough!

Looks ordinary? Wait until you sip it! It will totally bring coolness to your mouth! The lemonade tasted so natural that we felt that they squeezed real fresh lemons for us!

The Chorizo Egg Burger w/ Potato Salad (php 120) is the perfect appetizer!


One of their best sellers!

The delectable burger contains cucumber, chorizo, lettuce and tomato with potato salad on the side.


Sorry I already bit some! :/

When I take the first bite, all I could think was asked for the secret recipe and try it at home!

Here comes the QUEEN, finally!

The Galli Village Café’s PAELLA VALENCIANA (php 255) arrived!



It had been years ago since I tasted a Paella. I could not even remember how it looks like. I actually stared at the Paella for few minutes before sniffing it and start eating.



The soft and tasty rice, shrimps, peas, beans, red bell pepper, chorizos and eggs all combined to form one great dish. We definitely enjoyed it!

My friends and I all agreed that the Paella of Galli Village’s Café is a must taste for Spanish cuisine lovers! We will certainly visit your newest branch at Maginhawa and satisfy our soul again with your irresistible dishes!

Galli Village Cafe’s branches:

Ground floor, YMCA Hotel, 7 Sacred Heart St., San Antonio Village. Makati City

Contact no: 899 6379

#154 Maginhawa St. Sikatuna Village, Quezon City
Contact no: 434 6716

Opens daily from 11 am to 2pm and 5 pm to 10 pm

This is one of the most memorable lines from The Butler, the number one movie in the U.S box office hit today.

I was privileged to watch the premiere of the film for free last August 20. Yay!


The premiere ticket. Thank you The ButlerPH!

The advance screening was held at SM Aura at Taguig, it was my first time to see the newest mall in Bonifacio Global City and experienced free food and drinks before the showing. Yahoo!  It was supposedly to start around 6 in the evening but the premiere happened, 7:30 because of some technical difficulty.

The movie is inspired by a true story of a butler who had served eight presidents from 1952 to 1986. It was based from the life of Eugene Allen, an African-American who was born on a Virginia plantation.

Director Lee Daniel decided to change the name of Eugene Allen to Cecil Gaines as well as some of the characters and events to add dramatic effects which I found effectively!

Why you should watch The Butler?

Listed below are my reasons why you should not miss the film and some spoilers.

1. Cecil Gaines’ tragic childhood

As the film roll on, Forest Whitaker, the guy who portrayed Cecil Gaines sat on a chair remembering his childhood days. I was surprised to see Mariah Carey as Hattie Pearl, the mother of Cecil who had been raped by Thomas Westfall (Alex Pettyfer), the plantation owner were Cecil’s parents work. Earl Gaines (David Banner), Cecil’s father was shot by Westfall. Cecil’s mother got crazy and the young boy eventually allowed leaving the field to become a ‘pantry man’ or a ‘house nigger’. (Nigger was a term used for Black Americans before they were called Negro.)


Mariah Carey and David Banner- photo from

2. The road of being a White House ‘Butler’

Cecil decided to leave the plantation. He had applied for work but no one accepted him because he did not go to school and because he is a black American. At that time, there was already a racial discrimination with Black Americans. Hungry and angry, Cecil stole a cake from a restaurant but instead of reporting the incident, the main butler took Cecil. He taught him the proper ways and behavior of a butler which Cecil immediately learned.


The Young Cecil Gaines- from

He then worked as a Maitre d’ hotel in a restaurant where he met his wife, Gloria (Oprah Winfrey) and he landed a job as a butler at White House because an administrator from the president’s home was impressed with his work.


Forest Whitaker as Cecil Gaines- from


Cecil and Gloria Gaines – from

3. Family struggle and conflict


The Gaines-photo from

While Cecil’s work as a butler was truly admirable, his relationship with his family is struggling. His eldest son Louis (who is a fictional character) is ashamed of his father’s job who is contented in serving white people.


Cecil and Louis- photo from

He left the house and studied in Fisk University where he joined a group who was fighting for the rights of discriminated Americans.


Louis Gaines- from

The tension between the father and son heightened when Louis disrespected Cecil, continued to be imprisoned on jails and even joined Black Panther, a movement that opposed during Richard Nixon’s term.

Cecil’s youngest son Charlie (Eugene Allen’s real son) who served as a soldier in Vietnam, died and left the family devastated. Meanwhile, his wife Gloria who wrangled with alcohol had an affair with their neighbor.



4. The Butler in the White House

Cecil served from President Dwight Eisenhower to President Ronald Reagan.


Photo from

He was being praised for great job and he was also been asked about ‘politics’. Cecil even requested with two presidents that equal pay should be given to black and white staffs that perform the same level of duties but unfortunately, both presidents rejected the idea. Nancy Reagan seen the butler’s superb performance and she invited Cecil and Gloria to attend a state dinner.

5. Leaving the post

The main butler, who taught Cecil when he was still working at a restaurant, informed him that black butlers wear two masks. One is showing their true faces while the other face is shown when they perform their task in front of white people. During the state dinner, Cecil felt like an outsider and traitor with his race while his wife is enjoying herself being surrounded by rich and famous. The nagging feeling and hearing that Reagan would stop the sanctions against South African apartheid pushed the butler to resign from his post. Cecil then joined Louis who was protesting in front of US Embassy. He experienced to be inside a jail but he was happy that he was been reunited with his son.

6. A Dream Come True

Cecil witnessed in 2009 that a black American finally became a president. He and his wife are huge supporters of Obama. In the end, Gloria died and Cecil was invited to meet President Obama.

The Butler is a historical drama movie that I enjoyed not only for its all star ensemble cast but for the tremendous acting which made me laugh and cry, remarkable lines and winsome plot that truly deserved to be on the top of the box office. It was my first time to see Forest Whitaker as a protagonist and I’m already a fan. My heart goes to the friendly butler who performed his duty outstandingly, who kept quiet with the White House secrets and who highly served the U.S presidents for so many years. A round of applause also goes to Oprah Winfrey who portrayed the troubled wife amazingly and the rest of actors who made The Butler, an unforgettable film.

You’d better catch it tomorrow; August 21 in the cinema houses near you. Be move and touch with the life of The Butler.

Watch the trailer:

Perksbewithyou rating: 9.5/10

I’ve been waiting for Carly Rae Jepsen’s concert since January of this year and when it was announced that she’s going to stop and perform in the Philippines, I was thrilled.


I was one of her huge fans that waited for the official concert date and release of her tickets. I was disappointed when I saw the ticket prices. Why didn’t I have enough money? 😦

Still, it did not halt me on watching Carly’s concert and wishing for a meet and greet with her.

The Kiss Tour of Carly Rae Jepsen happened last August 7 at Araneta Coliseum. I went early so that I would sit on a good spot at Upper Box B. I was hoping for a meet and greet but unfortunately I did not get one. I just decided to bought her limited CD with her signature prior to her concert.


So lucky to have one of her signed CD’s!

Markki Stroem was the front act for Carly and the audience went gaga with him. Who wouldn’t?


Photos by Kris Rocha

I watched him when he was still a contestant from Pilipinas Got Talent (PGT) Season 1. He amazingly sang Diamonds, Toxic, Forget You and Rehab with his own jazz version. I also got to hear his single from his album, Thousands of  Pieces.

There was a dead air right after Markki’s performance because we waited for almost 30 minutes for the main event. Yet, Carly Rae Jepsen’s show was worth a wait!


Hi Carly from afar! 🙂

As soon as she began her concert with her melodic song This Kiss, the crowd started to dance with their feet.


The very beautiful and sexy CRJ! -Photos by Kris Rocha

It was then followed by Good Time which continued our momentum. I love how Carly introduced every songs before she performed it. One perfect example is Tug of War which she wrote while thinking of her ex-boyfriend who broke up with her before she ended up their relationship. Sweetie is for everybody who wants to fall in love while Sour Candy is intended for those who got problem with their relationship.


Before she sang Take a Picture, Carly even encouraged her fans to post their selfie photos in her twitter account while watching her concert and she promised to re-tweeted it back.


It was funny when she asked the girls to put the pictures of their former boyfriends on their ceiling and punch them while singing Tonight I’m Getting Over You.

Though there are few songs in Carly Rae’s Kiss album which Filipinos are familiar with, the audience still enjoyed her performance of Curiosity, Turn Me Up, Tiny Little Bows and one of my favorites, Guitar String/Wedding Ring.



We also love you Carly!!!

To end the Carly Rae Jepsen’s concert fever, she invited four of her fans who luckily danced on the stage with her while she sang the addictive ‘Call Me Maybe’ song.



The lucky fans with whom Carly personally picked! 🙂 -Photos by Kris Rocha

I was one lucky gal who was able to watched Carly Rae Jepsen’s concert. She was truly an entertaining and highly unstoppable performer who sang 12 of her singles continuously.


After the successful concert!

I will definitely watch out for Carly Rae Jepsen’s next album and concert here in the Philippines.


Photo by Mr. Bruce Casanova

Hopefully it will be on 2014 already! See you from the VIP seats, Carly Rae! 🙂




The entries are in and here is the list of official winners of my BACK TO SCHOOL /WORK give-away!


***Ackie Fruel***


**** Joy Marie Benosa****

ORANGE BODY LAB’S GC (Via draw lance)

**** Jelo Manongsong****

LARVA’S planner, notebook and pen

**** Abigail Ong****


**** Armi (via***

Thank you so much to all who joined the contests. To all the winners, please email with your contact details until August 11.

PS:  There is an entry for the Snoe’s give-away but I’m looking for the BEST BEAUTY ADVICE you ever heard.  Sorry.  😦

~Don’t worry, I will be just giving the SNOE’S Snow White Vitamin C-rich Calamansi Clay Mask and SNOE’S Here Comes the Sunblock Instant White SPF 45 Sun Lotion with my soon to be ‘MINI-GIVE AWAY GAME!’ You’d better watch for it because the FASTEST HANDS will win! ~

Again, thank you to those who joined and to the winners, congratulations! Keep on reading my articles and visiting my page, you might be the lucky winners soon! 🙂