The mighty rain did not stop me from conquering the busy streets of Manila. And finally after an hour and 30 minutes, I just reached my destination. Hooray!



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Great wall paper! 🙂


True! Nice quote! 🙂


When I went inside the store, there were two couples sitting on the chairs and a man was placing his order at the counter.


Because I was too hungry, I immediately pile a line in front of the counter and looked at their menu.


The counter


Menu over the counter!


At the top of my mind, I wanted to take a bite of their new Buffalo Wings. Sadly, it was not available that night. Good thing, one of their newest meals, the Cheesy Lasagna was ready to be served. Together with the lasagna, I ordered a Carrot loaf and an iced tea.

I got disappointed when the food service crew informed me that their 12 oz of iced tea was also unavailable. She gave me two small plastic cups of iced tea instead.

This is how I looked like while I’m waiting for the Cheesy Lasagna.


Solo flight! No one wanted to accompany me. 😦


And here comes the ‘star of my night’!


I’m excited!!! 🙂

My complete meal…


Ready to munch!


The Cheesy Lasagna was all right. It was really cheesy yet the taste was nothing new to me.



The Cheesy Lasagna (125 pesos) and Carrot Loaf (59 pesos)

First time to relished a Carrot Loaf and I enjoyed it!

Before I headed home, I bought one of Angel’s Pizza Pasta Combo’s best seller original hand tossed pizza.




As I went to our dinning table, I could not help but ate one slice of pizza before taking a picture.


I can’t get enough of Angel’s Style pizza! (340 pesos) Size: 9 inches (Medium)


The enticing Angel’s Style pizza contains barbeque meats, chicken chunks, mushrooms, onions, barbeque sauce and mozzarella cheese. I loved it so much that I ate four slices and brought the rest of it on my workplace. Like me, my officemates are already fan of your pizza! They immediately wanted your pizza to be delivered on our office door step. Unfortunately, our place is far from your store.

Indeed my first time experience in your food chain is truly unforgettable.  I am looking forward to taste your Pasta in a Dough, Calzone and of course the Buffalo Wings. I hope next time, in addition to your menu,  there will be an original and all-made beverage of yours. Till I visit you again, Angel’s Pizza Pasta Combo! Your pizza is truly heavenly.


Angel’s Pizza Pasta Combo

2071 C.M Recto Ave., Sampaloc
Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

Phone Number

733-4946/ 733-6253/ 733-4866

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