Miggy and Layda is the hottest ‘movie’ love team today.

The tandem started to make us giggled and laughed with ‘A Very Special Love’ in 2008.


Then we follow the story of Miguel Montenegro and Layda Magtalas with ‘You Changed My Life’ in 2009.


After 4 years, finally John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo’s superb tandem comes back in the big screen with ‘It Takes a Man and a Woman’.


This is not a spoiler! This is just my reaction with the movie. 🙂

I’ve been a big fan of Miggy and Layda’s love team. I’ve seen the two movies for how many times already. Last Thursday, I caught the replay of A Very Special Love and just last night, I saw the ending of You Changed My Life.

I really adored the two movies but I bowed down with the last installment. From the beginning till the end, it was so funny. When I watched it awhile ago, they were so many people in the theater. I and my cousin even stood up because the available chairs only were in the front row.

I did expect that Layda changed and Miggy was still the same because Layda was out of his life. However, what I was happy about the development of the story, impressive lines and even the minor characters.

I loved Zoila and friends! The exchanging of lines was brilliant and laughable. My favorite whimsical line was: Great Wall of Layda! There were so many memorable lines but the one that marked on my brain was: Piliin mong magpatawad, piliin mo magmahal.  (Choose to forgive, choose to love).

The theme of the film was appropriate for Filipinos especially this Lenten Season, we should really forgive those people who had hurt us and choose to love them.

I could not ask for more with the ‘finale’ of the movie. One of the best I’ve seen from our local romantic comedy films!

It Takes a Man and a Woman opens today, March 30 and do watch the film on the cinema houses. You will definitely laugh and cry your heart out.

Perksbewithyou rating: 10/10