First day of school or work?

Remember to put inside your bag or pocket a Snoe product!

I don’t think anyone is not nervous of their first day of class or in work. We are all excited to meet new friends, learn new things and get to know the new teachers and officemates whom we are going to deal with almost everyday. Well, you’ve got nothing to worry about regarding on how you look like because Snoe will always make you gorgeous and confident inside and out.



Sleeping early is essential before this big day. Yet be sure to purify and rejuvenate your face with Snoe’s Snow White Vitamin C-rich Calamansi.


Php 249

It is a grayish clay mask that perfectly cleanses your faces because it eliminates all the deep-seated dirt in our pores.


Totally not sticky! 🙂

I cannot get enough of the fragrant smell of the clay mask and whenever I apply it on my face, I savor this smell first. Unlike any other masks, it stays for five to ten minutes and I instantly feel the effect. It totally leaves my face soft, fresh and ready for the next day!

Introduction of your self is one of the most important matters on the first day. So aside from preparing different versions and styles of your introductory speech, coat your lips with Snoe’s Beso Balm.


Php 199

This mentholated lip balm immediately cools, soothes and freshen your lips.


Chances are you might not only gain new friends but also catch the eye of the cute guy in the corner!

Make a good impression with Snoe products! 🙂

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