I’ve seen Snoe products through some blog give-away from the previous months. When I attended an event and Snoe was one of its sponsors, I finally got to know the beauty product.

Miss Len, a quirky and very accommodating staff member of Snoe greeted me when I approached their station. I sought for an item that could eliminate the dryness of my skin. Usually, my face becomes dry after I apply face powder. She first asked me about the facial wash, powder and cream that I’m currently using. Miss Len immediately said that those products that I put might be causing the dryness. She then recommended Snoe Emucleanse Facial Wash. It is made from Emu Oil, Acai Berry and Singkamas.

Looks really could be deceiving!


It costs only 199 pesos!

According to Miss Len, this bottle can last for few months! I started using Emucleanse last month and I am nearing the half way of the bottle now. I guess this bottle will last for only two months.

Just a little drop to your fingertip is all you need! Gently massage it to your face for 1-2 minutes and after washing, your face will totally feel and look fresh!

Miss Len noticed the lines under my eyes. She asked my age. I promptly answered her query. But Miss Len who is in her forties has unseen lines under her eyes. She informed me that her secret to this is the Tsubaki Oil.


Skin nutrition for 599 pesos.

For centuries, Japanese have been using this oil for their hair, skin and nails. Tsubaki Oil helps restore the skin’s PH balance and protect and soften hair. It also works as a natural skin barrier. Miss Len told me that all I need to do is spread a small amount of Tsubaki Oil under my eyes every night. I then thanked Miss Len for her great help and advice.


I visited the Snoe branch near our place because I wanted a sun block intended for use only on the face. I am usually in front of the computer and a sun screen lotion that is perfect to protect my skin.

I saw the Snoe BB cream and I was about to buy it when one of the Snoe staff members convinced me to get the Here Comes the Sunblock instead. It is a sun lotion that has SPF 45, Singkamas, Arbutin (a gentle whitening agent) and Bengkong give your skin a rosy look.


Have a beautiful and rosy skin for 249 pesos.

The delicious smelling pink lotion indeed made my skin look healthy and protected my face from harmful rays.


Another great thing about Snoe products is they are all made from organic and herbal ingredients that are truly Filipino.


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