I was in high school when my Mom asked me to prepare the ingredients for adobo. When I’m done slicing and washing the garlic and potatoes, she then requested me to cook adobo. It was my first time.  I was really scared in making just a little bit of mistake because we won’t have a dinner. For a beginner, my adobo somehow passed my family’s taste buds.

I am not a good cook and the taste of most of the foods I make lacks something. The Meet and Greet contest with Chef Shiella last March was simply timely for my ‘cooking problems’. I was very fortunate to have won the contest and had the opportunity to meet and greet the gorgeous and very talented Chef Shiella of Breakfast Magazine’s Fridays with Chef Shiella.


c/o of Breakfast Magazine

The meet and greet happened yesterday at Brew-Kus- a cozy restaurant located at Unit G02 139 Corporate Center Bldg 139 Valero Street Salcedo Village in the bustling and busy city of Makati. It was lunchtime and there were lots of people enjoying their food while there I was nervous and excited upon entering the restaurant and meeting her.

I first met Miss Patty and Miss Jessica, two beautiful and nice Breakfast Magazine staffs members. Miss Jessica waved her hand when she saw me entering the restaurant and when I joined her table; she then introduced me to Miss Patty, Breakfast Magazine’s Creative Director. They introduced me to Chef Shiella with whom I was star-struck. Chef Sheilla asked about the type of foods I like, and for my lunch she told me to choose from among the excellent selections on their menu. They have all day breakfast like Three-cheese omelette. The Crisp Spinach Ravioli for a great starter. For your main course, you can choose from their wide selection of pastas, burgers and rice meals. They have delicious desserts and  refreshing beverages to complete your Brew-Kus dining.

I asked for some recommendations and Chef Shiella happily informed me about the best-sellers as well as the dishes she herself eats there. I asked for the Wild Mushroom Pasta and I paired it with their best seller Wintermelon Milk Tea with Nata as my sinker.

While waiting for the foods to be served, Chef Shiella started to throw in queries about me, and in returned she shared with me the stories about her, like the first dish she had ever cooked when she was a student and when she was a chef already. She also talked about her other most memorable, unforgettable and funny experiences when she was a student and when she worked for the first time. Chatting and getting to know Chef Shiella was awesome. She was really fun to be with and, more importantly, super down to earth.

When the clock struck three and the foods on our plate were gone, Chef Shiella somehow instantly became my ‘fairy godmother’. 🙂 She gave me a huge box which shocked me because I thought that the special gift I would receive was just a simple prize. Guess what was inside the box? A Jumbo Cooker! Wow. Just wow!


The Jumbo cooker! Excited to use it!

I was already jumping up and down with about the cooker when, lo and behold, there was another present for me. OMG! And just what might be inside the second box? Before I opened it, Chef first gave a hint that this second gift fit my personality and that made me thrilled. I quickly eventually opened it and look what we got here- Knives of so many different colors! Perfect for preparing ingredients!


Which should I use first? 🙂


All these totally inspired me to really start cooking appropriate dishes.

But just like in any fairytale, my meet and greet with Chef Shiella had to end somehow. It was a short yet happy experience! Before saying goodbye to Chef Shiella, I brought out my Feb-March issue of Breakfast magazine and I requested that she sign it for me.

Take a look at my Breakfast magazine copy now! So lucky!


Words are truly not enough to express how thankful I was for having a sumptuous lunch with Chef Shiella. More than the actual lunch, the gifts and the chat made this experience definitely worth remembering. It was really a once in a life opportunity.


Miss Jessica, Me, Chef Shiella and Miss Patty

Thank you so much Breakfast Magazine for making all these possible. 🙂