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Monthly Archives: July 2013

I do not spend too much with shoes yet when I need one; I totally save money for it. Upon hearing the upcoming sale with the mall near us, buying a few pair of shoes is on top of my list. When I saw Miss Angelline’s (lilmisswonderwoman) blog post about a shoe bazaar, I was thrilled. This was it! The shoe sale I’ve been waiting for!



Thank God I’ve read an article about I’m Shoe In Love through and was giving a chance to experience it! I had been picked as a winner of the pair of tickets to go to Shoe In Love Year 3 for free! Hooray!

I’m Shoe In Love Year 3 is a two day event at the Fort NBC Tent, Taguig from 10 am to 9 pm. My friend and I decided to go to on the last day. We were too excited that we arrived a few minutes before 10 in the morning.


My friend’s wrist- Getting stamped!


My wrist- Getting stamped!

Known commercial shoe brands like Crocs, Centropelle, S & H welcomed us as we entered the place. We were only half-way of our ‘window shopping’ and we were already over-whelmed with the lovely and very affordable shoes! Love it!

As we stopped at the Cole Vintage booth, my eyes grew big!


Buy one take one for only php 800!


Not losing the opportunity, my friend and I immediately grabbed the shoes we liked. Luckily, my friend had her size with the high-heels while the cool yellow vintage shoe that I wanted was the last pair already.





Fortunately, these cute closed shoes caught my attention!


Very comfy!


I got my second pair of shoes at Hapi Foxy.


I was looking for new sandals and good thing my friend saw that there were still rack of shoes inside the booth.


Without a doubt, these shiny bronze shoes are meant to me!



Got you!



Before we proceed to our shoe shopping, we decided to eat our early lunch. There were several food stalls at the entrance of NBC tent that captivated my growling tummy.

We decided to check the milk teas of Bumble Tea.


My friend ordered her favorite chocolate while I chose the Uji Matcha.


Chocolate Milktea with pearls- 85 php


Uji Matcha- 85 php


It is a milk tea which made from tea leaves from Japan. I asked for grass jelly as add-ons. The milk tea tasted good.

Shawarma is my weakness but I opted for it and took Chicken Kebab with Rice of Enzo’s Turkish Shawarma.




The Menu


A stupendous beef!


Chicken Kebab!


All smiles, friend! Excited for our lunch!


Look so yummy shawarma…


Munch time! Chicken Kebab with Rice for 90 php 🙂


It was my first time to taste it and it was fine. It quite enjoyed the chicken and onions on the side.

To complete my Shoe In Love first time experience, I also bought a new watch and discovered a hand-made products (Will post a separate article) that I totally would love to check out.



Gorgeous watch for 200 php


Thank you Miss Angelline for the free tickets and to the great organizers of I’m Shoe In Love Year 3.


I enjoyed it! Yay!


See you again next year for a new ‘shoe discovery’ and awesome sale of shoes!


The mighty rain did not stop me from conquering the busy streets of Manila. And finally after an hour and 30 minutes, I just reached my destination. Hooray!



Photo is from


Great wall paper! 🙂


True! Nice quote! 🙂


When I went inside the store, there were two couples sitting on the chairs and a man was placing his order at the counter.


Because I was too hungry, I immediately pile a line in front of the counter and looked at their menu.


The counter


Menu over the counter!


At the top of my mind, I wanted to take a bite of their new Buffalo Wings. Sadly, it was not available that night. Good thing, one of their newest meals, the Cheesy Lasagna was ready to be served. Together with the lasagna, I ordered a Carrot loaf and an iced tea.

I got disappointed when the food service crew informed me that their 12 oz of iced tea was also unavailable. She gave me two small plastic cups of iced tea instead.

This is how I looked like while I’m waiting for the Cheesy Lasagna.


Solo flight! No one wanted to accompany me. 😦


And here comes the ‘star of my night’!


I’m excited!!! 🙂

My complete meal…


Ready to munch!


The Cheesy Lasagna was all right. It was really cheesy yet the taste was nothing new to me.



The Cheesy Lasagna (125 pesos) and Carrot Loaf (59 pesos)

First time to relished a Carrot Loaf and I enjoyed it!

Before I headed home, I bought one of Angel’s Pizza Pasta Combo’s best seller original hand tossed pizza.




As I went to our dinning table, I could not help but ate one slice of pizza before taking a picture.


I can’t get enough of Angel’s Style pizza! (340 pesos) Size: 9 inches (Medium)


The enticing Angel’s Style pizza contains barbeque meats, chicken chunks, mushrooms, onions, barbeque sauce and mozzarella cheese. I loved it so much that I ate four slices and brought the rest of it on my workplace. Like me, my officemates are already fan of your pizza! They immediately wanted your pizza to be delivered on our office door step. Unfortunately, our place is far from your store.

Indeed my first time experience in your food chain is truly unforgettable.  I am looking forward to taste your Pasta in a Dough, Calzone and of course the Buffalo Wings. I hope next time, in addition to your menu,  there will be an original and all-made beverage of yours. Till I visit you again, Angel’s Pizza Pasta Combo! Your pizza is truly heavenly.


Angel’s Pizza Pasta Combo

2071 C.M Recto Ave., Sampaloc
Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

Phone Number

733-4946/ 733-6253/ 733-4866

Delivery Hotline


Like Angel’s Pizza Pasta Combo’s Facebook page:


Follow their twitter : @angelspizza and Instagram: @angelspizzaph






It was February of this year when I joined The New Year’s promo of Browhaus via Twitter. Luckily, my entry was selected as one of the top three entries and I was able to avail of the Brow-wow Free Make-over.

Browhaus is the perfect salon for the re-shaping and fixing of eyebrows as well as lash grooming.  As of now, Browhaus has two branches: one in Greenbelt 5, Makati and another one in Serendra, Taguig.



Serendra, Taguig -Photo from

My prize can only be availed at Greenbelt 5 and so I immediately booked an appointment.

Unfortunately, I had to schedule it three times before finally being able to avail of it.

The first time I visited Browhaus, the brow technician advised me to go back after three weeks because I just plucked my brow. To reshape it perfectly such that it would fit my face, I needed a longer eyebrow. So I scheduled for the second time,but too bad, the day I was supposed to finally get my brow fixing, I got a ‘monthly visit’ instead.

But as the saying goes, third time is a charm. I finally experienced the complete work-out! The services included brow shaping, threading the part of my face such as forehead, side burn, cheek, upper and lower lip and chin.

Upon entering the cute green cubicle at Browhaus, Ate Cora, the brow technician assigned to me greeted me with all smiles. She asked me to sit down so she could check my face and informed me about the procedure. It was a one-hour make-over. Prepare tissues if you are prone to pain and would easily cry.

Ate Cora informed me about the sensitive parts on one’s face, namely the hairline, side of the face, lower eye, cheeks and upper lip. She started threading on my forehead then proceeded to my left hairline. Before she threads on my left cheek, she reminded me that it was going to be painful. True enough, I felt pain, a slight one at that though. As she reached my cheek, she asked me to hold the air in my mouth to lessen the pain which I followed, and it was quite effective.

My first upper lip threading experience was free and fortunately, it was someone like Ate Cora who attended to me. She could not remember me because at that time, there were a lot of ladies who tried it.  I was one of the first ones who had controlled our tears so that others would do it too. Sadly, for my second time, I shed a teardrop. It was very painful that even if I bit my lips, it still hurt me. Good thing the lower lip threading just tickled me and made me forget about the pain. Hooray! I survived! Wow! That was such an amazing experience!

After the whole face threading, it was time for my eyebrows and Miss Cora lectured me a bit on the anatomy of a brow.  It has a left and a right edge plus a tail. There are two ways to brow shape the eye brows: threading and tweezing or plucking. In threading, short lines and unwanted hair are being removed using a thin heavy duty thread. Meanwhile in tweezing or plucking, single hairs are pulled out one at a time.

My brows were threaded for few minutes before it was plucked by tweezers. And for the finale touch, some ice cream was applied to my face to prevent the redness because my pores were open and sensitive.


After the complete work-out with Miss Cora!


I love the result! Thank you Browhaus!

It was great to have a complete work-out because I felt my face becoming radiant.


Yes, threading is painful, and at first seems frightening. But trust me, it’s all worth it!



Complete Work-out—— 1,600 php


Basic Browshaping
(Classic threading or modern tweezing) —— 580 php



Check out now for a list of their other services. Visit Browhaus or call them up: 501-3998 (Greenbelt 5) or 901-0597 (Serendra) to schedule for a brow-wow make-over!