Celine: I feel close to you.

Jesse: Yeah?

Celine: But sometimes, I don’t know? I feel like you’re breathing helium and I’m breathing oxygen. – Quote from Before Midnight

After 18 years, the longest love story ‘trilogy’ that followed and loved by movie goers bid good bye. I am talking about the ‘Before’ series- Before Sunrise (1995), its sequel Before Sunset (2004) and the final installment, Before Midnight (2013).


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I heard about Before Sunrise years ago but I have not seen it yet. Luckily, I won tickets for the premiere of Before Midnight at Cinema 1, Greenbelt 3, Makati last June 25. I immediately watched and downloaded Before Sunrise and Before Sunset.

I fell in love immediately with Jesse Wallace (Ethan Hawke) when he started talking with Celine (Julie Delpy) inside the train. They are two strangers who completely living in a different part of the world.


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I was dazed with his sense of humor, coolness and his captivating blue eyes. Meanwhile, I like Celine for her brilliance, smile and beauty. There is really a sizzling chemistry between the two. I was hooked with ‘Before Sunrise’ because the simple conversations between Celine and Jesse that made me giggle and laugh all through out.

And, who could not be in love if you are in the beautiful Vienna, Austria?  The city is full of history and magnificent places.


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The two traveled Vienna for a day and got to know each other.


Sadly, the movie ended with a promise of seeing each other again after six months.


I was surprised with the turn-out of events with Before Sunset. It started with Jesse who wrote a book about Celine and their time at Vienna. He is in the city of love and lights Paris, France for the last leg of his Europe book-signing tour.


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The first thing that caught my attention was Jessie is wearing a ring. Wait a minute, is he married?


The two had seen each other again when Celine went to the bookstore where Jessie was having a media interview. Unfortunately, they did not meet after six months but Jessie went to the train station and waited for Celine. The story then revolved about what happened with them during the nine years of being apart from each other.



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Jessie has already a family while Celine has a boyfriend.


After watching the film, one question remained, will they end up together?





The long wait is over. This is it! I will finally able to see Before Midnight and be one of the firsts to watch the last part of the movie series. It will hit the cinema theaters on July 10.


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The film is set on the breath taking Greek Peloponnese peninsula where Jesse and Celine are on vacation with Hank, Jesse’s son and their gorgeous twins. Yes, the two are officially a couple! Jessie is a successful write while Celine is thinking about working in a government.


Their mesmerizing ‘walks and conversations’ still amazed me. They did not change a bit.


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The exchange of their ideas and opinions become more intelligent, funny and enthralling.  I learned great things about relationship, family and life from them. 


I almost cried when Jesse read a ‘letter’ for Celine 40 years from now. The sincerity, hope and so much love from him broke my heart. Until the end, the lovely pair still fascinates me with their witty banter.


The ‘Before’ series indeed show the reality of a couple from falling in love, breaking-up and finally being together.


Big congratulations for Mr. Richard Linklater for creating this impressive and unforgettable trilogy that leveled up the standard of romantic films.

Thank you to Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy for the remarkable performance as on-screen couple. You make me believe that true love exists yet there is a right time and place for it. 

Before Midnight is a delightful way to end the love story of Jesse and Celine. A definitely must see film!



Perksbewithyou ratings: 10/10